Chip Kelly coy on when he’ll name a starter


Maybe Chip Kelly simply wants to keep Mike Shanahan guessing for as long as possible.

On Tuesday, the Eagles coach was coy with reporters regarding his plans for naming a starting quarterback.

“We’ll have our starting quarterback named before we get our game plan in for the Redskins,” Kelly said, via Geoff Mosher of

So when will that be?

“Hopefully, before we play them,” Kelly said.

The first-year head coach added that Mike Vick and Nick Foles will split first-team reps, like they did during the offseason.

How long will that last, you ask?

“Until a starter emerges,” Kelly said.

The longer it takes for Kelly to decide that Vick has emerged as the starter, the greater the chance that Foles will be the guy who gets the job.  Though it seemed to be a foregone conclusion when the 2012 season ended that Vick wouldn’t return, both he and Kelly were intrigued by the prospect of working together.  But Kelly hasn’t sufficiently been impressed to give Vick the job.

If Kelly isn’t by now, he may never be.

40 responses to “Chip Kelly coy on when he’ll name a starter

  1. If a starter hasn’t clearly emerged, then maybe Chip needs to spend more time thinking about which emerged QB out there he can acquire. Sounds like both of these guys suck and he can’t determine which one sucks the most.

  2. Charles better win some games quickly. I see this weak minded team turning on his antics after a 1-4 start, the fans and media too !

  3. Chip believes this will get the very best out of all of his quarterbacks, especially Vick, and this sends a message to every player regardless of position, that nobody will be handed a starting job…they will be fought for and earned. The Eagles team, and organization as a whole, needed a change of culture, and I believe that Chip Kelly is doing a great job thus far at achieving that. I have a very good feeling about his future as the head coach of this team….he’s gonna be around for a while.

  4. Ok I don’t usually do free consulting, but I can’t watch this anymore. I’m going to give Chip Kelly a nice roadmap to a better situation.

    Step 1: Create a list of all NFL “emerged” QBs (whatever the frak that means)

    Step 2: List them in order of lowest cost of acquisition.

    Step 3: Tell Howie Roseman to open the Excel file on his desktop that says “phone numbers of important people” and look for the field that has the phone number of the “GM” of that team.

    Step 4: Dial that number.

    Step 5: Say “Hello my name is Howie, you may have never heard of me or talked to be before, but…”, and negotiate the price.

    Step 6: Be happy you now have 1 emerged QB as opposed to 0.

    Heck maybe one of these GMs out there will trade you an “emerged” QB straight up for Vick or Foles! Depends who is on the list. Is Brandon Weeden an “emerged” QB? He seems to be the unquestionable starter, that’s pretty endearing. Maybe the Browns would make a straight swap.

  5. New coach, new offense…why would you name a starter without at least seeing who has the best camp?

  6. Here come all the experts who work part time jobs at grocery stores and factories to enlighten us all about the Eagles… All 3 QB’s stink, if you really believe that you are not a football fan lol sorry but that is complete garbage. And if you dont think Chip is going to smash the Redskins on week 1 you are crazy!

  7. logicalvoicesays says:
    Jul 23, 2013 7:59 PM
    Redskins by at least 6 TDs Opening Night. #FlyEaglesFlyoutoftheNFCEast—————————————————————————————————————————————-give me 2 and i’ll give you a chance to win a lot of money !

  8. After spitting in the faces of the folks in the Lehigh Valley and at Lehigh.
    And he games with his QB
    My gut tells me this guy is another Spurrier.
    He ll be back in college ball in 3 years

  9. Re-effing-lax. It’s literally day one of training camp, and all of the veterans don’t even arrive until Thursday. How about we wait until pads go on before we start making assumptions. Either way it won’t make a difference if Joe Montana or Ryan Leaf is back there for Week 1. The Redskins are about to get sodomized all the way back to irrelevance on Monday night. You thought 59-28 was bad. Lol.

  10. I have met Chip and learned his philosophy and I can say this Philly ” you are in good hands!”. There is not an aspect of the game he has not broke down and does not incorporate into his game plan and his practices. This is the only coach coming from college to the NFL ( and I have met a lot) I can only say ” if he can’t make it no one can”. It’s painstaking and frustrating but he will do what is best for Philly trust me.

  11. All three quarterbacks will get a chance to play opening night because Orakpo and Kerrigan are gonna break those guys in half hulk hogan style! Say your prayers and way your vitamins Iggles fans.

  12. logicalvoicesays…

    you are predicting a wash 6 TD win ? uhhh…rg3 isn’t going to play in the pre-season. he is magically going to be sharp in wk 1 of the reg season ? how is that going to happen ? fact is, it won’t. rg3 will be rusty and wash offense will struggle. in fact, eagles may outscore wash and win that gm.

    how about the contrarian view of: eagles 25, skins 20 ? and then eagles carry that momentum into wks 2 and 3 with home wins vs SD and andy reid-led KC to start out 3-0 ?

  13. Philly will beat the Skins, that is without question but neither team will be very good this year.

    Dallas- 10-6

  14. I love all the Skins fans predicting a blow out…

    I’d much rather have a few weeks of game tape of the “New” Eagles, than hoping for a blowout week one.

    Honestly, nobody knows what the Eagles will look like week one.

    Hard to prepare for something you have no idea of…

    Preparation is a big part of success.

  15. I hope # 7 plays well so the brain-trust (used very loosely) around here will have to THINK of something ELSE to write about.

    I mean how many articles are we going to see about this subject, already????

    It was a borderline obsession two years ago. Now, it’s just getting sad.

  16. dwats says:
    Jul 23, 2013 8:11 PM
    Re-effing-lax. It’s literally day one of training camp, and all of the veterans don’t even arrive until Thursday. How about we wait until pads go on before we start making assumptions. Either way it won’t make a difference if Joe Montana or Ryan Leaf is back there for Week 1. The Redskins are about to get sodomized all the way back to irrelevance on Monday night. You thought 59-28 was bad. Lol.
    Your ol lady was sodomized by a monkey dipstick. No SB for the lame egirls.

  17. as a Seattle fan, I still think they got a bargain in Matt Barkley. I believe he is going to be a stud in this league. He’ll be the only thing that saves Chip Kelly.

  18. So…training camp has been going for all of two days and suddenly he’s dragging his feet?

    He’s been saying he’d need training camp and preseason to decide all along. That’s the same thing as saying he’ll name a starter before the opener.

  19. And then one of those 2 spots will open up room for Vince Young to join the team. I’m willing to bet my 2014 salary that he’s still mobile. Although I do work on commission.

  20. the skins fans would have lost their house if the bet was the nats being sub500 in july nearly august… while i love the bros in d.c., their boundless enthusiasm for the redskins in the snyder era looks like the ancestor worship popular statewide in va.

  21. My take on this is that Kelly believes that Michael Vick’s time with the Eagles is over. But, Vick has a loyal following of teammates who believe otherwise.

    In order to make the necessary QB change, without upsetting the O locker room too much, Kelly needs to proclaim that Vick, Foles and Barkley will compete.

    That way, the most capable QB for Chip’s type of offense will be clearly seen by everyone–and it won’t be Vick because he can’t read the field quickly enough to get rid of the ball on time.

    It’s gonna be Foles but, Kelly doesn’t want a mutiny on his hands when he sits Vick so he’s being as diplomatic as he can.

  22. Chip Kelly is the second coming of Steve Spurrier…300+ lineman will not last/remain healthy pulling and making downfield blocks 30-40 times a game. I saw all of the games where Foles played last year…good touch on pass, seemed confident but that all ended with the zone blitz…He is a backup QB at best. Matt Barkely didn’t really impress me in college and unfortunately for him, he has to break the USC curse(Sanchez,Lienart etc..). If I were Vick, I would beg Kelly to trade me to Cleveland or Cincy…..

  23. I went to UofO. I watch Duck football. I know Chip Kelly is not announcing the starter because the Redskins can study the qb. When a team wins their first game, they start on a roll. We miss Chip. I afraid the Ducks won’nt be as good without him.

  24. Coming from someone who is a Seattle fan and has watched alot of Chip Kelly at Oregon. Chip could care less of what anyone in the media, fans, or other teams thinks about his quarterback situation. I would not be surprised if Dennis Dixon was the starting Quarterback against the Redskins if he thinks he can win with him. He just doesn’t get a sh*t what anyone thinks. Look at the QBs he had at oregon.

  25. Vick is nothing more than a band-aid. He will come out strong, then quickly fade and then get hurt. Much like his return from prison. He did great untill he got paid, and the job was his. Then he was the same old lazy, sloppy, and injury prone Vick.
    (I’m a Falcons fan, so I would prefer never to see that jack ass play another down in the NFL, but it is what it is.)
    It’s really hard to know what you have in Foles. Half the Eagles had given up by the time he played. He deserves a pre-season game or two to see how he can run the new offense.
    (Barkley doesn’t strike me as a start now kinda rookie, like the class last year. That’s not going to happen every year)

  26. I don’t think that either Vick or Foles have what it takes to be a successful NFL quarterback. And Barkley isn’t anywhere near ready ( if he ever will be ).

    LOOK; the Eagles aren’t going anywhere this season so at some point throw Barkley in there.

  27. The veterans do not report until tomorrow (thursday) and the pads do not go on until Sunday. So what could have possibly have happened in the last two days that would give Chip enough information to declare a starter? These reporters are a bunch of ass clowns.
    Roseman is counting on some team having a QB injury in training camp and that he can get a 4th or 5th round pick in return for the QB that does not win the starting job.

  28. he will name a starter when someone earns the spot.

    a 4-12 team has no stars that “deserve” a roster spot.

    men will fight it out
    best man standing wins the job.

    I don’t think any Eagles fans have an issue with that.

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