Cutting Joe Mays creates at least $3.5 million in cash and cap space


Last March, the Broncos signed linebacker Joe Mays to a four-year, $12 million deal.  A season later, they’ll pay him $500,000 to go away.


Per a source with knowledge of the contract, Mays exits with $500,000 in fully guaranteed base salary.  But there’s a chance that $500,000 guarantee evaporated when Mays was suspended last year one game for disconnecting a piece of ear from Matt Schaub’s head.

If so, the Broncos will save $4 million in cash and cap space.  If not, it’ll be $3.5 million in cash and cap space.

Regardless of the amount, it makes us wonder whether the Broncos have plans for that cap space, given the potential four-game suspension of linebacker Von Miller.

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  1. He only started because of his ability to smack people around, but was never to smart. He always over ran stretch plays to where the runner cuts back inside and rips them a new one (just watch the Patriots game from last year), eventually replaced by a slow 37 year old Keith Brooking. Don’t be surprised if he stays a FA especially coming off a broken leg …

  2. Man Schaub got abused last year. Suh kicked him in the crotch, Mays took out a piece of his ear, yikes.

  3. No I’m guessing the cap space will go to extensions for Eric Decker (UFA after the season) and Demaryius Thomas (UFA after 2014) those are more pressing issues. The fact that neither John Elway nor John Fox were surprised by Miller’s suspension makes me believe that the Broncos think their answers are already on the roster. Shaun Phillips will play the Sam position on 1st and 2nd down (as Miller usually does) Ayers and Wolfe will play defensive end on these downs, on 3rd down or 2nd and long Phillips will slide to end, Wolfe will move to tackle and either Ayers or Quanterus Smith will play the other end position…no ideal but it’s only for 4 games.

  4. You guys obviously don’t do your research – Wesley Woodyard is currently in line for a multi-year deal – signing Clady to a long term deal freed up some additional, immediate cap space and Mays or Kuper were candidates to be cut to sign Woodyard now – especially with the huge number of players set to become unrestricted free agents next season.

  5. @atwatercrushesokoye.. Spot on analysis…Those out there thinking this is a move prompted by what may or may not happen to Von Miller are dead wrong…

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