Ernest Wallace will be back in court Friday


Ernest Wallace, charged as an accessory after the fact in the murder of Odin Lloyd, was due to be in court Monday for a pre-trial hearing.  With Aaron Hernandez’s probable cause hearing scheduled for Wednesday, Wallace’s hearing was postponed by the agreement of the lawyers.

According to the North Attleboro Sun Chronicle, the Wallace hearing has been rescheduled for Friday.

It’s impossible not to wonder whether there’s a connection between the timing of the two hearings.  It could be that prosecutors wanted to keep whatever cards they plan to play against Wallace close to the vest for the purposes of the upcoming hearing involving Hernandez.

Or perhaps the prosecution wants to give Wallace one more chance to accept whatever deal may be on the table to have his charges reduced in exchange for cooperating with the authorities.  Though it appears Carlos Ortiz has flipped on Hernandez, Ortiz’s testimony may not be as strong as Wallace’s — especially since Ortiz told police he was sleeping in the car when Hernandez, Wallace, and Odin Lloyd got out of the car, shots were fired, and only Hernandez and Wallace got back in.

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  1. If Wallace also fired shots and aided in the killing he ain’t saying anything. If he watched, he will sign like a bird on Friday. No way he does time, big time for being silent. This isn’t about the judge throwing you in jail until you talk, this is about you doing life for not saving your own ass.

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    ” he’s not going to snitch ”

    I couldn’t disagree more. He’s heavily involved in a homicide case with a plethora of hard evidence. It’s hard to imagine all walking free in this case. With the laws governing joint venture at the prosecution’s disposal, he’s in a veritable box.
    If he doesn’t cooperate, he could very well be incarcerated for natural life.


  3. I wouldn’t call any of it hard evidence I would call silt circumstantial evidence. There’s a reason they didn’t snatch him up from day one the case is flimsy and is basically up to the testimony of a degenerate who was on every drug known to man an claimed he slept through the whole thing lol I will believe he gets nailed when I see it. Hell the OJ case was open and shut until they said a cop used the n word

  4. They are most likely wanting him to wait and watch to try to change his mind about not rolling on Hernandez.

    $50 says Hernandez walks on murder. Any takers?

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