Fanene hearing happening this week

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By the time Patriots coach Bill Belichick meets with the media on Wednesday, he may view it as a relief.

A league source tells PFT that the Jonathan Fanene grievance hearing is proceeding this week as scheduled, with Belichick among the witnesses testifying under oath.  (Unlike a press conference, he’ll be asked the questions over and over again until he gives real answers.)

The Patriots signed Fanene as a free agent last year, giving him a $3.85 million signing bonus.  He received $2.5 million of it, and the team wants to block the rest and recoup “some or all” of the amount already paid.

The Patriots allege Fanene has arthritis in his left knee, and that he hid from the team the fact that needs prescription drugs to practice and play.

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  1. I would be hard-pressed to think the Pats would file a grievance unless they were pretty darn sure Fanene had no defense to these claims, and if true then Fanene should have to cough up all of that money. I mean in a world of fairness, not necessarily the world of NFL contract rules. To think Belichick could be in a courtroom with me sitting on his side, what is up with that? C’mon guys the joke isn’t funny, just tell me am I on hidden camera right now for a new reality TV version of Tales from the Darkside? Well if that’s the case I’m not going to sign the release form, how about them apples!

    Well make whoever is a liar bleed some green.

  2. The Pats don’t have a case. Even if Fanene does have an arthritic knee that’s what physicals are for. Fanene passed the team physical before the contract took effect.

    Consider what the effect would be if the team won. Teams would be trying to recoup signing bonus from released players based on statements the player made to teammates.

    Fanene played and practiced the year before with his so called bad knee and the Pats signed him to a free agent contract. He practiced for them until they released him during training camp. He did what was required of him, this is just buyer’s remorse by the team.

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