Jones-Drew ready for training camp

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Lost in the laundry list of Jaguars who’ll start training camp on the PUP list is the reality that running back Maurice Jones-Drew won’t.

A year after he skipped all of camp in a contract holdout, Jones-Drew will be ready to tackle a contract year after rehabbing a foot injury that required offseason surgery.

“Now it’s back to football.  It’s a long time coming,” Jones-Drew told reporters Tuesday, via  He added that the team  “will bring him along slowly” as he prepares for a season that will determine whether the Jaguars or someone else will pay him big money in 2014.

Jones-Drew also said that an incident from Memorial Day weekend that nearly resulted in assault charges is “totally behind me.”  Implied in that remark could be a concession that Jones-Drew reached a civil settlement with the man he allegedly punched, since the man made it clear he intended to sue.

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  1. The dude he allegedly punched had a long laundry list of failed and questionable lawsuits as well as a lengthy criminal record. Not to mention he’s a club bouncer, which is known as a profession for meatheads.

    Then there’s the “video evidence” where you can’t see anything at all, except what looks to be MJD leaving right after people start reacting to something.

    Chalk another one up to a vulcher using the over zealous and ridiculous media to try and make a few bucks. MJD didn’t pay the man off, because there’s zero proof or witnesses that he punched the guy.

    Stupid stupid media.

  2. I certainly wouldn’t contend that MJD isn’t ready, at least not without first dressing into a body suit of armor for my own protection just in case. Sure would be nice if I could butt-in to PFT’s bulk orders for the gear so that I could comment a little more liberally.

  3. sbchampsagain says:
    Jul 23, 2013 2:15 PM
    He’s 28.
    Two more seasons in his tank, tops.
    Where do the Jags go from there?


    Yesterday: Los Angeles
    Today: London
    Tomorrow: Mars

  4. Oh, a London joke. How original.

    L.A, London, Tebow, blackouts….the media can keep trying but so far none of the poop they’ve been flinging has stuck to the wall when it comes to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

  5. How many years have people been writing off MJD? I recall plenty of skepticism about his health back in 2011, and he led the league in rushing. MJD has been killer since back when he was Fred Taylor’s understudy. What a great career he’s had and will continue to have.

  6. ccjcsr says: Jul 23, 2013 2:37 PM

    Has to be depressing knowing you have no shot at the Lombardi Trophy!



    Great comment…. said nobody.

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