Judge will consider effort to take Haslam’s deposition on August 30


With a judge in Arkansas tentatively approving the settlement of a nationwide class action against Pilot Flying J, a judge in Tennessee will decide next month whether to approve the effort in another case to question under oath its CEO, Browns owner Jimmy Haslam.

According to Alison Grant of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Judge Harold Wimberly has scheduled a hearing on a motion to block the deposition of Haslam and others for August 30.

The goal for Haslam should be to delay the obligation to testify as long as possible, so that he’ll know whether he’s being charged criminally before he tries to tiptoe through the minefield of answering questions in a civil proceeding, where the Fifth Amendment can still be invoked if criminal charges haven’t been resolved — but where invoking the Fifth Amendment can be used against Haslam and the company his father founded in the 1950s.

If Haslam is indicted by a grand jury currently exploring an investigation that has yielded guilty pleas from five Pilot Flying J executives, Haslam’s lawyers should move quickly to stay all civil litigation until the criminal case has ended.  Until then, they should move as slowly as possible in order to know whether Haslam will be facing criminal jeopardy before he testifies in any of the pending civil cases.

3 responses to “Judge will consider effort to take Haslam’s deposition on August 30

  1. When you are waiting around to see if you get indicted before making your next move, odds are there is some guilty feelings that are making you sleep less easy at nite. If he had no knowledge at all of the crimes, why would he even think of waiting to testify? The Feds and the IRS legal teams have to be licking their chops, and enjoying just watching him make his own bed. They have no reason too be in a hurry, as long as they get the final result right. I also think the Feds were more than happy to see Haslam make good with as many of the customers asap, as now they will not have to wait as long for their money to have to go through the legal system.

  2. As a Browns fan I can’t wait until we know what is going to happen with all this. This organization needs some semblance of continuity more than anything. I’m split between wanting nothing to do with this guy and maybe thinking it’s best he stays for stabilities purposes. It never gets any easier being a Browns fan.

  3. Browns fans are sweatin’ this one bad. Just when they thought that the Browns were going to be looking up, their hillbilly owner gives the Browns another black eye. I enjoy watching the drama. The Browns have been a joke since they came back in 1999. They should have never came back. They are the biggest joke in the NFL. Look at Houston, TX. They were awarded their franchise back and they are a contender now. Cleveland is still fumbling around with a flashlight to find a clue. This is what Browns fans deserve for running their mouths trying to bash other teams. Look in the mirror, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for ya is it? You Browns fans spend more time rooting for teams to beat your rivals rather than looking at your own team… Sad… Jimmy’s guilty without a doubt!!!

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