Kaepernick says he heard the Packers turning on each other


As 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick ran for an NFL-record 181 yards in the divisional playoff win over the Packers, he heard a sound that was music to his ears: Players on Green Bay’s defense getting on each other’s cases about why no one could stop him.

In a long profile by Peter King of TheMMQB.com, Kaepernick reveals that during that game, the Packers’ defenders began yelling at each other about why nothing was working against the 49ers’ offense.

“It got to a point,” Kaepernick says, “where we could hear [the Packers’ defenders] arguing while we were in our huddle. ‘You’re supposed to do this,’ or ‘You have to do this, then the other.’ At that point, our offense was like, It’s over. As soon as you start turning on your teammates, you’re not going to be productive. You know you have them in the palm of your hands.”

Kaepernick’s memory of the 49ers’ Super Bowl experience against the Ravens is obviously not so pleasant: On his last pass, Kaepernick believes Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith should have been flagged for contact with 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree.

“I’m not going to comment on it, but you’re asking the question for a reason,” Kaepernick told King of that play. “Still not really over it. It feels like something was stolen.”

That’s a feeling Kaepernick can get out of his mind with some more performances like the game he played against the Packers.

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  1. Or Ed Reed two yards offsides on his blitz. That wasn’t a ticky-tacky holding call or anything….dude was out on the edge and crossed the LOS way before the snap.

  2. I love Kap but sad thing is, if Kap had called for snap with enough time on play clock, they play they had in was going in end zone.

  3. U mean the contact Crabtree created when he ran right into Jimmy Smith? The ref was 100% right.

  4. I’m not going to comment on it, but I’ll go ahead and say something was stolen?????????


    Get over it.

  5. My guess is they were yelling at Erik “turnstile” Walden. Dude was out of position the whole game

  6. It was taken, won and deserved. Not stolen.

    You are not going to have the Refs hand you the Superbowl. You have to make a play. It was not even a catchable ball in the end. I watched it again on NFLN just yesterday.

    World Champs.

  7. 2 of the biggest culprits in that game Erick Walden and Charles Woodson are gone. But Vikings fans keep saying the Packers they are devastating losses to last year’s team.

  8. At the same time Ravens fans could say the Mob had something to do with pulling the power plug in the Benz Dome….to jump start the 49ers come back…If the power doesn’t get pulled its a blowout! And I’m not a Ravens fans but the AFC North is the best Div in football! IJS!

  9. “As soon as you start turning on your teammates, you’re not going to be productive. You know you have them in the palm of your hands.”

    Someone on the Packers defense is going to “plant” this tool……

  10. I think Kaepernick misheard — the Packers were really arguing about whether Rodgers was correct in sticking up for Ryan Braun.

  11. Week 1 is Dom Capers chance to show if he is good at making adjustments in the game plan or a DC on his last leg with the team.

  12. Why would you talk smack about your week 1 opponent? Take GB +5.5 pts. Kaep has awoken a sleeping Giant and Rodgers will carve up 9er secondary. Kaep shows more immaturity!

  13. What? Cheeseheads turning on one of their own? I’m shocked and stunned. How can this be? Is the world ending? The Packers aren’t “perfect”???

    Hey Greenbay, everyone hates your team. We hate your team and your Midwestern state that’s known for Cheese, Ed Gein, and Jeff Dahmer. You have the worst colors in the league and your QB, albeit talented, is an egotistical maniac who will be replaced one day, then you will all hate hime when he goes to play in Minnesota or Tennesee for a year or two, so go trim your mustaches and finish your domestic beers, go drunk dial your ex-wife #2, and wax poetic about how Brett never cared for you or frustrated you.

  14. Funny thing – if the same type of penalty was called on Bowman at the end of the 4th quarter against the Falcons, Kaepernick wouldn’t have made it to the Super Bowl….

    Since he only played in half of the games last season as a starter, I think Kaepernick had a good run last season – but will be facing teams that have had 6-9 months to review the tape on him…

  15. 2 straight extremely physical games against the Vikings did more to beat the Packers in the 49ers game then Kaepernick did…

  16. Not surprised either. The niners really beat them down. Not surprised to hear their still complaining about the refs either. Harbaugh does that as well as he coaches.

  17. Bottom line; an NFC Championship Game two years ago and a Super Bowl appearance last season, both losses. The future always looks bright as heck when you’re a reasonably young team but mountains of stuff can (and will) happen between now and your projected Super Bowls titles. I’m not even sure the Niners are gonna win the NFC West this year.
    Might’ve wanted to cash in on one of those previous opportunities.

  18. Both times the ‘Pack played the Niners last season – the post-game comments from Green Bay players is that they “didn’t prepare for that” during the week leading up to the game. And Dom Capers is still their D coordinator!

  19. Not surprising that he wants to elaborate on his play in the GB game and not the SB game…just another microcosm of this person’s ego and character. He’s going to be the T.O. of QB’s…mark my words.

  20. Kaep is very immature and will be the reason the 49ers do not get back to the Super Bowl. He needs to learn to keep his mouth shut and stay away from social media.

    He was not clutch on that last drive and wants to blame the refs. He should look in the mirror and realize that his last pass was overthrown.

  21. Well, at least that tells me the main problem was scheme and game planning, which is what I believed from the beginning. Those things can be fixed, and the Packers have had all off season to work on that.

  22. Duh, ya mean the Packers defenders weren’t laughing, joking and playing slapbutt while you were embarrassing them? Kaps a good player but an idiot.
    Maybe your Dolphins hat is too tight Kap.

  23. I’m not surprised; the Packers are a feeble-minded bunch (like their qb). They choked up a 3rd & 12 to C. Ponder in the last 2 minutes in week 16 that would’ve ended the Vikes’ season with a stop. Then again, AD had pretty much ground their ass up by that point which understandably resulted in the Pack defense going into hiding.

  24. Kaepernick was asked questions and answered them honestly. To all the haters out there… Shut the eff up already. Kaepernick will be dominating a team near you, for years to come.

  25. I can’t wait for this arrogant sob to get exposed. First he says that it wasnt a hold, it was that he overthrew it. Now he’s flipping just like with the hat situation. He is disingenuous at best. I’m so glad he is not the qb of my team. He needs some cheese with all that wine. He is a spoiled brat. He overthrew the damn ball , and not to mention Torry Smith was held earlier in the game that would have been a td, as evidenced by Phil Simms. Even on the last play, jimmy smith was pushed by Crabtree( check out the replay) , and last but not least, everyone in the damn country knows that the refs are not going to call that at the end of a game, especially a superbowl at that. Bottom line Kap, get over it and be a better qb , so that way you can’t cry when things don’t go your way, and then it won’t be left up to the refs. #whatajoke#

  26. First and goal on the 7 with the championship at stake, and they could not get it done. This guy still wants to blame the refs? He is as much of a joke as his head coach. Even if they win the next ten superbowls, these clowns will never have my respect.
    Sore losers, sore winners.

  27. Interference my ass. Crabtree even said it was a good call. The receiver that the ball was going too said it was a good call, so I will take his word over anybody else’s. The Packers may have given up, but I can assure the Hawks will make him look stupid just like they did last year!

  28. If I was Kaepernick I would keep that info to myself,I’m a Packers fan but I have a huge crush on Colin..I’m concerned the fame and attention has gone to his head and he’s giving in to his own hype.

    I hope he pays for it on Sept 8.3:25 Pm. Go Pack Go!!!

  29. I don’t know, I’d maybe have at least two good years under my belt before saying things like that. Keep your mouth closed and let your actions on the field speak for you. I can’t recall similar types of comments from guys like manning and rodgers in their early years. I’m starting to think this guy has 1year wonder written all over him.

  30. “ryann252013 says: Jul 23, 2013 3:03 PM
    This guy should worry about his own locker room, not a Green Bay supporter or a 49ers hater, Just my opinion.”

    Well, he was talking about a game situation on the field, not in the locker room, so……

  31. Keep talking, Kap. I think you may be singing a different tune after Wk 1 this year. M’boy.

  32. Pretty smug w/8starts under his belt. Nice sunglasses indoors too, you a fashion icon now? Can’t wait for a USC hammer and anvil on his punk ass against the Pack week 1. Mathews and Perry for the non-Packer trolls.

  33. “Still not really over it. It feels like something was stolen.”

    The fact is that since the early 90’s Bills, the Super Bowl loser has never made it back to the Super Bowl the next year. At a glance, I think the last Super Bowl loser to win the Super Bowl the next year was the 72 to 73 Dolphins. It basically doesn’t happen.

    The 49ers may still be the best team on paper, but it’s very unlikely they will win the Super Bowl.

    Kaepernick may have to wait for a while to get back into that position. Look what happened to Marino. There are no guarantees.

  34. Of course they were, they were getting destroyed at the line of scrimmage and Kaep was making them look like they didn’t belong anywhere near the divisional. Any team that gets embarrassed like that is going to be pointing fingers, and quite frankly that should have cost Dom Capers his job.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing what the Packers do against these guys on opening Sunday…
    Honestly, I still expect Kaep and the 49ers offense to have a great game.. but I expect the same thing out of Green Bay’s offense. I’m willing to bet this will be the highest scoring game of opening weekend, and I just hope the Packers can win the turnover battle and come out of San Francisco with a win.

  35. I’d like to root for this kid but the whining, attitude, and ignorance keeps me from it. Kissing his muscles, posing nude, and the idiocy of wearing another teams colors makes me want to see these paper champs get plastered by every team they play this season. Worst of all is how Kap, his coach and other forty whiners bring up that last play (where the pass was not catchable anyways, and their receiver pushed off the Ravens facemask) when they got away with a REAL NO CALL against the Falcons! Not to mention the no call on Flacco getting hit out of bounds, Torrey smith being held (on a would be td) or Pitta being mugged in the endzone! Oh, and did I mention the mysterious black-out that got them back in the game in the first place? Talk about throwing stones!

  36. As poorly as the Packer D played (apart from the pick 6 by Shields), the real turning point in the game was the special teams dropping a punt deep in their own territory. Completely changed the momentum. 49ers are very good; so are the Seahawks and Falcons. Maybe while they’re all looking at one another the Packers will find a way through. Looking forward to the season just like Heidi fans look forward to the Pre-season, when their team is the undefeated, 25X defending World Champion.

  37. re:”one year wonder ..Kaepernick is…defense will stop the option and 49ers fans will wish for alex smith…never put all ur eggs in one basket”

    Says the Jets fan. At least our coach has the balls to bench a starting quarterback ex: Mark Sanchez… Put Geno Smith in, give the ball to Ivory and shut your mouth. Mark Sanchez isn’t even a “has been”, he is a “never was”.

  38. Someone is going to unload bigtime on Kaepernick this year. His mouth will make him an even bigger target.

    Historically running QBs don’t last long in the NFL. RG3 got it last year and look at Michael Vick’s career injuries.

    It’s only a matter of time.

  39. @viking fans,

    Did those 250 yards that AP ran for against the packers help them win the game? …..waiting….waiting….waiting….oh that’s right, you lost! You make the playoffs ONE time, and you think you’re taking the division crown. We own you and will continue to own you this year. You’re our bitch. You had to play a perfect game in week 17 to beat the packers. Good luck playing perfect again this year.

  40. Wait – what? The guy is some kind of loser or baby b/c he partially answers a question about losing the SB on a controversial (if you’re generous – realistically it was a bad) call? You honestly think you’d be able to just “get over” feeling like you got screwed out of the biggest professional accomplishment you could possibly have? Not a niner or Kaep fan, but I do understand that this still hurts, and it should.

    Of course he could have lied to answer the question in a more PC way, and I agree that would have been the more “fan approved” way to answer the question. But the fact is even if the niners get that call (and score – not a sure thing) the ravens had a couple of minutes to kick a FG to either win or tie (depending on whether the niners got the 2 pt conversion). Regardless, to vilify the guy for the SB comment shows that you have the same bitterness against him that he has against the officials. I have a much bigger problem with saying that the packer players were turning on each other. There is no benefit to saying that and it further embarrasses the packers who were already embarrassed enough by the game.

  41. I believe its called communication. If something is wrong you try and fix it even if that means yelling at your teammates.

    I do appreciate the bulletin board material though.

  42. Kap was just answering a question from the reporter.

    Wonder what discount double check is gonna say when asked about donating his salary this year because of his boyfriend Braun?

  43. He’s young, talented, likes to spit, is full of himself, and likes to wear sunglasses at night.

    He’s the Justin Bieber of the NFL. We’ll be getting selfies on a regular basis real soon.

  44. Kaepernick sure is a talent, but he’s had one amazing half-season and that’s it.

    He needs to shut his mouth, put his head down, and continue to work hard.

  45. Any niners fan whining about Ed Reed or a Super Bowl call, clearly has short term memory loss, to the fact that they got away with major league PI on the final play vs Atlanta. Just saying…

  46. stellarperformance says: Jul 23, 2013 3:53 PM

    He’s young, talented, likes to spit, is full of himself, and likes to wear sunglasses at night.

    He’s the Justin Bieber of the NFL. We’ll be getting selfies on a regular basis real soon.


    Justin Bieber is talented??? I hope you aren’t older than 16

  47. Kaepernick parlayed that win into a big Super Bowl victory. Oh wait, he’s no Aaron Rodgers. Dude needs to shut up and hope he doesn’t get hurt.

  48. Just so we’re clear Packers fans….the Niners beat you twice last season, once with Alex Smith and once with Kaepernick…

  49. Has everyone forgot about the blowout it should have been if not for the blackout?

    Shut up Krap

  50. Scott Mitchell played really well for 8 games once too. Then film and adjustments came…

    Plus with his indoor sunglasses and general speaking ability, I highly doubt this kid could adjust to 2nd grade math. He still calls it “plus” and “take away.”

    I can’t wait for this team to fall apart. Then it won’t be long before Harbaugh is punching Jim Kelly, his coaches, reporters, and smashing his car up drunk on a college campus somewhere. Kaep will be in porn, strung out. The rest of that filthy team will wash out. Alex Smith will win a Super Bowl. And the fans will go back to segregation, where one group pretends they are in Napa drinking wine and eating artisanal bread and cheese plates. The other group kills each other, of course.

  51. Don’t really see this as smack talk, so much as telling it like it is. The Packers shouldn’t need any more motivation from him anyway, the game tape better provide all of the motivation they need.

  52. Next thing you know, he’ll make a comment like betting a year’s salary that his best buddy isn’t juicing…

  53. Very excited for the upcoming season. Kaepernick showed last year that he is capable of a very high level of play. He has all the talent in the world. He needs to keep improving though, as teams will have spent the offseason making adjustments and reviewing his tape. Hopefully he is tuning out the negative talk surrounding him and working hard to make himself better. It seems like he is from what I’ve read. Either way, excited for the new season.

  54. eastcoastniner says:
    Jul 23, 2013 2:54 PM
    Or Ed Reed two yards offsides on his blitz. That wasn’t a ticky-tacky holding call or anything….dude was out on the edge and crossed the LOS way before the snap.

    No so. I thought so too watching the game on TV, but I rewound the play and watched it in slow motion during the next commercial. Reed was not offsides.

  55. I’m no Packer fan, but I think this kid is gonna get some heavy doses of reality this year. And I won’t be disappointed when a Packer plants Kap’s facemask into the turf.

  56. Kap was getting his butt handed to him before the blackout. Torrey was getting held all game. Flacco got hit late several times, and Crabtree pushed off.

    49er fans please stop crying.

  57. WTF are all the NY fans talking smack for? Especially the Jets with their toe-sucking fat slob of a coach and bottom of the barrel talent level. Be honest, if you had Kap as your QB instead of Goofball Dirty Sanchez you’d be celebrating like you won the lottery. In fact the last good QB you had was a little flamboyant and everybody loved Broadway Joe. He actually made CK look kinda mild. Different times, different styles but the kid can play and will only get better.

  58. I overheard the 9ers players saying on the sideline last year in Seattle that they wish they had Russell instead of Kap…
    Something about…
    ‘Wilson would never act like a complete wanna’ be celebrity douche-bag’.

  59. I’m very interested in how NFL defenses will play Kaepernick and the 49ers this upcoming season. Look at what an off season did to the Lions’ unbalanced offense. I’m not saying the 49ers are in for the same fate, but I do think we’ll see something very different from the 2012 version.

  60. SOME people on this site are just ignorant. Saying that kaps a one hit wonder and now that teams are gearing up for the option his career is over is just laughable. You have a better argument saying he’s liable getting hurt running the option. The guy has a cannon and is extremely accurate, plus the game is only going to get slower for him. You focus on the option he can beat you on the pass. Any real football fan can see this guy has talent. Its like me saying Russell Wilson is a bum just because he plays for the division rival seahawks. Yes these guys still need to prove themselves but stop hating.

  61. ck Spielman is a Magician says:Jul 23, 2013 4:50 PM

    All I know is the Packers lost to the 49ers twice last season, whereas the Vikings had no trouble with them. Maybe McCarthy should give Leslie Frazier a call and get a few pointers?


    All I know is the viks lost to the Packers twice last season. Twice in each of the past 3 seasons, in fact.

  62. @rvxtc42 – The ref that screwed the Hawks out of their SB admitted that he blew it, and that he screwed them. That’s a huge difference than what happened in this last super bowl.

  63. lewiscafarella:The last play of the SB wasn’t a catchable ball anyway!

    If that ball wasnt catchable either was santonio holmes catch in the SB a couple seasons back.

  64. Carl Gerbschmidt says:Jul 23, 2013 4:56 PM

    ck Spielman is a Magician says:Jul 23, 2013 4:50 PM

    All I know is the Packers lost to the 49ers twice last season, whereas the Vikings had no trouble with them. Maybe McCarthy should give Leslie Frazier a call and get a few pointers?


    All I know is the viks lost to the Packers twice last season. Twice in each of the past 3 seasons, in fact.

    Yes, I believe I’ve heard that somewhere before. Can’t remember where. Of course, the Vikings also beat the Packers last year, so I guess the Vikings know how to beat the Packers and the 49ers.

  65. I have no issue with CK saying these things. It happened…the defense was not prepared for his running. Up until the point where he shredded the Packers with his legs, they were doing a pretty decent job against the Niners. I will not insult the guy nor do I think these comments make him a tool. And I will NEVER wish for an NFL player to be injured.

  66. this guy (kapernick) now tried to draw attention to himself in the past few weeks.

    Now i am extremely glad that the niners lost the superbowl last year.

  67. This year will be different… Thats a fact.
    The Packers Defense will be far better this year.

  68. Hmmm…seems like a good idea to give that Defensive Coordinator an extension.

    1. Greg Jennings leaves for MN and says in an interview that Vikings have the hunger, and the Packers don’t.

    2. Kap says their defense turned on each other and have no chemistry.

    Beginning of the end of the Packers at the top of the North?

  69. Guy sounds pretty cool and confident for a Super Bowl LOSER. Last year was your chance 49ers, its all downhill from here and you’ll find that out Week 1. And Vikings fans just be quiet your team is terrible your Quarterback sucks, and Adrian Peterson is a choke artist in the playoffs.

  70. In my humble opinion, barring injuries of course, I had been thinking the Pack was poised to do better on defense this year …… and they were already in the top third of the league on defense last year.

    Then today I see this commentary from Mr. Kaepernick. Now I have a revised opinion:

    I think that the determination in the Green Bay locker room born from Kaepernick’s comments will have a very powerful effect on the field during game one ……….. and ……….. I think during that game the Pack defense will discover how talented they can be. I think GBay’s determined defensive performance during the SF game puts them on a defensive roll for the rest of the season. I pray that the Lord’s will be done on that.

    Hard to imagine the domination the Packers could achieve if they can marry a top-5 defense with that offense. Holy cow.

  71. It is what it is Kap. Love your talking, I’m sure it’s on the bulletin board as we speak. Is your next comment going to be about the Seahawks? Young, dumb and working towards a short career in the NFL.

  72. Ummmmmm Packers fans who are on here thinking that the Packers are using Kaepernick’s words as some kind of motivation……you’re so far behind you think you’re in first. GET A CLUE. ***181 yards!!!! IS THE MOTIVATION not Kaepernick saying what everybody already knew in front of a national audience…………………..your defense had no answer for him whether in the air and sure as heck not on the ground.

    The funny part will be ……..CK7 won’t even be running on the first game. He’s just gonna torch ya through the air…….Aaron Rogers style.

  73. Oh yeah, one more thing. Go rent yourself a forklift to carry around Aaron Rodgers talent!

  74. “spitsfire says: Jul 23, 2013 2:59 PM

    It was taken, won and deserved. Not stolen.

    You are not going to have the Refs hand you the Superbowl. You have to make a play. It was not even a catchable ball in the end. I watched it again on NFLN just yesterday.

    World Champs.”

    Hahahahahahahahahaha, Zebras don’t influence games?!? Don’t influence the Super Bowl? How about the last two Lombardi’s for the Steelers? Pretty sure that there is no legitimate fan of the NFL that would agree with your foolish opinion.

    We KNOW they do. Hell the only reason the Seahawks even made the Playoffs was due to inept Officiating pretty much all season long. You can say what you want about the “Replacements” but they were only around for 3 weeks. The rest of the season the Zebras mailed it in.

  75. Kaepernick won’t run much. He won’t have to. He has the best offensive line, good ball carriers, he can throw darts and bombs, and the defense will be as good or better. Kaepernick will run when the times are right, but first he will look for Bolton in the middle, Davis going deep, and one of many fast receivers to take up the slack until Crabtree is back. When Gore isn’t running wild, he’ll be catching swings and flares and burning every linebacker who doesn’t stay home. This is going to be a lot of fun to watch. If they can’t catch Kaepernick, they can’t shut his mouth.

  76. muskyhunter2542 says:Jul 23, 2013 5:24 PM

    This year will be different… Thats a fact.
    The Packers Defense will be far better this year.

    I love this type of expert analysis from a great football mind. I was wondering if the Packers’ defense was going to be better or worse this year, and now I know the facts.

  77. The real question should be, was the Packers playoff game a fluke or can Kapernick do it over and over. Since the leagues defensive coordinators have had time to study, learn and plan for the read option offense, it is most likely that we won’t see the same kinds of numbers go up this season. The lesson of RG3 should be taken into a consideration also. Can a quarterback always out in the flats taking the really big hits last? And the another thing to remember, its a whole lot more difficult to have a break through game in someone else house. Had Green Bay not been robbed in Seattle and the 49er’s had gone to Green Bay for the playoff game, it is certain the outcome would have been very different. Both team are very good teams, there’s no arguing that. Maybe the defense just had a bad day that day and Kapernick just happened to have been in the right place. Will this years game in Green Bay turn out the same way. It could happen, but probably not.

  78. They had to be yelling at Eric Walden, since he had 3 weeks in a row where he couldn’t maintain edge discipline. I mean the previous week Peterson fell down, had nowhere to run, and good ole Eric gets all excited at an easy tackle and dives inside. Of course, Peterson then gets up and runs right where Walden was supposed to stay.

    Other than that they should have been yelling at Dom for being asleep at the wheel.

    I’m pretty sure that this year the Packers counter will be to use something like a 3-3-5 or 4-2-5 this year. I say that because they drafted Datone Jones who is kind of a tweener, and they have been trying Mike Neal out at OLB situationally. Plus Nick Perry is coming back and he is also a bit of a tweener.

    So I think you’ll probably see a bigger/stronger player holding the edge compared to the small/mediocre combo of Zombo/Walden. The question will be, does the TE kill you in the passing game because of that.

  79. For the pundits who espouse the “yeah, but DC’s have had an offseason of film to prep for Kaepernick so that’ll be that” are grossly mistaken about the talent of CK7. He’s not JUST a runner. In fact nearly every run Kaep made in the Packers game was due to the man to man coverage and the lanes opened up and he took them. There’s nothing inherently difficult there. He just took what was available.

    But CK7 is a very good passer who can make any throw on the field. He’s not had an off season HIMSELF to prepare, hone his craft and get quicker. So let’s just stop this nonsense of DCs have had a full offseason to prep for him.

  80. Kap runs because he can not because he has to! What game or games did you clowns watch who say he’s one dimensional? He will surprise you tools but I’m sure your coaching staffs will be preparing for every part of Kaepernicks game.

  81. That was pretty funny. Raji looked exhausted, Woodson was screaming at everyone, Matthews was totally overmatched, it was awesome.

    The look on Rodgers face was classic as the 3rd quarter came to an end.

    And yet Capers still has a job.

  82. The 49ers lost their first Super Bowl under Colins command. The 49ers are not perfect anymore- Tattoo boy is all flash and yet to play a full season. The Packers will finish ahead and stronger then the 4+9 ers. Maybe Colin is jealous because the Packers are really his favorite team. Until Rodgers retires, Kaep will never wear the Green and Gold which has the best fans and best venue. Maybe they will take him as a back up. In years to come. This season will be a complete disaster for the over rated Kaepernick.

    Colt Mc Coy will be the starter by the end of the season.

  83. Kaepernick can say anything he want about green bay because as long as Dom Capers is in green bay they will never beat the 49ers. plus Kaepernick has fun killing the packers

  84. A lot of these comments about him getting lit up or defenses figuring him out sound like fans of other teams shouting at their TV sets, not people knowledgeable about the sport. There is plenty of tape on Rodgers, Brady, and Breed yet they are still at the top of their game. It comes down to talent. If kaepernick has talent he will succeed. And by appearances, 10 games into his career, it appears he does. He will probably run less. But the threat of that will be there and if a defense plays man and turn their backs he is going to take off. Mobility is also a big part of Rodgers game and so far he hasn’t been ‘lit up’ or significantly injured. You may not like his style, but by everything you could say at this point his game looks pretty sound.

  85. Not going say it was stolen. We played so bad and made so many young mistakes in the first 2.5 qtrs until the lights went out that we deserve to lose. I still gotta say there were some close and iffy calls made or not. I’m excited to see this kid get some more experience. As far as Green Bay I’m looking for to it. Alex bet them in Green Bay by a solid margin. Niners invested in DB for the packers, saints, falcons and Denver. I’m expecting ring or bust. We keep getting a lil closer each year.

  86. Packers D is embarrassing! Capers is overrated , and it will be far to much for A. Rodgers to do all himself this year! The team is trending downward fast!
    Vikings 12-4
    Lions 11-5
    Bears 10-6
    Packers 9-7
    Book it!!!!

  87. Thinking that Kaep will get dinged up at some point because of his brazzen attitude…..Harbaugh will sit him and he will flip out.
    Harbaugh only going to be concerned with one person and Smith can tell you who that is.
    This is going to be a Shakespeare season. Lol.

  88. gbpack50 says:
    Jul 23, 2013 7:58 PM
    Samson, CK7?? Buy your jerseys now, a few years from now he won’t even be a good backup! CK7 ha ha


    Weak sauce. Jim Harbaugh doesn’t make mistakes with quarterbacks. Period. Your comment will only further illuminate the gross depths of your absence of football acumen.

    The funny part is………CK7 didn’t even bring out his arm like he will in week 1. While everyone will be so worried about his legs………he’s gonna carve Capers’ defense up. But in all likelihood the 49ers are just gonna treat the Pack like the mid-level collegiate team they are and rack up 300+ yards on the ground with our running backs. You already know what our quarterback can do.

    And if you’re part of the clan of people who think it’s a “gimmick” offense……….here’s a newsflash….when something wins in the NFL (i.e. the highest level of football)…it’s no longer a gimmick. When you’re having to draft to defend against something and send out your whole coaching staff to be taught from college level folks how to defend something……that just poor preparation…and THAT is just Bush league.

  89. Not to bust your bubble, but I don’t think a 4th place team is going to go 9-7 unless everyone in the division is around 9 wins or the rest of the NFC is terrible. Realisticallty every NFCN team would have to go 8-2 or 7-3 outside of the division for this to work, unless the Packers are going 0-6 in the division and 9-1 outside.

    donth8thehorns says: Jul 24, 2013 1:05 AM

    Packers D is embarrassing! Capers is overrated , and it will be far to much for A. Rodgers to do all himself this year! The team is trending downward fast!
    Vikings 12-4
    Lions 11-5
    Bears 10-6
    Packers 9-7
    Book it!!!!

  90. Lol @ Colon Kaepernick. He caught the league off guard played some decent football but is vastly overrated. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Colon and his huge ego that he has in that tiny little head of his will be toast this year. Oh yeah, that should pave the way for little Colt to throw worm burners and 5 yard dumps.

  91. The Packers have some good WR’s and a great QB. After that, the team is terrible. Honestly. Rodgers goes down and this team wins 3 games.

  92. Last year, and we’re still talking like the 49ers won the Super Bowl like all the Whiner fans were betting on. Jesus. 2nd place is still the first loser last time looked.

    Let’s look at the big picture.

    Kaep is a gifted young speedster who can kill people with his feet running the ball and that’s his

    So was Mike Vick and so was RG3knees and they both caught licks their bodies can’t take.

    Kaep will get rocked and knocked out silly. It may be week 1, may be week 12, may be playoffs…..but it’s coming brother.

    Be ready for it Whiners.

  93. If Kaepernick is going to have a successful career he is going to have to learn to quit talking. At this point he seems like he has a certain underlying insecurity which is why he speaks out to the media and tries to stir the proverbial pot every chance he gets. At least that’s the way he comes off to me. The Packers defense will be much more prepared to play them this season as they have upgraded the personnel (Jones) and they will have their keys guys back (Perry, Worthy) and they have added a young dynamic duo at the running back position to compliment Rogers (Lacy, Franklin). Let’s also not forget that last season’s playoff game could have easily been played in Green Bay and not San Francisco if “Fail Mary” had been called correctly. The Packers will win this game and hopefully shut Kaep’s mouth up for at least one week.

  94. He has a good point and it was tremendously fun to see the Packers just get destroyed that being said Kaepernick should concentrate on when there’s 10 yards to the end zone and he has the ball why the hell not run for the endzone. why keep looking for Michael Crabtree was nuts! very aggravating.

  95. I hope I never see the day when players dont yell at each other for playing poorly,its their way of getting each other to play better as a unit,it means they care.to say nothing is giving up and throwing in the towel and that is the very worst thing a team can do.

  96. Kaepernick is going to be the bust of 2013, and that will be sweet. Big mouth, one trick. Go get some more ink, gangsta boy.

  97. thesportgenius says:Jul 23, 2013 4:39 PM

    WTF are all the NY fans talking smack for?

    They are?

    No wonder you won the contest, “The name most opposite my style”.

  98. Not a fan of either team,

    But If I had a gun to my head and someone was making me make a bet on the game, something tells me the Packers are going to beat the 49ers and bottle up Kapernick also.

  99. rainponcho87 says:
    Jul 23, 2013 11:00 PM
    A lot of these comments about him getting lit up or defenses figuring him out sound like fans of other teams shouting at their TV sets, not people knowledgeable about the sport. There is plenty of tape on Rodgers, Brady, and Breed yet they are still at the top of their game. It comes down to talent. If kaepernick has talent he will succeed.

    Right. Because all it takes to succeed is talent.

    That’s why Mike Vick has all those Super Bowls.

    Hard work?
    Lack of injury?


  100. ceadderman says: Jul 23, 2013 6:31 PM
    …We KNOW they do. Hell the only reason the Seahawks even made the Playoffs was due to inept Officiating pretty much all season long. ..”

    ummm, sure the refs are the only reason we made the playoffs. I think this is the first time I have read that the refs were the reason the Hawks beat the whiners down week 16. Not to mention the total dominance the hawks displayed as the picked up momentum toward the end of the season.

    pick a different bone to play with ceadderman, there is no meat on this one. way to grasp at staws.

  101. The irony is, I think they did this every game. They have a lot of players but lack ‘play makers’. AJ Hawk as done nothing the past three years but they don’t get rid of him. He is not nor never has been a ‘playmaker’.
    He is great as the third man on the pile.

    To the point. If he can make this team it doesn’t say much for the defense. I will stand by my prediction of the Pack going 6-10 this year and not making the playoffs.
    Rogers will have his worst year and find himself on his ass a lot.

  102. The Packers IMHO did very little to improve the defense. Perry showed me nothing last year and I have him as number one busts unless he proves me otherwise.

    Datone Jones could help but he can also be blocked all day by 6’6 linemen he didn’t see in college.

    Mathews is only effective if there is pressure forcing the QB towards him, otherwise he is just a pass rusher.

    The linebackers are still a bunch of ‘who’s’. No one on the team is much of a tackler or pass breaker.

  103. The Packers have the best QB in the league. Everyone, including them, knows their entire chances lie with Rodgers. And that’s fine, until he has a mediocre game in the playoffs. Then it’s one and done time. It will happen more often than not. The Packers haven’t had a good defense since about the time they had a good running back. And I have no idea when that was.

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