Larry Johnson pleads no contest to domestic violence

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Former NFL running back Larry Johnson pleaded no contest today to two misdemeanor charges stemming from an accusation that he beat and choked his ex-girlfriend.

Johnson appeared in Las Vegas Justice Court and was adjudicated guilty of one count each of battery-domestic violence and assault, both misdemeanors, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports. Johnson’s no contest plea was part of a deal in which a felony charge was dropped.

Johnson will be on probation for one year, perform 48 hours of community service, undergo mandatory counseling and pay a $345 fine. Johnson, who has a history of allegations of violence against women, vowed after his court appearance to obey the terms of his probation.

“I’m just happy to have this behind me and go back to Florida and stay out of trouble for once,” he said.

A 2003 first-round pick of the Chiefs, Johnson was one of the best running backs in football in 2005 and 2006, topping 1,700 yards in both seasons. But injuries, run-ins with coaches and off-field trouble derailed his career, and he was ineffective as he bounced around from the Chiefs to the Bengals to the Redskins to the Dolphins before his career came to an end in 2011.

17 responses to “Larry Johnson pleads no contest to domestic violence

  1. “I’m just happy to have this behind me and go back to Florida and stay out of trouble for once,”

    I know that whenever I need to avoid trouble, I always think of Florida first.

  2. I want to say that this guy is a piece of sh*t for hitting on women, and he certainly is without question…but something needs to be said for the women who choose to be with this guy even despite his history of violence against girls. I suppose going into a relationship with a rich guy who may eventually beat you up presents a golden opportunity for a lawsuit payday. All the girl has to do is win Larry over, than annoy the hell out of him 24-7 until Larry does what Larry always does…annnnnnd Cha-Ching.

  3. Why is it that a player can face un-paid suspension for indulging recreational MJ but the league does nothing to players who physically assault someone? I guess beating up a woman half your size isn’t as big a deal as lighting up. The NFL and the KC Chiefs really need to send a stronger statement about domestic violence.

  4. captainwisdom8888 said it all. But some men are weak for that ass. Instead of leaving the nagging, provoking trick alone, they decide to whip that ass and stay with the woman. He can pick choose and refuse women. He might want to start trying that.

  5. The NFL needs to spend some money and commission a study on why so many football players are involved in off-field violence.

  6. stevent92 says:
    Jul 23, 2013 4:34 PM
    In related news, the Chiefs plead “no contest” to any & all games scheduled in 2013.

    Now that’s hilarious!!!

  7. This guy was the most popular athlete not named Tony Gonzalez…… for about a week. Throwing drinks at women, smacking women, cussing coaches, using derogatory slurs, smacking women, choking women.

    Hey LJ – why don’t you try dating men, its obvious that you can not stand women.

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