Marcus Lattimore thinks he could practice right now


The San Francisco 49ers are taking it slow with rookie running back Marcus Lattimore, who is recovering from a serious knee injury. But Lattimore thinks he’s good to go now.

Lattimore told Yahoo! Sports that his recovery from a knee injury that he initially feared would be career-ending has been nothing short of miraculous. And Lattimore believes that he could be on the practice field today if the 49ers would let him.

Physically, I do feel I can practice now,” he said.

At the same time, Lattimore said he understands why the 49ers are forcing him to open the season on the non-football injury list. (Which should probably be called something else, since it includes players still recovering from injuries suffered playing college football.)

“I’m cool with it, it gives me more time to make sure I’m really ready when I do practice,” he said.

The 49ers drafted Lattimore with the idea that he’d contribute in 2014 and beyond. If they get anything at all out of him this season, that would be a bonus. But they’re wise to take it slowly with him, no matter how much he wants to play right now.

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  1. Whichever team he played for, which just happens to be the team I’m a fan of, no matter what I’d wish this kid great success. I hope he gets a standing ovation when he steps onto the field whether it be this year or next. Amazing man.

  2. Glad to see that Lattimore is even moving around after that injury. It was pretty gruesome and looked like it would it might be career ending. Good luck kid.

  3. Perfect situation. Gore still has plenty in the tank, so let him heal 100% and come back in 2014 to learn from and eventually take over for Gore. Lattimore and LaMichael James over the next 7+ years will be quite the tandem. But ONLY when Frank decides he’s done.

  4. I would take anything this guy’s says with a grain of salt… he. sounds like he has the intelligence of a sand flea when he’s interviewed. I’d venture a guess that he didn’t excel on the wonderlich.

  5. Normally I would not have a single nice thing to say about the 9ers, so I’ll just say Lattimore is a stud, I hope he can play to a high level in the NFL.

  6. Hands down, he was a solid collegiate athlete both on & off the field. I’m not a 9er’s fan by all means, but I wish this kid the best. Good luck Mr. Lattimore, I’m rooting for you.

  7. The last guy they drafted in the 4th round that was between 5-9 and 5-11 and about 220 pounds with multiple knee injuries worked out pretty well.

    He should be all up in Frank Gore’s ear at all times.

    Hope the best for this kid.

  8. Hoping the best for the kid. He was over used in Carolina and I believe that led to the injuries. I’m excited for what he can do in the future given time to heal.

  9. Dude is lucky to be walking without a permanent limp. Slow down Big fella, this is your last shot make sure you are ready to take the pounding.

  10. Grey hawk and thereep you two obviously don’t know the first thing about this young man. There’s a reason why when he went down even the vols players came over to him and were clearly upset. He is a very bright very upstanding young man, football needs more guys like him to offset the morons.

  11. greyhawk9 says:
    Jul 23, 2013 9:06 AM
    I would take anything this guy’s says with a grain of salt… he. sounds like he has the intelligence of a sand flea when he’s interviewed. I’d venture a guess that he didn’t excel on the wonderlich


    Seriously. It’s one thing to bag on a team just because they’re your rival. But this comment just shows the absence of class that characterizes an undeveloped and culturally deprived man. It’s beyond pathetic because it only shows how miserable you must be in your own life.

  12. honkeyt says: Jul 23, 2013 8:38 AM

    Absolute steal by the Niners.


    Agreed. His situation reminds me of Frank Gore. Was a highly touted prospect at Miami, goes through a dark period of devastating injuries, and still emerges as a quality NFL running back. If he can overcome his obstacles, look out NFL! As a Packer fan, I am envious, as I was hoping he would end up in Green Bay.

  13. Take your time Marcus. Your time will come and you will become a star and a great mentor. Just be a sponge and study the playbook.

  14. Either way, I’m starting to think he’s going to be the steal of the draft. Congrats ‘9ers.

  15. honkeyt says:

    Absolute steal by the Niners.


    Whoa there fella, easy….just how is this a ‘steal’????

    If he comes back and plays well (and I hope he does) then it will most certainly be a steal.

    But if he cannot return than its a huge failure of a pick.

    Jury is still out on this…so far its a sizable gamble.

  16. Yes, I admit it … Greyhawk9’s moronic comment got me curious. So I did some digging and as it turns out, Marcus Lattimore scored an 18 on the Wonderlic … That’s higher than QBs such as Jim Kelly and Dan Marino.

  17. Frank Gore score a 6 on his Wonderlic and is ready to hit 10,000 rushing yards in the NFL. Christian Ponder 42. Wouldn’t put too much stock in the wonderlic.

  18. Great pick! Great kid! The rich got richer. Don’t rush him back. Can’t wait till he is on my fantasy team in 2 years! Signed a Steelers fan.

  19. The 49ers have running backs, and then more running backs. They can sit them, teach them, and keep fresh legs on the field. Gore, Hunter, James, Lattimore, Dixon – and Gore is the best running back teacher in the league. If he couldn’t run a lick, Gore’s pass protection blocking is worth the money they pay him. Gore could fill an entire highlight reel with just his blocking.

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