Norv Turner wants Trent Richardson to get 300 carries this year

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There’s been a move away from workhorse backs around the league in recent years, but the Browns are looking to kick it old school in 2013.

Offensive coordinator Norv Turner said Tuesday that he would like to see Trent Richardson carry the ball at least 300 times during the regular season. Only five players did that in 2012, but Turner thinks it is the way the team can make the best use of a player he believes is “capable of doing great things” in the NFL.

“Obviously, the trend in the league is to not do that, but I think it depends on your team and everyone around it,” Turner said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “If that player is your best player, then I think it’s probably a good thing to have him in the game and give him the ball. So I would hope Trent would have that many carries. That means he’s playing healthy and playing at a pretty high level.”

Richardson’s health is a bit of a concern after he was hampered by injuries in 2013, but Turner said that the team is going to structure Richardson’s practice schedule to make sure he’s “fresh and healthy” for the season. If they are able to keep him that way, Richardson, who ran the ball 267 times last year despite missing one game and being limited in others, should reach the 300-carry mark fairly easily.

And if he runs as well as Turner believes he’s capable, that should be good news for the Browns offense.

30 responses to “Norv Turner wants Trent Richardson to get 300 carries this year

  1. Im surprised Trent Richardson gets out of bed without injuring himself. Didnt he get injured AGAIN this offseason? Theres no way he’ll come anywhere near 300.

  2. Running backs only average 3 years in the NFL, and they are the only position that comes out of college “ready to play”. You might as well use him while he is still young. If you get more than 4 years from them, you’ve gotten your money’s worth and a bonus also. If you notice, there are not a lot of LaDanian Tomlinsons, Emmitt Smiths or Thurman Thomas’s. Productive RB’s that last 10 years are rare.

  3. If he stays healthy, 300 carries shouldn’t be a problem. Just shows that he doesn’t have a lot of faith in his QB. Running the ball in the AFC North is tough sledding!! Who else do they have? Like a change of pace back?

  4. Benjarvus Green-Ellis had 278 carries last year for the Bengals and I see that number coming down with the addition of Giovani Bernard.

  5. nfl4days….he had a shin sprain in June, he was held out just as a precaution. Had it been the season, he would be healthy enough to play. As it is now, he’s in camp early and practicing full speed with no restrictions.

    There’s this cool little thing called the internet. You can look things up before you say something without knowing what you’re talking about. You should try it.

  6. I think that’s probably the best plan of attack, mostly because it’s 300 less times they’re having whichever QB is playing throwing the ball.

  7. Hardesty should get a decent amount of carries, also whoever makes the roster between dion lewis and the udfa maysonnet. He’ll be fine and the #1 back this year

  8. Does Norv understand any concept of of not driving your RB into the ground prior to playoffs?

    Does anybody remember his success and failure with the Chargers having the best RB in the game that every time they got to the playoffs was too injured to carry the rock?

    Sorry Browns fans, as somebody who just suffered with Norv Turner, he’s a great offensive mind for a game that passed him by 20 years ago.

  9. LOL at some of you. Do some simple math. 300 carries in 16 games is less than 19 carries a game.

  10. GOod luck with that. Last time Norv claimed he would polish a workhorse back with 300 carriers? …He siad Mathews would do it in SD. That went well!!!!

  11. joemontanawasthegreatest says: Jul 23, 2013 5:21 PM

    Not a surprise as he ran Ricky Williams into the ground in Miami and ran Emmitt to death in Dallas of course.

    Ricky Williams had his career rejuvenated in MIA and was GREAT. Had a 3-4 yr run there where he was an absolute monster. Emmitt is kind of the all-time leading rusher. Not quite sure where you’re driving at, but it’s not a bad thing to me. I personally miss the days where you have a bell cow back and you give him the rock 25-30 times a game.

  12. @hatesycophants , get real man, i bet over 95% of football fans on here and all over play FF, and they are real football fans!!!

  13. Norv loves his RB’s and you can’t argue that he hasn’t success with them in the past. His work with post two knee surgery Terry Allen I’d say is his best work. They spent all that money on their O-line, put ’em to work.

  14. Stating that he would like to give 300 carries to Richardson, Turner inadvertently admitted how pathetic the rest of the Browns offense really is.

    Top 5 draft pick in 2014 on the way…

  15. A Petterson had 370 carries and 2196 yards counting playoffs and this after knee surgury. I would think 300 carries should be alright on any every down back!

  16. Denverdude should watch, Cleveland has more talent than Denver all around, they just don’t have a proven QB. If Manning gets hurt, Denver will be picking in the top 5.

  17. Run first offense will do wonders for the vertical passing game that they realistically can have. These guys are gonna have a great d it’s all on their o to score some points and they can shock some people

  18. Here we go again, DenverDude7
    Why don’t you get the #&*% off this site man and get a life?
    Your a Idiot period
    You don’t a clue what your talking about, so quit insulting the rest of us.

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