Report: NFL, NFLPA meeting Wednesday on HGH

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The NFL and NFLPA already have agreed to conduct a population study aimed at determining the baseline levels of HGH in pro football players.  On Wednesday, a broader agreement could be struck.

According to Albert Breer of NFL Network, the league and union will meet Wednesday in D.C., with the goal of striking a comprehensive HGH testing plan.  Per Breer, the meeting is deemed to be “critical” to the effort.

As we explained Monday, issues include the use of third-party arbitration to challenge positive tests, the confidentiality of test results, and the procedures for disposing of samples after testing.  The league, we’re told, is interested in retroactive testing of the samples that will be used for the population study.  Per one source with knowledge of the NFLPA’s position, the players never will agree to that.

Without the threat of retroactive testing, players who are using HGH have a clear incentive to keep using it, in order to skew the population study higher.

So, basically, inject ’em if you got ’em.  Before too long, the HGH honor system will evaporate.

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  1. Realistically, there are at least a couple players on each team that use HGH, and possibly as many as a dozen or more. This is purely a speculative guess, but I estimate that there are on average 6-12 players per team that use HGH…with a total of at least 200 players across the entirety of the NFL taking banned substances. Who knows for sure…but I’d be willing to bet some good money that at least 200 players are on it.

  2. Ok it is agreed, unless a player has a level of HGH that is high enough to kill a silverback gorilla, then it’s just a normal reading for these super athletes. It makes sense though cause otherwise these gorillas would be suiting up to compete. Well now that this issue has been addressed, what else is on the docket?

  3. We will never know who uses but we can be sure many will continue to use. The users will push the baseline up and when the negotiations are over then folks will know what the ‘HGH free’ baseline will be.

    After that all it will take is someone getting tested for their regular level and a smart fellow will mix something up that will boost folks right up to the newly set line. It may stop some of the super juicers but it will let everyone figure out exactly how much they can get away with.

  4. Im going to miss huge guys running like track stars. Im all for letting guys use HGH to recover from serious injuries.

  5. Ugh I don’t understand why sports is making this illegal! It’s one of the best things going today and is a great thing!

  6. Adrian Peterson? filthymcnasty1 you should look at your own player first. The one who’s been hanging out with Ryan Braun (yeah I’m talking to you Aaron).

  7. the meeting will be on, “what are we going to do when a single player can’t pass the test”.

  8. I say to hell with this testing. Let the dumb asses take all that they can handle. Then when they can’t do much cause of all the crap they put in their body, fire them. Let ’em take anything they want, they won’t last long, but that will thin the herd a bit. I have zero sympathy for these idiots. They know good and well what it does to you, and we’re suppose to feel sorry for these punks? This is probably why there’s a projected 3 year life in football.

  9. Both the NFLPA and the NFL want a high baseline. With the amount of players that are obviously taking HGH, it would be too damaging the NFL product to suspend/punish them all.

    So they want a high base line just so they only have to nail a few people a year.

    If you want the truth. The way they need to calculate the base line is to hit every freshman college kid up now with a test before they know its coming. 18-20 year olds have some of the highest levels already. And most of them are not using yet. Let that be your baseline and then go test your NFL players.

  10. The only way the players could scam the HGH baseline results is if the vast majority of players used HGH before the test. As long as there is a significant number of players who do not use HGH, the statisticians will have an easy job.

    What is likely to come out is that given a certain body type/weight, like linemen over 300 pounds, there will be two distinct groupings. To determine the normal level, they will use the low group with the assumption that the higher group is doping.

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