49ers take top spot in PFT’s preseason power rankings


The San Francisco 49ers came up just shy in their bid for a sixth Super Bowl title in January when their final drive stalled five yards shy of the Baltimore Ravens endzone. If the 49ers hope to earn that ring in 2013 they will have to do something that hasn’t been accomplished since the early 1990’s. No NFL team has made a return trip to the Super Bowl after losing the championship game the previous season since the Buffalo Bills in 1993.

However, with the 49ers earning the top spot in our preseason rankings we believe they still have enough talent to be considered a favorite to represent the NFC in New York in February. Colin Kaepernick will enter his first full season as the team’s starting quarterback and a strong defensive unit returns most of its key pieces. The 49ers will have to overcome the loss of Michael Crabtree to an Achilles injury and hope rookie Eric Reid can adequately replace Dashon Goldson at safety but no team is perfect and the 49ers have as few flaws as any team in the league.

For a closer look at the 49ers as they begin training camp you can check out our full preview of the team. Do you agree that the 49ers are deserving of our No. 1 ranking? Let us know.

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  1. I was with the 49ers through 2-14 in ’04, 4-12 in ’05, etc.

    It’s been a long climb but the Niners are back where they belong – at the top of the NFL heap.

  2. There a talented team but they aren’t without their issues. Who is going to be there #1 WR this year. Kap relied on Crabtree a lot last year. I don’t think Boldin is what they had in mind when they signed him. If he could still be that guy Ozzie Newsome wouldn’t have let him go. SF has acquired a lot of talent picking at the top of the draft for years and have probably the best O-line in the league. The West is pretty tough so I think winning that division will be all anyone should think about.

  3. The key for the 49ers to going back to the Super Bowl is staying healthy for the post season. In addition, winning the NFC West division and beating elite teams is a must. Nothing is guaranteed and everything is earned. Go Niners, stay faithful!!

  4. well we know florio didnt come up with these rankings. enter thr Seahawks fans reminding us about 42-13…..we will be hearing about it for years to come. I am a pretty skeptical, yet die hard niner fan, but I feel pretty good about this season, I was very careful about jumping on the kap bandwagon last year, and he did nothing but impress, I do believe hes the real deal, and if he is…..ooohh man, I cant wait.

  5. The Bills didn’t make it to the Superbowl after losing the AFC Championship game — they made it back after winning it (three previous times).

  6. No doubt they’re good, but watching St. Louis and Seattle smack them around last season that air of invincibilty in the NFC West is gone. They certainly could repeat, but I wouldn’t be shocked if they don’t given the new level of competition.

  7. As a Seattle fan I am even fine with 49ers in #1 spot until someone shows otherwise. I hope that is the Seahawks, but again they need to prove it.

    I do have a real issue with GB’s ranking – that is simply wrong. GB has virtually no D, and losing Jennings is enough to question their WR ranks – regardless of Cobb.

    It should be:

    2. Seattle
    3. Atlanta

  8. @raiderb69 – I suppose PFT should’ve ranked the raiders #1 right? oh this “experts!” they know nothing.. they should listen to you!

  9. Well, Colin Kaepernick has started 10 whole games, so we should definitely crown his azz. Might as well start on his bust for Canton, too.

  10. I can’t argue with any points on teams 1-5 except I don’t see the ravens staying as sharp. I may disagree with the ranking numbers but oh well, six if this half a dozen of that. They are all good teams and the 2 games between the hawks and niners are going to be awesome to watch. And the NFC championship this year will be between the 2 best teams in football. Be it Seattle, San Fran, Atlanta, Or Green Bay.

  11. Niner’s had shots after 2011 and 2012 season – and blew it.

    The Niners are more likely to slip back then they are to win it all.

    1. Kaepernick will (hopefully) play his first full season. The difference now, is that defensive coordinators will have had 6-9 months to look at tape of him – and will make adjustments.

    2. Crabtree is a huge loss – and Anquan has a lot of mileage on him. Manningham and Williams are coming off of injuries – and don’t scare anyone

    Not the niners year…..

  12. It was not too long ago that the 49ers were doormats of the NFL, “led” by the likes of Dennis Erickson, Mike Nolan and Mike Singletary, running out quarterbacks like Giovanni Carmazzi, Tim Rattay, Alex Smith and David Carr. The 2000s were a highly forgettable decade for the Niners faithful, which makes it even more exciting for us to have a competitive team. It’s nice to see them recognized here as the #1 team in the preseason, but it means nothing if they don’t perform on the field. I’m really excited for the regular season, the 49ers have a tough schedule and they should be playing some exciting games. I hope they live up to the hype!

  13. it’s too bad their coach is a such a baby (although the lesser of the two). this could be a team that is fun for fans in other cities to root for, but instead my stomach churns every time the camera shows harbaugh.

  14. I would love to root for the Niners, but Kaepernick seem like a dope and their coach is bit off his rocker.

    The Seahawks just seem more likable to me….

    Russell Wilson looks like the real deal, Marshawn Lynch loves skittles, Richard Sherman talks too much, and players still love Cheatin Pete.

  15. Yeah, they have had their chance two years in a row and couldnt close the deal. It is too hard to win the super bowl to blow your chance when you get it.

  16. Kapernick over rated the read option is Gona end just like the wild cat teams will bottle him and other WBA around the league

  17. Preseason power ranking as No. 1 doesn’t mean much to me. The Niners need to play like No. 1 every week to prove people they deserve the spot.

  18. I liked it better when they didn’t give my team, the 49ers, credit because we had something to prove. But i do like the fact that they finally recognize we are a good team. Our first successful season was luck and then we make the super bowl so now at least we have recognition. so the Sea-Chickens now have something else to talk about because they are currently over hyped and think they will have a great season! shut up sea-chickens and recognize greatness!!!

  19. I think losing Crabtree and Moss is being undersold by most pundits. Crabtree became a legit #1 WR last year and really emerge with Kaepernick. Moss is also a loss because while he was clearly not close to the same player he once was you still had to respect his deep speed. I believe those 2 helped open up running lanes. With Boldin, young guys and maybe Manningham on the outside a defense isn’t scared and will play the SF WR much more aggressively allowing more players to factor in the run game. Davis without that threat can be focused on by defenses a better held in check. SF is very good because of their defense and running game but I think their lack of real threats at WR will hurt their running game and offense overall. So they don’t look like the best team in the NFL to me with that type of weakness.

  20. I don’t think anyone disputes that the Niner’s are loaded, even fans of the Seahawks. With that being said I highly doubt any team will dominate this division. This is by no means a 2 horse race anymore. The Rams are going to shock a lot of people and the Cards are not too far off from being a contending team.As a fan of the NFC west and having seen how pitiful it was for so many years I’m excited to see this division get noticed even by all the east coast bias media.

  21. Could the NFC West go from sending a 7-9 team to the playoffs as the division winner to sending a 10+ win team home with out a wildcard spot in only 3 years? The Niners and Seahawks are going to get their wins. The Rams are a solid team that could easily win 10+ games if their young offense grows up quickly. Even the Cardinals are not doormats if they can stay healthy at QB and their Defense plays like it did at the beginning of last year. The only issue I see is that they are all tough/physical defenses, they may just break each other down in the pursuit of the division championship leaving a team like the Packers, Falcons, or Saints to blow past them in the playoffs.

  22. The NFC is too stacked for things to work out well for the 49ers. No team has made the Super Bowl two years in a row since the Pats did it early last decade, the NFC is just too stacked for the 49ers to be a good bet.

  23. Kaepernick ran for 10 yards against the Patriots in December and for a loss of two in the NFC championship game. The read option does not make or break that offense. As other postings have said, the O-Line is one of the best in the league. Kaepernick is tall enough and has a cannon. If I was worried, I would be a Seahawks fan because the amount of times Wilson scrambled and ran and his ability to be in the pocket now that coordinators have had the time to tweak their defense.

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