Banner doesn’t see “scenario” that would require Haslam to sell team


Browns fans in recent years have craved stability and continuity.  And just when they thought they had it via the purchase of the team by former Steelers minority owner Jimmy Haslam, Browns fans now have to worry about a civil and criminal legal morass that could threaten Haslam’s ability to keep the team.

CEO Joe Banner believes those concerns are unfounded.

I don’t see that scenario,” Banner said.

While the likelihood of the scenario currently is unknown, Banner should at least see it as one possible outcome — if Haslam is indicted and ultimately convicted of federal fraud charges.

Again, we don’t know the percentage chance of that happening is, but it’s at least on the radar screen.  How can’t it be?

And how can Haslam continue to own the team if he’s wearing not an orange sweater but an orange jumpsuit?

We don’t fault Banner for being optimistic, and for trying to get the fans to not worry.  But the moment the FBI and IRS showed up at Pilot Flying J headquarters with search warrants, it was time for Browns fans to start worrying.

They should continue to worry until the dominoes fall in a way that allows Haslam to remain among the free — and that leaves him with the financial wherewithal to continue to own an NFL team.

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  1. You mean he supports criminal owners? I doubt the NFL would go as far to let him run the team from jail. They usually have some kind of tipping point. Remember Vick killed those dogs. They tried to delete him from the NFL completely. Most players that go to jail get cut, unless they play for the Bengals, Bucs or Seahawks. In most cases, he would be forced to give up the team. He needs to be more worried about his life behind bars then the Browns.

  2. If he is going to be the owner, who is going to attend the owners meetings? Will he be there via Video call from the Ohio State Correctional Facility?

  3. I can’t see a scenario in which an owner (or anyone for that matter) would want to stay in Cleveland.

  4. Of course Banner will say that. What else would you expect him to say about his current boss??

  5. @ germanstingray: Being a Browns fan is in the blood. If you’re from Cleveland, it’s hard to choose not to be a Browns fan. Is it the fans fault the team has sucked since the original team was stolen? But, if being a fair weather fan as you probably are allows you to feel superior, hats off to you.

  6. I think at Haslam’s next owners meeting involving the Browns the discussion will be what happens to Trent Richardson’s keeper rights since the guy who had him in 2012 just got out on parole.

  7. If they allow this clown to continue to own a team in the NFL, they need to allow Eddie Debartolo to return not only to the NFL, but GIVE him an expansion team in Los Angeles, payback for over a decades worth of lost money.

  8. Players get fined for having their socks too low because it hurts the image of the league, or Goodell can fine and suspend players before they are convicted, but the NFL can have an owner that screws his customers, drags the NFL through a scandal, and he gets no reprecussion from the league….

    I guess ‘Personal Conduct’ only applies to players, owners can do whatever they want. What a farce.

  9. I can’t see a scenario in which an owner (or anyone for that matter) would want to stay in Cleveland.
    Dude you love the Browns, I bet you live in your moms basement in Cleveland. A browns player must of dissed you years ago therefore know you hate them……..LOSER

  10. Bring in a new owner. Browns fans have come to expect change. In Cleveland, it’s known as continuity.

  11. Why does anyone think Cleveland had their team stolen? Art model asked several times for a new stadium and the city said no. So blame the city because your team was offerred a better deal

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