Belichick meets media today

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Yes, Patriots coach Bill Belichick will meet with the media on Wednesday, for the first time since tight end Aaron Hernandez was arrested for murder and promptly cut from the team.

No, as explained during Tuesday’s PFT Live, Belichick won’t say anything.

How do we know this?  Because Belichick never says anything.

OK, he says things.  But he says as little as possible, and at times it looks as if he’s trying to talk without moving his mouth, like guys who shove their hands up the butts of wooden puppets.

Belichick may be wooden, but he’s no puppet.  He says and does what he wants, thanks to those three Super Bowl wins as a head coach and his contributions as an assistant to other championship teams.

And here’s what we predict he’ll say, in response to the the first question about Hernandez:  “I’m here to talk about the players on this team.”

Someone inevitably will ask Belichick whether the team will make changes to its player-acquisition process, either by doing more homework or by not “buying low” when it comes to players with off-field issues who slide down the draft board.

“Those are internal procedures, and I’ll leave it at that,” Belichick possibly will say.

Regardless, it will be a shock if he says anything other than what he always says.  Which is pretty much nothing, with a delivery suggesting he’d strongly prefer to say even less.

46 responses to “Belichick meets media today

  1. Expect a lot a non-eye contact along with plenty of mumbling and grumbling.

  2. Bill, have you had any discussions with Urban Meyer regarding some of the players he has recommended to you?

    “Any private conversations between myself and someone else would be kept private.”

  3. Why would he talk about Hernandez? Hernandez doesn’t have anything to do with the 2013 Patriots. To talk about anything not New England Patriots Football would be a distraction for their coaches and players.

  4. Dude has TONNES of personality but when you show it and put it out there for everyone to dissect, it becomes more of a distraction to the team. BB is all about the team, who is there now, who is trying to help him accomplish his goals of winning the division, the conference and the Super Bowl, in that order, period. Everyone and everything else is secondary. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Love ya BB!!!

  5. As a lifelong avid Patriots fan, I really hope this is the first time he breaks character and says something passionate and meaningful, without caring about the effect it has. But as a lifelong avid Patriots fan, I don’t expect anything of the sort.

  6. Hate the pats, but good for him! No reasons to encourage the media and distract him from his job

  7. Who wouldn’t love to have him injected with some truth serum, right before he meets with them? Now that would be interesting! Anyway he’ll be as candid as usual.

  8. If not for the Hernandez issue, would he even be meeting with the media today? And he’s not going to say anything about it? Then what’s the meeting for?

  9. I love how people say “BB has no personality”

    He doesn’t care what fans or media thinks. And he certainly isn’t going to give anything away OR say something fans/media can run with.

    Get over it.

    If only these same fans and media were around to cover people like Tom Landry, Bill Walsh, etc.

  10. Since when is it his job to cater to the demands of the media, regardless of whether those demands have anything to do with the success of the team? I can’t blame BB one iota for not saying anything. Anything you say gets twisted and misused. Anything you say could wind up giving another team an advantage. I agree with BB’s policy of saying as little as possible when meeting with the press. I’m a 40+ year Patriot fan, and I enjoy learning as much about the team as anyone, but not at the expense of giving others a competitive advantage.

  11. Looking forward to watching the media helplessly and fruitlessly dash themselves against the brick wall of grumbling that is Bill Belichick.

    I mean, it was great how he shut y’all down over Tebow.

  12. Prepare for a master’s level class in simultaneous stonewalling and media baiting. Would love to see him face off with Florio on issue of whether Redskins are basically a KKK themed organization.

  13. Should be an incredibly insightful and educational press conference.

    Yours Truly,


  14. Bill will be judged by his team’s success on the field and not by his relationship with the media.

    Oh, wait – what you really want is someone who relates to the media, can always fill column inches and make you laugh.

    If that’s the case shuttle down to NYC and attend a Rex Ryan press conference.

    I am sure that Bill’s longevity in the league and tenure in NE must really piss off the press since he’s outlasted most scribes.

    Cue the haters…

  15. Question: Coach, what do you think about the Aaron Hernandez situation?
    Answer: Who is Aaron Hernandez?

  16. How can Belichick “spilling his guts” to the media possibly benefit the New England Patriots? The short answer is: It can’t. Belichick should, and likely will, keep one proverb in mind today. “Speech is silver and silence is golden.”

  17. whether he says nothing or says a lot like a dick vermeil and cries, you guys in the media are going to poke holes and crucify him anyway. So better say nothing so you can write what you want but cannot misquote him or ‘take it out of context’.

  18. “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.” – Sun Tzu

    “Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.” – Sun Tzu

    Belichick may be one of few coaches in the league that can pull off not talking with the media due to his and the team’s past success, but it has been known since ancient times that his strategy is sound when it comes to winning.

  19. The reason why Belichick doesn’t say anything, is because if he did it would sound something like this:

    “Look, when we make a decision like drafting a guy, or going for it on 4th down, we make the best decisions we can based on the information and odds available at the time we make a decision.

    Just like a poker player makes decisions based on the cards in his hand and information from the table. Sometimes the ace comes on the river and sometimes it doesn’t, all you can do is put your money with the best odds.

    For us, sometimes you convert on 4th and sometimes you don’t, and sometimes your 4th round pick works out and sometimes he goes to jail for homicide. The only thing worth worrying about is that you are making the best decisions you can based on the information you have at the time.

    All you guys do is praise the guys whose ace came on the river, and make fun of the guy who rolled snake eyes. And that’s why I don’t bother explaining it to you.”

  20. You know what? This is an entertainment industry. If it wasn’t we wouldn’t even play games and just see who “looks” like they would win and crown them champs after some serious calculations. But no we prefer some displays of athleticism, some flashy moves and to hear from the players and coaches every now and then. I don’t know why everyone claims that if a coach could win a Superbowl only making 4 yard plays every drive that we’d still go crazy and call them geniuses. They make millions off of our viewership why is it such a hassle to answer some questions?

  21. Belichick is actually very funny and engaging when you hear him on local sports radio. It is during his press conferences that the wooden personality comes out.

  22. He’ll say as much as the Rooney’s did on Bathroom Ben’s misstep in that college town. You know, when he raped that girl then paid her off.

    I am not sure how your comment applies to BB? Very ignorant comment by the way.jealousy can warp your tiny mind so be careful.

  23. I actually think he will address the issue until the questions begin to be repeated, with mild changes, meant to get him to say something that can be used as a contradictory quote. At that point he will claim the high road, having addressed the issue since so many wanted to ask the same questions, and then he will shut it down for good. The media will get one chance, and then be done. The moment it starts sounding like a circus he will shut it down.

    I laughed when he did this with the Tebow issue. He just kicked y-all in the balls and kept a straight face. I don’t know how he does it…..


  24. patsfanforlife says:
    Jul 24, 2013 10:10 AM
    Since when is it his job to cater to the demands of the media, regardless of whether those demands have anything to do with the success of the team?
    I think it’s an NFL owners “rule” that coaches and players must speak with the media. So actually, it is his job. Media and fans are what made the NFL a $9 billion a year industry. If every coach and player was a jackwad like BB, then fans would lose interest and ticket sales would slump.

  25. @jimmyt obviously you do or why did you read the article, keep hating and make sure you post your opinion of what B.B. said in the press conf.

  26. Hernandez is not a member of the Pats so why should Belichich speak about someone not on the team?

    Hernandez is not a member of the Pats so why should Belichich speak about someone not on the team?


    are you serious, because I saw Hernandez wearing a Patriots jersey catching TD passes
    from Brady on plays BB called, so get real!


  27. bucup says: Jul 24, 2013 12:49 PM

    Belichick is such a joke. He doesn’t even coach, his assistants do all of the work.
    None of whom have gone on to amount to a hill of beans as Head Coaches after they left BB ….. THOSE assistants???

  28. How can you not love the way Bill Belichek handles the media? I think it’s great and i’m not a Patriots fan. That’s how every NFL coach should be. Never tell em anything that could reveal a tip on scheme and pour a bucket of cold water on any media blitz(Tebow, Hernandez, Etc.)

  29. What a pointless post. Discussing what someone MIGHT say. You know it’s a slow day in sports. BTW, he didn’t say any of that and actually was quite candid regarding situation.

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