Braylon Edwards returning for third tour with Jets


Free agent wide receiver Braylon Edwards intends to sign with the Jets, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Wednesday night.

According to Schefter, Edwards will sign a one-year contract.

This will be Edwards’ third stint with the Jets in the last four seasons. They traded for Edwards early in the 2009 season, then brought him back late in 2012 after almost two full seasons away.

The 30-year-old Edwards caught 18 passes for 199 yards and one TD in 2012 in 13 games — 10 with the Seahawks, then three with the Jets, who have again turned to him in the hopes he can give their receiving corps a lift.

The Jets’ top receiver, Santonio Holmes, is on the mend from a 2012 foot injury. Moreover, reliable tight end Dustin Keller departed in free agency. Beyond the quick Jeremy Kerley, who comes off a 56- catch campaign, the Jets’ receiving options do not inspire much confidence.

In short, Edwards could have every chance to prove he’s got something left. The same can be said for Edwards’ old Browns teammate, Kellen Winslow, who’s also trying to jump-start his career with New York.

24 responses to “Braylon Edwards returning for third tour with Jets

  1. so happy to have you back at least i know you will catch the ball you have always played with heart and enthusiasm but you actually want to be a jet and that and itself is a feat, maybe we will have a little offence now

  2. Nice to have Braylon back. Good guy overall. He may not be what he once was, but that’s a blessing as much as it’s a curse. Speed and explosiveness aren’t what they were, but the hands and attitude have improved a lot. Still think he could get 700-800 yards if they needed him to.

  3. We should have never cut him and signed Holmes. It should have been the other way around. I guess Tanenbaum, the GM at the time, wanted to make sure he killed the teams future.

  4. Terrell Owens is still available. Why not? It’s not like the jets run the same risk as the other teams… In that they might end up with a circus. Because they have the benefit of already being one. What could Terrell Owens possibly do to make the jets any worse?

  5. Always a good sign when you’re stockpiling has-been Browns castoffs. Perhaps they should call up Charlie Frye to jump start the quarterback competition.

  6. It can’t hurt. It seems we are the only team in the NFL interested. He is a solid option for Sanchez. He’s no Chaz Schilens though.

  7. The Jets are coming out of nowhere this year and winning the Superbowl.Rex did not say it-I said it.You can only call a group of men clowns for so long before they get up and smash your face into the dirt.Home field advantage too.Just watch.

  8. Who cares if its a 3rd time? By the title you make it sound like a circus, but in all reality the fans love him and he actually wants to be here and play for us.

  9. Reuniting Braylon ‘hands of stone’ Edwards with Kellen ‘I am a soldier’ Winslow has to be the worst nightmare imaginable for Jets fans. Oh, I forgot, throwing to them will be Mark ‘I am an interception’ Sanchez!

  10. he once was called hands of stone in cleveland but i beleive edwars only droped a couple of passes while in the green and white actually im pretty sure cause i have watched every game while he was a jet

  11. oliveyang says: Jul 25, 2013 3:18 AM

    as a pats fan, i think the jets should go ahead with this signing.

    -said the guy who watched Braylon carry his two Patriots allpro players into the endzone during the playoffs…

    …fear the beard, bro!

  12. This is some of the best news this offseason. I’ve always been a huge fan of Braylon Edwards as a Jet. He has the ability to make some exciting catches. He has slowed down a lot the past season, but if he can rekindle some of that chemistry he had with Mark Sanchez in ’09 then he’ll be a nice contribution to the team. Welcome back Braylon!

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