Breaking down the Belichick press conference


Patriots coach Bill Belichick spoke for 22 minutes on Wednesday.

But did he really say anything?

We broke it all down during a special edition of PFT Live, which includes 89.5 seconds of video from the Belichick press conference.

And slightly more time than that of me babbling about it.

9 responses to “Breaking down the Belichick press conference

  1. The scowl on his face lets me know that he loathes me. There’s a look in his eye tells me he’ll never please me. The gruff of his voice says he’ll dodge me if ever I call, but Bill says it best when he says nothing at all.

    -As sung by the media

  2. I thought it was a really good conference and he went reasonably in-depth talking about the subject and had quite a few thoughts and sentiments conveyed. It seemed rather informative and a good effort to think about this matter from a few different perspectives.

  3. You are correct Mr. Florio, why did the Pats extend the Hernandez rookie contract, which they have done so rarely with players not named Tom Brady? That question even irks Patriots fans, who for the most part understand that drafting Hernandez in the 4th round was an arguably acceptable risk, as no one thought he might be a murderer, but most cannot understand extending that rookie contact when there MUST have still been red flags to indicate that letting him at least try to play out that rookie contact made the most sense.

    Still that Belichick pressie was a suprisingly well orchestrated pressie by Belichick and those who assisted in his comments.

  4. are you going to keep persecuting belichick and the entire pats organization because they were not mind readers and did not know this guy was going to turn out to be a murderer? did he get into any trouble off the field after he became a patriot? did he give them problems on the field or in the locker room? did he show himself to be one of the best at his position when he played? he was clean and played great after he was drafted so they did what any smart team would have done and that is get a good young player locked up long term for a reasonable cost now rather that wait and pay more later. as it turns out it was not so smart but not for football reasons. you know as well as anybody had the pats not given him an extension you would be on them for how they were going to afford him and gronk if he had not turned out to be a stone cold killer. newsflash florio belichick does not owe you or anyone in the press an explanation on how they run things in New England. he said what he had to say so what would the point of trying go into details that night end up in court and screw up the case?

  5. I thought he did a great job. He sounded sincere, and he really sounded just disappointed in Hernandez. I was hoping he would come out and for once not be his uncooperative self, and I think that he did exactly that. I think he is at his core a really good guy, and I sincerely hope that when he wins the Super Bowl in February… that when the dork on-field interviewer asks him for a few words with the Lombardi trophy… that Bill whips out a goddamn camera from under his hoodie and says “Wait a minute Dork, I’d really like to record this moment.”

    And then I hope he grins, clutches the trophy, and flips the bird to the entire world. He can afford the fine. You go Bill! Hahahaha!!!

  6. The steelers were purchased with money won gambling and have close ties to organized crime to this day.

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