Broncos take No. 2 spot in PFT’s Preseason Power Rankings

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Today, we unveil the top two teams in PFT’s Preseason Power Rankings.

And, as we’ve done all along, we’re counting backwards toward No. 1.

Which brings us to the last stop before the top spot. 

The Denver Broncos were the AFC’s No. 1 seed entering the 2012 postseason, and we believe they’ve earned the distinction of being the conference’s team to beat entering this season. As we detail in our 2013 Broncos preview, Denver has many more strengths than weaknesses.

However, it isn’t quite enough to earn top billing in our power rankings.

So tell us: is the Broncos’ No. 2 ranking right on? Or do they merit the top spot? Make your feelings known in the comments and in the poll. And be sure to check out the site later today, when our No. 1 team is revealed.

18 responses to “Broncos take No. 2 spot in PFT’s Preseason Power Rankings

  1. Crown them now if u want to, just Remember in December that I said the Kansas City Chiefs will win the AFC West.

  2. I love Peyton, BUT, as a Colts fan, it was incredibly painful to watch when he was here.

    I think the Broncos, like the Colts under Peyton, will rule the regular season.

    And then Peyton will “do his thing” once the postseason starts…choke it all away.

  3. On September 5th the Broncos meet the Ravens on the field to determine who is “higher ranked” in the only way that really matters.

  4. That defense is not good enough for Denver to rank at #2.

    Dumervil’s loss will give Denver no choice but to outscore 12 of 16 opponents by 1-4 pts each game and lose to the elite teams by 7-10 pts.
    Denver couldn’t beat Atlanta, New England, or Houston, and only beat Baltimore when it was too injury riddled and run by team progress killer Cam Cameron.

    Btw, what if Von Miller is suspended?

    They’ll go 12-4 in the regular season, get embarrassed in their only postseason game and then go 1 and out.

    Peyton is a great fantasy football and regular season QB. He’s a terrible postseason player and is nothing but football’s version of an urban legend.

  5. “Dumervil’s loss will give Denver no choice but to outscore 12 of 16 opponents by 1-4 pts each game and lose to the elite teams by 7-10 pts.”

    Dumvervil’s impact is waaaaay over-rated. He disappears against quality opponents. Will he get you a couple of sacks against the crappy teams? Yep. Will he struggle against the run? Yep. Will he ever dominate? Nope.

  6. On paper, I like it going in. As a die hard Broncos fan, I do believe San Fran has the most complete team but it is a long season. Rest assured, along will come the dark horse and make some noise. And let remind the people rightfully bashing Peyton’s playoff record….Elway didn’t get it done in 3 Super Bowls before winning two at the end of his career and faced similar criticism when he was taking snaps. The possibility for the Broncos going all the way with this roster is very real.

  7. Unless youre referring to the Bronco in the literal sense I don’t see how Denver is the “dark horse” when the media is already crowning them #2 in the league.

  8. Funny how the guy throws for over 4600 yards and 37 TD’s coming after a full year off after his surguries but he’s done? And he’s got a full year now with that Thomas-Decker combo and adds the best slot receiver in the game?Comedy! Team’s going to be different but for the better. Ya’ll are just scared he will have a great full year and just walk through your teams.

  9. The darlins if the AFC….everything went right in ’12, the deck is already unravelling in Denver. No team in the AFC should make the top 5, all have question marks beyond the top 5 in the NFC. Write it down, the AFC representative at the SB will be a shocker, right out of left field.

  10. These colts fans who rag on Peyton make me me laugh. He won a super bowl and always kept the colts in playoff contention. He did this with absolutely no resemblance of a decent defense. You should be grateful for what peyton brought to your organization. I am not sure if you realize how hard it is to win the Super Bowl. Dan Marino never won one and he was pretty darn great.

    As far as these rankings are concerned, they don’t mean anything until the season starts. The broncos offense will be hard to stop. They added a very good slot receiver giving them the best receiving corps in the game. They added a very good offensive guard which will help in the running game, mainly short yardage situations which killed them last year. The loss of Elvis hurts but not that much.. He was below average against the run and would disappear in big games. Von is going to command double teams constantly which frees up the other guys in one on one situations. We have several capable pass rushers that can replace Elvis’ production.

    Manning has been showing vastly improved velocity on his throws. Combine that with the addition of welker and another year in the system, manning is primed for an even better year.

  11. If they circumvent the salary cap again, maybe they can win another Super Bowl.

    That’s the only way they now how in Denver.

  12. Funny that his wife does the exact same thing he is doing in that photo when talking about him.

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