Cardinals working on a deal with Eric Winston


More than four months after he was released by the Chiefs, free agent offensive tackle Eric Winston may be close to finding his new team.

The Arizona Cardinals are working on a deal with Winston that could be completed within the next 24 hours, a league source told PFT’s Mike Florio.

Winston started all 16 games at right tackle for the Chiefs last season after having started all 16 games for the Texans for five consecutive seasons before that.

Last season the Cardinals went with rookie fourth-round draft pick Bobby Massie as their starting right tackle. Massie improved late in the season after struggling mightily early on, but no matter how much Massie has improved, Winston would be a significant upgrade to Arizona’s offensive line.

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  1. I am a chiefs fan. last year I saw him jump offsides. then give up and not try and gave up a sack on consecutive plays. good luck Arizona

  2. In this division it is a moot point. Last place is a given. Draft a qb. Suck it up for three years. If not for Warner, this is Cubs of NFL!

  3. I cheer for a division rival team but like Cards/Rams and the way those teams play defense and their fans are for the most part all good in my books. The young guys like Massie need their chance to play because I watched a 7th round converted lineman last year go through his growing pains and by the end he was starting in offensive lineman the playoffs. Most Chiefs fans were happy to see Winston go. That’s not just because he publicly tried to call them out too.

  4. Ottawa he was still one of the best RTs in the game. And he has been for a few years now. Mauler in the run game. Good pick up for AZ

  5. Dude was All-Pro in 2012. I’m no Cardinals fan but an improved o-line and an actual NFL quarterback should make this team a legit playoff team.

  6. Great pick up. they’re OL should be in much better shape as a whole compared to last year. It really seemed to be their weakest link; young and untested QB’s aside, not many QB’s could’ve done anything with that squad of OL.

  7. Eric Winston didn’t start 16 games at RT last year. He DID start 16 games, but some were at right guard due to injuries on the line. I thought he was serviceable. Looked like he got flagged more than he did, which tells me they were big plays. I personally loved how he stuck up for his QB.

  8. I admit not watching a bunch of Winston last year but there is no way 32 teams hold off on this guy if something is not wrong. IF my math is correct, Winston made somewhere in the 4M range last year. That is not a lot of money for a solid RT; unless he is not solid. Having said that the Cardinals must just realize they are in a tough spot at RT to sign Winston. And frankly, if there is ever a team in the NFL who cannot afford to play around with lineman it is Arizona as they play against two of the better defensive teams in the NFL (49ers and Seattle).

  9. Anybody who can improve the horrible Cards line is worth a look. I’m not a Cards fan but if they could fix that problem, they’d be dangerous.

  10. This would be a great add for the Cards Keim has done more in one off-season then Graves did in a whole career

  11. “Completely forgot this guy was available.”

    Now that you’ve remembered, it’s time to ask yourself exactly WHY he was still available.

  12. Jamaal Charles was the 5th ranked RB in the league…..this guy was doing something right.

  13. Is he still APPALED and DISGUSTED by Chiefs fans?

    I thought that we would see a grown man with a deep, manly lisp cry during that interview.

  14. Back in April, Kent Somers said the Cards weren’t impressed after watching Winston’s game tape. Wonder what changed.

  15. ottawabrave91 says: Jul 24, 2013 8:44 PM

    I am a chiefs fan. last year I saw him jump offsides. then give up and not try and gave up a sack on consecutive plays. good luck Arizona


    Did you ever think that your team sucked last year, which for any football player becomes very demoralizing as the season continues, plus coming from a SB quality team to the Chiefs didn’t help. The guy is a good tackle, and wished the the DC Pro Football team had money under the cap to sign this guy. He is a classic zone blocking athletic tackle, and will definitely upgrade the cards o-line.

  16. Palmer, Mendenhall and Winston added as vets to offense all with reasonable contracts. Levi Brown and Ryan Williams back from injuries that made them miss all of last season. Fitz and Floyd plus a not too shabby Andre Roberts at WR. Then new rookie G Jonathon Cooper plus 2 promising rookie RBs. Rookie linemen Massie and Potter started awful then finished strong last year, and return with experience (Massie allowed zero sacks at RT in final 8 games. Kolb/Skelton, Beanie Wells, awful OLinemen Batiste and Snyder sent packing. Whis and Russ Grimm gone and replaced by last years Coach of the Year. I don’t know what more the Cardinals could have done in the context of cap money, available free agents, and draft. It’s a completely different offense.

    On D they lost Rhodes and the aging Wilson, but added a slew of former top round picks to cheap, one year deals to compete at CB, signed Y. Bell and Karlos Dansby as vets at cheap contracts, and may add J. Abraham today. Then added Minter and took a high risk, high potential shot at the Honey Badger. All added to a strong young defensive corps of P. Peterson, D. Washington and C. Campbell and D captain D. Dockett.

    Not the top team, conventional wisdom pick for the suddenly strong NFC West, but definitely not the “Same Ol’ Cardinals”.

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