Chris Johnson, Devin Hester race a cheetah

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Titans running back Chris Johnson and Bears return man Devin Hester are two of the fastest players in the NFL, but they’ve agreed to a race against an opponent who’s guaranteed to blow them away.

Johnson and Hester have raced a cheetah on a show appropriately named Man vs. Cheetah, set to air in November on the cable channel Nat Geo Wild.

This is most incredible challenge I’ve ever faced,” Johnson said, via “I wanted to go up against the fastest in the world and test myself, and this was it!”

Nat Geo Wild Executive V.P. Geoff Daniels said he’s eager to show viewers what it looks like when the world’s fastest land animal runs alongside fast human beings.

“We loved the idea of a face-off like no other between supreme athletes and an alpha predator,” Daniels said. “This isn’t sports, it’s amazing science.”

Somehow I doubt many scientists would agree about this constituting “amazing science.” But it might make for an entertaining TV show.

63 responses to “Chris Johnson, Devin Hester race a cheetah

  1. @raqaiw

    Do you really believe that? I mean seriously? A cheetah can run more than twice as fast as any human being on the planet. Hell, even a grizzly bear can outrun a human.

  2. Oh, a cheetah (the animal) I thought they meant a cheater and that they were racing Ryan Braun.

  3. In other news, Chris Johnson and Devin Hester suffer a horrible, horrible mauling.

  4. It’d be just as entertaining to watch Chris Johnson against those kids in the spelling bee too.

  5. ‘Amazing science’ would be seeing what the cheetah does with the gold choppers after it eats Johnson and feeds him to her babies.

  6. Yeah, but the real question we all want to know is- Does the cheetah look as dope with dreads and a platinum grill?

  7. it doesn’t matter. as soon as they say go, johnson will get tackled behind the starting line and blame everyone else for it.

  8. There’s a reason no one ever said “tape a Chris Johnson to her back.”

  9. Hate to let facts get in the way, but a cheetah can run up to 70 mph. Their 0-60 is comparable to a sports car. How is this show going to be interesting at all? The only chance Johnson has is if he is driving a car.

  10. So how do you get a cheetah to run a race? That would be interesting science.

    Greyhounds are trained to do that however. And even though a greyhound is not as fast as a cheetah (not even close) it can reach speeds of about 45mph. More impressive though is that they hit top speed after only 2-3 strides!

  11. If the race is only 3 or 4 yards long I’d put my money on CJ. He makes that run 200 plus times a season. He just better hope the race isn’t more than 5 yards.

  12. the only way that show could be watchable is if Chris Johnson & Devin Hester were drenched in antelope blood, then let the cheetah loose. Now that’s a race!

  13. “Coach, I can’t play this year because I ruptured my Achilles during the off season. No, no, it wasn’t playing basketball. I was racing a cheetah on TV.”

  14. I out ran a cougar in the woods four days ago, if you really want the thrill of running against an apex predator try the third largest cat in the Americas and fourth largest in the world in the woods, it was a dirt path, uphill and dark and oh yeah the cougar was just chilling out waiting to eat someone. Good luck and thank you God for giving me fast wheels!)

  15. Most animals are much faster than people. Humans are generally a very slow species. Humans make up for it by having endurance that no other species can match.

  16. But put CJ up against the slowest animals on earth(a defensive line) and he doesn’t stand a chance….

  17. I think Cheetahs are more built for zone blocking schemes, the knock on them is their pass blocking is pretty sub-par, and after they’ve taken one to the house, they need like 15 min to rest…But you can pay them in venison.

  18. this is nonsense. Next thing you’ll hear is that CJ will race against a Ferrari. bet on it. What a bunch of m0r0n and $tupid promoters

  19. I’d rather see them eat a cheeto in the kitchen and race to the bathroom before it comes out of them.

    To be honest, that would be closer to news than this.

  20. @somekat, the hyena…

    Also, man-kinds’ natural defense/weaponry is our ingenuity. For example see: guns, cars, locked doors, etc.

  21. I agree 100% that if Ted GinnJr raced a cheetah “to the sidelines” Ginn would win

  22. The saddest part is the cheetah is not only faster than these guys, but he can catch better too.

    I’d say he’s better at breaking tackles as well but who would even attempt to tackle a cheetah? Not only would the cheetah kill you, the ref wouldn’t call unnecessary roughness in fear of suffering the same fate.

  23. 1rockyracoon says:
    Jul 24, 2013 8:21 AM
    Hate to let facts get in the way, but a cheetah can run up to 70 mph. Their 0-60 is comparable to a sports car. How is this show going to be interesting at all? The only chance Johnson has is if he is driving a car.


    I believe the entertainment comes from showing you what some of the fastest humans on the face of the planet look like up against the fastest animal on land. People know cheetahs are fast, but the scale of how fast they are eludes most. It is like that picture of Yao Ming and JJ Watt. You know Yao is gigantic, but you don’t realize how big until you see him make an NFL lineman look like a child.

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