Darrell Green wants no part of name change


Hall of Fame cornerback Darrell Green always had great speed, and he can still backpedal.

Green and fellow Redskins legend Art Monk were drawn into a discussion about the Redskins nickname yesterday, and Green said “It deserves and warrants conversation because somebody is saying, ‘Hey, this offends me.'”

But he came back today and said he did not want the team to change its name, saying he was simply advocating a discussion.

In no way I want to see the Redskins change their name,” Green told 106.7 The Fan. “So that just makes that clear. And I’ll speak for Art, there’s no way he wants it, and I guarantee he didn’t say it, and I know I didn’t say it. . . .

“What my real comment, in response to the question was, ‘Does it deserve merit?’” Green continued. “And my comments were that, ‘Look, if it offended somebody. If somebody was offended, then I think it merits at least a discussion.’ I mean, goodness, I mean, people should be able to say ‘Hey, you offended me’ and somebody should be able to have a dialogue. Now, where it lands, that’s another thing.

“You know and I know, in your industry, certain people, you know, they want to have different agendas and they’ve got stuff to say, and you know, you want people to think this.”

If Green wasn’t comfortable with the issue, he should have stayed away from it in the first place, knowing how hot a button he was pushing in Washington and beyond.

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  1. I went to a Chief’s game (not in KC), and I was very surprised to see people protesting about that name….why would people have an issue with the name “Chiefs”?

    Considering people are protesting that, hard to imagine they don’t get really upset about the Redskins name. Most of us could care less…and I am somewhat sick of bending to all these issues. The world is offensive, get over it.

  2. If we get any more ploitically correct now days,we won’t be allowed to make fun of ourselves…

  3. Why are the Redskins and the Chiefs two of the more popular teams on the two reservations near where I live if it is so offensive? I live in Washington State, and they wear a ton of team gear from these teams on both of them. I think it is more people trying to complain about something than anything else. Maybe the Vikings should change their name too, it might offend a Viking.

  4. Most American Indians say that calling Washington’s professional football team the “Redskins” does not bother them, the University of Pennsylvania’s National Annenberg Election Survey shows.

    Ninety percent of Indians took that position, while 9 percent said they found the name “offensive.” One percent had no answer. The margin of sampling error for those findings was plus or minus two percentage points.

    Because they make up a very small proportion of the total population, the responses of 768 people who said they were Indians or Native Americans were collected over a very long period of polling, from October 7, 2003 through September 20, 2004. They included Indians from every state except Alaska and Hawaii, where the Annenberg survey does not interview. The question that was put to them was “The professional football team in Washington calls itself the Washington Redskins. As a Native American, do you find that name offensive or doesn’t it bother you

  5. The first known use of the word redskin to be published contemporaneously, as reprinted in Niles’ Weekly Register (Baltimore) for October 14, 1815, from an issue of The Western Journal (St. Louis) that does not survive. Shown is the first paragraph of the official translation of the speech that the Meskwaki chief Black Thunder made on July 20, 1815, in the treaty council at Portage des Sioux, Missouri Territory. Addressing Gov. William Clark according to Indian convention as “My Father,” he referred to Indians and Europeans in the Meskwaki language as “red skins and white skins.” These were idioms current in several Indian languages of the area which were translated into Mississippi Valley French as Peaux-Rouges and Peaux-Blanches, and from French into local English. Credit: Smithsonian Institution, Dibner Library

  6. Well then nobody should be offended if we set up the LA Negroes, right? Cause thats what it is, its not the Chiefs, not the Braves, and if you dont get it, then the soon to be announced NY Chinamen so be ok with you too

  7. All this PC nonsense about the Redskins name, and you missed the real news that came out of that Darrell Green interview (which I heard live) and that is that Green said he can still run a sub 4.5 forty….at age 53! And I believe him, that guy could fly.

  8. Does it offend more than a handful of Native Americans?

    Nobody ever wants to answer that.

  9. Nice job deleting my comment. Can’t take the criticism? At least I know you saw it. Ask yourself….what type of hypocritical loser am I that I critique others for a living, sometimes for made up things, and can’t handle the criticism myself? Pathetic!

  10. I work with five pueblos. I see a lot of the natives wearing redskins hats and not heard one thing about it being offensive, and we talk a lot of football.

  11. Good to hear him rethink it and realize its just a name and the media is the one offended.

  12. People are offended by this but not with the black hawk and the Cleveland Indians I don’t ever see them changeling there name because it doesn’t offend me

  13. “If Green wasn’t comfortable with the issue, he should have stayed away from it in the first place, knowing how hot a button he was pushing in Washington and beyond.”

    Darin, I think you missed the point. Perhaps you missed it on purpose. There’s nothing wrong with what he said. He didn’t backtrack. You guys took off with it to try and make it a bigger issue than what it was, and he clarified. Calm your jets, pressers.

  14. If the team changes the name then all former ties should be wiped out. Just like the Baltimore Ravens; they are a new team and have NO history of ever being the Browns.

    So players like Monk and Green would have no place to call home.

  15. To all the PC Wackos who commented so happily yesterday thinking Green and Monk actually were behind a name change: you may officially can it… the name stays. Hail!

  16. “If Green wasn’t comfortable with the issue, he should have stayed away from it in the first place, knowing how hot a button he was pushing in Washington and beyond.”

    “How hot a button he was pushing”???? Really??? Laughable. Pretty sure that button is room temp at best and is actually starting to grow a little mold on it now that football activities have resumed. “hot button” funny stuff.

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