Dez Bryant wants to repay Cowboys’ trust


Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant has big goals this season, saying he wants to catch 20 touchdowns and gain 2,000 receiving yards.

He figures he owes the Cowboys that much for their faith in him.

Bryant said the loyalty the team showed during last year’s tumultuous offseason and other trying times was not forgotten.

“It means a lot. I give a lot of credit to them,” Bryant said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “They stuck their neck out for me and they stayed with me. The time when I didn’t understand certain things, they did their best to help me understand things.

“I feel like it’s my job to pay them back by going out and working hard.”

There’s no doubt Bryant’s doing that. His numbers put him among the best in the league, but Bryant said he thinks of himself as the top of the group.

“If you’re a wideout, that is supposed to be your mindset,” Bryant said. “You don’t want to be second. You don’t want to be third. You want to be the best. That is what I’m trying to do.”

Bryant has not only performed on the field, but he has stayed out of the headlines for off-field issues. That’s allowed his talent to show, and that talent is the reason the Cowboys were patient with him.

14 responses to “Dez Bryant wants to repay Cowboys’ trust

  1. Frankly, we already know that Dez Bryant works hard and will be productive, given his talent. If he wants to really pay Dallas back, he can do it by just continuing to stay out of trouble…that way he wins, the team wins, and the fans win.

    Good work so far, hope it stays that way!

  2. As a Redskins fan, if I had to pick one player in our division that literally scares the living daylights out of me, it’s this guy.

  3. You can all say what you want about Jerry Jones, BUT Dallas has the best support staff in the NFL for troubled Athletes! Calvin Hill doesnt get the press he deserves!

  4. It bugs me when Dez STARTS the game with his shirt hanging out. He looks sloppy. It’s amazing to me that the NFL will fine a player for wearing his socks pushed down but lets this clown start every game with his shirt hanging out like he’s going to the mall. It’s disrespectful to the uniform. Irvin managed to tuck his shirt in and there’s no reason Dez can’t.

  5. I have to hand it to Dez, it sounds like he has matured and is trying to do the right thing. I know it’s fun to pick on him and all things Dallas, but when you have a young man with a checkered past finally seeing the light, that’s refreshing. Hopefully he means it and continues to grow as a man and a professional. Now if you’ll excuse me, I feel dirty for supporting the Cowboys in any way, I need a shower.

  6. GIANTS fan here, and let me say this: Bryant could be the most productive WR in the league given his talent, supporting cast and good QB Play.

    He has as much talent as anyone and now he has figured out how to channel his motivation.

    He has gotten over being a bit of a knucklehead, and the lights are fully on for him. The guy is a beast.

    In a league where you can argue there are 20+ great WRs, the only guy “Better” than him is Calvin Johnson. And Bryant may end up with better production just based on circumstances.

    WR has never been stronger than it is now, and this guy is at the top.

    I just hope Nicks and Cruz have their heads on straight this year, and are healthy so we can effectively shoot out with Dallas.

  7. Dez is on the verge of superstar status…..and make no mistake about it, he will be the first player opposing dc try to stop when they play Dallas.

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