D’Qwell Jackson to Josh Gordon: You’re running out of football lives


Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon apologized for a variety of things on Monday, ranging from his two-game suspension for a positive drug test to partying with Cleveland’s least favorite son LeBron James, but apologies for past actions won’t change the ramifications that come with any future missteps.

Gordon could be banned for an entire season for another violation of the league’s drug policy, a potential punishment heaped on top of the red flags raised by Gordon’s failed drug tests in college. It all adds up to a profile that makes for a short stay in the NFL even if Gordon builds on a strong rookie year when he’s available to play in 2013.

That’s the message that Browns linebacker and captain D’Qwell Jackson is trying to send to Gordon in the wake of this offseason. Jackson allows that everyone makes mistakes, but says that Gordon needs to get on track “right now” or risk losing his chance at an NFL career. Jackson offers this advice even though he knows that Gordon and Gordon alone will determine how things play out.

“No matter how many bodies you put in front of him or people who speak to him, Josh has to be willing to make a change for himself,” Jackson said, via Tom Reed of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I could talk to him all day if I wanted to. [Coach Rob Chudzinski] could talk to him all day if he wanted to, but it’s not going to do any good unless he takes that next step. He doesn’t have that many lives left … He’s got one more time to really straighten things up before he’s got to leave. I think he is starting to realize that.”

Gordon’s contrition earlier this week supports that belief, although the history of the NFL is littered with players who promised to fly right before flying right back into the same wall all over again. We don’t know which way things will go for Gordon, but he’s certainly been informed about the consequences of doing the same thing all over again.

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  1. I think with leaders like Jackson and Weeden just improving enough that this team could be dangerous. I have always strongly opposed Norvel as a head coach but I’ll always as strongly support him running an offense.

    He took a lumbering tree of a QB in Aikman, Rivers and others and made them solid to great players. Look at his history with TE’s and look at this kid he has to work with….RB’s? Pretty good history. WR’s? Not to shabby.

    If this kid keeps his head straight he’s going to have a serious chance to EXPLODE in this offense. Weeden just needs to not be terrible.

  2. ccjcsr says:

    And to think they gave up a 3rd rounder for this clown. Give the ball to Greg Little

    Wrong…on every level imaginable.

  3. D’Qwell Jackson kicks ass. I was hoping that people were talking to Josh. I wasnt reading any stories about anyone communicating with the kid. It seems like he has a great support group from his teammates. I just hope he hangs out with the right posse off the field. This kid has way to much talent to blow it all on dumb crap like this. When I listen to Josh talk, he just don’t convince me that he is serious about straightening himself out. I saw an interview with RG3 not to long ago, and even RG3 said that Josh is the only one that can choose make the right decisions. RG3 even sounded hesitant to say that Josh will do the right thing. I sure hope that he proves me and many others wrong and spits some beachnut in us dudes eyes!

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