Joe Flacco sees money, more wins in future


For a guy whose dad even referred to him as “dull,” Joe Flacco’s sounding pretty confident these days.

Then again, why wouldn’t he, after hitting the jackpot in the last calendar year, turning a Super Bowl MVP performance into a $120.6 million contract?

Flacco knows that his critics are out there, and many wonder whether a reconfigured Ravens team can repeat, but he doesn’t sound fazed by it all.

I can’t really complain at this point. We won last year. I have a lot of money – I’m going to get a lot of money – and we’re going to win a lot of football games,” Flacco said, via Jim Corbett of USA Today. “That’s the way it is around here. That’s what we’re going to get used to, and that’s what we want to be used to is winning football games. We’re not going to apologize for acting like a good football team.”

Of course, there’s far more pressure on Flacco now, both from the contract and the question marks on his offense.

After trading away Anquan Boldin, the Ravens are hoping Jacoby Jones can emerge as a viable second receiver, making things a bit tougher on Flacco this time through.

43 responses to “Joe Flacco sees money, more wins in future

  1. You had better play well Joe, because the fans will (rightfully) turn on you very quick if you don’t. You aren’t Ray Lewis, they won’t love you regardlss.

  2. This team has gone through significant changes before this year. The only difference is that they won a Superbowl this time around. Ravens fans hear that the sky is falling every offseason. When J.O. retired, a rookie QB and rookie head coach, slow recievers, Rex Ryan leaving, Bart Scott leaving, Jim Leonard leaving, Le’Ron McLain leaving, adding veteran receivers who eventually drop perfectly placed balls in the postseason to end our year, (T.J., Lee Evans), rookie wide outs who’ll need time to develop, Willis McGahee cut, Derrick Mason cut, Todd Heap cut, Kelly Gregg cut, Jarret Johnson leaving, yadda yadda yadda….basically BEFORE this year the Ravens have been constantly evolving. So this offseason in the grand scheme is business as usual. And through all that, we’ve been in three AFC title games. This year’s cast actually has the potential to be better than all those teams. Have the media tell it though, we’ll go 0-16. LOL ok.

  3. Sucks to lose your best players. Lewis, Reed and Boldin. Anquan Boldin is one of the best WR’s in the league and would have put up even better numbers if he had a decent QB throwing to him…

  4. It has also been announced that PBS has renewed Sesame Street for another season! Flacco is very excited to be able to continue to enjoy activities such as paper clip and bottle cap collecting, cooking oatmeal and watching pigeons.

  5. Maryland’s number two QB is pretty good but even on his best day he doesn’t approach RG3. The Redskins and RG3 are winners and the Ravens and Joe Flacco are Maryland’s number two team always failing to catch up.

  6. For all the Boldin polishers, I believe a friendly reminder of his regular season numbers are in order: 65, 921, 4. Yes, he stepped it up in the postseason, but we aren’t talking about Calvin Johnson or even a real #1, here.

  7. Wow. What a bunch of negative comments from a group of people who’s team probably didn’t even make the playoffs last year. Holy Cow! Ravens are on their way this season to have their SIXTH season in a row IN the PLAYOFFS WITH at least ONE WIN. Joe Flacco has won more games since he came into the league than ANY other quarterback playing football. Get over it people. Joe Flacco is a great quarterback, and in reality, you all could only wish he was your team’s quarterback. Honesty and being true to yourself, and reviewing the facts, the comments on this post that say Joe Flacco isn’t a great quarterback are only statements that contradict reality and the facts….

  8. Wow, all this Boldin worship. He was good, but you guys act like he’s Megatron. Flacco had to strategically place balls because he rarely got separation.

  9. For all the Flacco apologists saying Bolden is no great loss to the great Joe Flacco, I believe a friendly reminder is in order. Flacco completed just 48% to receivers not named Bolden.

    Face it, Anquan Bolden and a Denver DB falling down were the 2 biggest factors in the Ravens SB run.

    If Bolden didn’t turn into a monster, bringing down very jump ball Flacco hung up there (and there were many), then he Ravens would not have come close.

    But I’m sure Jacoby Jones will be just as good, so long as a DB falls down on a regular basis.

  10. “I have a lot of money – I’m going to get a lot of money.”

    Why……Why would he say this?

    I’ve never heard something like this from the Mannings, Brady, Big Ben, etc.


  11. If Billy Cundiff didn’t miss a chip shot, the Ravens would have been in their 2nd super bowl in a row. Denver is now living with “what if’s,” and really, they don’t matter. Didn’t happen. What DID happen is what matters.

  12. 2013 has been pretty sweet so far. Ravens win the Super Bowl and next weekend we celebrate J-O going into the HOF. How sweet it is!

    What do the Stoolers have to celebrate this year?

  13. or…could it be flacco put the ball in spots where ony boldin could get them. remember. boldin simply cant get open. and let me ask this….if flacco only throws jump balls how come in 20 games last year he threw 9 interceptions.

  14. I see the first thing Flacco bought with his money is a big, huge, inflated ego. Please pull out the “I have a lot of money” line when you lead your team to a 4-12 record next year. That should go over well.

    It’s obvious most Raven homers do not know that Flacco has less than a 50% completion rate to receivers not named Boldin. That’s impressive.

  15. From the looks of it, I think Joe was looking in the mirror when he graced us with his “retard” comment.

  16. They have good, young receivers and its not really a pecking order. Whoever emerges will get the #2. The ravens are going to use more tight end packages and spread people out more. It’s really not about #2 or #1 , etc….It’s throw it to the open man, period.

  17. My QB has 2 rings in 3 tries, I don’t need Flacco on my team. QB wins are a joke, he doesn’t play 1v11 or even on both sides of the ball. Boldin isn’tmegatron but he was your #1 and joe’s safety blanket. Looke for off and def to both e ranked 10-15 next year. Def has a better chance cracking the top 10 and they will buy Joe a couple more wins

  18. jb…if your gm could try to improve the team maybe they wouldnt be 8 and 8…still not sure why you think getting better is bad
    crown….you say ridiculous things every day.
    jm…ravens finished 10th in scoring last year and lost 2 players from the offense. defense was 17th and replaced a lot of players.

  19. logicailvoicesays says:

    Maryland’s number two QB is pretty good but even on his best day he doesn’t approach RG3. The Redskins and RG3 are winners and the Ravens and Joe Flacco are Maryland’s number two team always failing to catch up.


    Dude, first learn to spell “logical”.
    Next, learn to read NFL results, like the one where the Ravens won the Super Bowl and the Redskins were one and done. Again.

  20. and steeler homers dont recognize that in a league geared towards offense, ben couldnt lead his team to more than 23 points and kept throwing game ending season ending pick 6s. tell me how if joe is so bad je threw less then 10 ints with such awful receivers and yet finished 10th in scoring

  21. The Ravens will see some more wins just like the Steelers will but just no more superbowl wins imo. If they prove me wrong I will give them their due otherwise their a playoff team who had lots of luck to achieve last years superbowl win. However, I do agree, that todays nfl is geared towards putting up points on offense not so much the defense if you want to win a championship.

  22. I respected this guy a whole lot more before he won a championship. Back when he kept his mouth shut. He wins 1 Super Bowl and thinks he’s Joe Montana. Shut up already, just play football.

  23. Noticed he mentioned his money before talking about future success. It speaks volumes about how he sees the order of their importance.

  24. Listen to you haters, clinging to every word to try and make Flacco seem like some kind of sleazeball. Well, here’s one word you won’t hear about our QB: RAPE.

  25. scoobies:
    You are wasting your time trying convince Steelers groupies that their team’s quarterback is average and that his offense is putrid.
    The Steelers’ offense hit the skids in 2008 and has never recovered.
    Last season, Roethlisberger threw 26 TD passes and everyone wanted to throw a celebratory party. A breakout year!!!! Yippee!!!
    Imagine if Rodgers, Brady, Brees or Manning each threw just 26 TD passes … The NFL would conduct an investigation.
    The Steelers’ offense scored a total of just 35 TDs last season. Meanwhile, Rodgers threw 39 TD passes. Rodgers, 39 TD passes. Roethlisberger, 26 TD passes. See the difference?
    Post-Gazette columnist Ron Cook recently wrote yet another in a series of Big Ben Tributes in which he once again proclaimed SuperBen better than Bradshaw.
    Offensive ineptness is a not only tolerated in Pittsburgh, it’s embraced and revered.

  26. To all the Flacco worshipers who think they are all good without Boldin.

    In 2011 without Boldin, Flacco had a modest QB rating of 81 but went up to 88 with Boldin in 2012.

    Boldin’s stats will not tell the whole story as his presence in the secondary makes things better for the other WRs and ultimately Flacco.

  27. average at best QB who got way overpaid…

    Average QB’s don’t make to the playoffs 5 straight seasons in today’s NFL. No QB other than Flacco has made it the past 5 seasons. It’s called talent. You fail to see that but you are an idiot.

  28. @dallascowboysdishing: You’re wrong. Flacco was good without Boldin. And, Boldin DID play for The Ravens in ’11. Your stats are meaningless.

  29. bobzilla, for your sake i hope your team has some success this year. i respect your honesty and opinions. let me ask you this….whats your opinion of flacco. i understand he isnt a big stats guy but they win and he seems to be improving. curious to your thoughts

  30. werent all the same things said about flacco when heap and mason left? sorry to break this to you all, but he is a damn good qb

  31. scoobies:
    There was a time, his first three seasons, when I found Flacco to be laughable. The Ravens won playoff games while hiding him, allowing him to throw maybe six passes a game. He clearly was a liability.
    But that’s changed.
    Although he is now overpaid, Flacco has matured into a quality and DEPENDABLE starter. He throws the best deep ball in the league, maybe since Terry Bradshaw. There’s no question in my mind that he’s now better than Roethlisberger. That wasn’t always the case.
    But the biggest difference between Baltimore and Pittsburgh is coaching. Harbaugh is far superior to Tomlin. Harbaugh motivates. Tomlin, not so much…
    I respect objective fans. Unfortunately, those kind of fans are few and far between.

  32. Joe Flacco? You mean the guy who can’t even beat Charlie Batch? Please people, don’t even mention him in the same breath as Roethlisberger — that’s pure “couldn’t carry Ben’s jock” territory.

    Smiling Joe is going to find out that when you make the big bucks, those 10-for-17, 146-yard passing specials just won’t cut it any more. And you don’t get to just be “another part of the team” any longer. In other words, he’s going to find out what life feels like for Roethlisberger, Rodgers, Manning and Brady. We’ll see how he likes it.

  33. The last time a Roethlisberger-quarterbacked Steelers team beat the Ravens was way back in 2010.
    By the way: you putting Roethlisberger in with super heavyweights like Brady, Rodgers and Manning is hilarious. You must work for the Pittsburgh sports media.
    I wish SuperBen were as super as you groupies say he is. Life would be so much easier.

  34. No, Bobzilla, your total lack of a clue when it comes to judging quarterbacks is what’s funny. I’m not the only one who puts Roethlisberger in as one of a handful of franchise QBs — it’s pretty much an accepted fact. Do a little research and you’ll see.

    The difference between Ben and Flacco is that the Steelers are nowhere without Ben. They don’t win their rings. Can you really say that about Flacco? Has he ever really been the driving force behind the Ravens success? Really, the king of the 149-yard passing performance?

    You Ravens fans crowning Flacco king are hilarious — want me to show you some posts from EARLIER THIS SEASON when Ravens fans were calling him a bust? (Hint: a lot of it happened after the loss to Batch).

    Do you not get this simple concept?

    Yes of COURSE we put Ben in that elite group. And let me help you out with your research. The Cold, Hard Football Facts site is one of the best for analysis, and last I looked, they had nothing to do with the Pittsburgh sports media. With Ben, the comparison is not with average guys like Flacco, it’s with the all-time greats. Let me give you one quote to get things started:

    “Roethlisberger is one of the most prolific and underappreciated quarterbacks not just today, but in all of NFL history. Big Ben is No. 5 all time with a career average of 8.04 YPA. Three of the players ahead of him are in the Hall of Fame: Otto Graham (8.63), who parlayed his record average into a record six straight NFL championship games; Sid Luckman (8.42 YPA) and Norm Van Brocklin (8.16 YPA).”

    Again, go to their site and look up what they have to say about Roethlisberger. Then see where how much they talk about guys like Flacco.

    Only a Steelers hater doesn’t realize how good Ben has been, and the high level at which he’s performed his entire career. Flacco, on the other hands, has one slim playoff stretch to brag about.

    The Steelers were 6-10 the year before Ben. After that they went 15-1. You think that’s just coincidence? Gimme a break, dude. Look up some stuff, and learn.

  35. Here’s another direct quote (which you can net search yourself) that comes from a source that has nothing to do with the “Pittsburgh sports media”:

    “Big Ben’s resume now includes a game-winning touchdown drive in the final two minutes of a Super Bowl … and he pulled it off following an ordinary average game to that point, and at a time when it appeared that everything was falling apart around him.
    Big Ben also did it behind what might have been the worst offensive line ever to win a Super Bowl. The Steelers ranked a dreadful 28th on our Offensive Hog Index this year, and the weakness showed up like a gushing old wound in the Super Bowl.
    We said it long ago and it was obvious tonight: Big Ben is an elite NFL quarterback. Start measuring his goofy 26-year-old face and oversized cranium for a bronze bust.”

    The question isn’t whether Ben belongs in the same breath of Manning or Brady — the question is, do they belong in HIS elite category?

    P.S. Let me know when you start seeing any articles like these about Flacco.

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