Judge grants request to continue Hernandez probable cause hearing


As expected, the prosecution in the Aaron Hernandez murder case asked for a 30-day continuance of a probable cause hearing.

As expected, Hernandez’s lawyers objected.

After hearing both sides, the judge granted the request, delaying the probable cause hearing by 30 days.  Hernandez will continue to be held without bail pending the probable cause hearing, which is now set for August 22.

In the interim, a grand jury could indict Hernandez on murder charges, making the probable cause hearing moot.

Also in the interim, a different grand jury could indict Hernandez for the double murder that occurred in July 2012, only weeks before Hernandez signed a contract extension with the Patriots that paid him a signing bonus of $12.5 million.

23 responses to “Judge grants request to continue Hernandez probable cause hearing

  1. I’m not a patriots fan… But I’m sick of hearing about how the patriots should have known this about him or done their homework! Seriously, the guy has major issues… No way to predict this.

  2. gamecheck1 says: Jul 24, 2013 2:36 PM

    I’m not a patriots fan… But I’m sick of hearing about how the patriots should have known this about him or done their homework! Seriously, the guy has major issues… No way to predict this


    There has to be some way to predict it, because 31 other teams passed on him at least 3 times. There were warning signs, they just chose to ignore them, thinking “the patriot way” would trump any personal issues

  3. The right to a probable cause hearing in Massachusetts has become non-existent. This is the future for all of us. The government has become completely disrespectful of your constitutional rights, unless absolutely forced to recognize them. The government has become too powerful as well as an incredible drain on the productivity of the US Worker. At the risk of sounding alarmist, some day, it will be looked at as the beginning of the end of “freedom.” The world is changing and it’s not the same place it was when I grew up, that’s for sure.

  4. In unrelated news, if you happen to be a potential witness with incriminating information about Aaron Hernandez, you might want to lay low for the next 30 days or so.

  5. Hate to say this, but the guy is innocent.

    I think that Wallace will face the murder charges and will be found guilty.

  6. If he is proven guilty, what a landslide of crap he has traveled down since gazing out of his ivory tower. If this doesn’t humble a man, I don’t know what would, except seeing God himself. In other words, this proves that having money and fame should not be the goal of mankind. Rather, the goal should be chasing after a pure heart and letting it lead to where ever it may lead.

    The funerals of greedy men are viewed by those who have overthrown them. The funerals of those who were pure in heart are mourned by their friends.

    And may God be the judge of us all.

  7. This guy is just plain delusional. He murdered two people (allegedly, of course), and (thought) he got away with it. He shot a guy in the face and got away with it, not to mention his college stunts. I guess he just thought he was immune, ’cause this was one hell-of-a obvious crime.

  8. thevedriper says:Jul 24, 2013 2:36 PM

    I dont get what Fred Smoot has to do with the Preliminary Hearing…….

    thevedriper says:Jul 24, 2013 2:37 PM

    Oh…Moot. Nevermind.



  9. He’s too calm and composed like he knows something everyone else doesn’t. This already feels like one of those trials where the bad guy gets off. Hopefully the prosecutors don’t get complacent because the case is such a “slam dunk” like they did with Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman.

  10. who did Hernandez say” I love you” to, did anyone catch that lip service?

  11. The pressure is now mounting on the prosecution! They went public with all of the “incriminating” evidence. However, after connecting all the dots, they now find themselves at an impasse!
    Sure, they have 3 wannabe gangsters in a rented car, with bullet casings and some bubble gum! They even have video of the 3 knuckleheads sporting their glock 9s! Some text messages from the Vic, and the “word” or “tale” from the most, checkered witness imaginable.
    Now, imagine the embarrassment to the DA’s office if they fail connecting all these bits of evidence. All it takes, is for the defense to come up with a scenario where , anyone else could have used the car, during the “gap” in time, and create just enough doubt, that 1 juror is not comfortable putting this guy away for life based on the presented information from the DA office! IMO , the DA office is getting nervous @ this point! They see the holes in the case and are hoping something else shows up!
    AH, walks from this people

  12. lanman11: So “postponed” means “non-existent,” and is a sign that we’re heading towards a totalitarian state. I think that your concerns about sounding “alarmist” are well-founded.

  13. The prosecution doesn’t have enough for a probable cause hearing by now. That doesn’t sound too good.

  14. The text message from Lloyd to his sister was enough for me. the Grand jury will get him first at this point thats what the state is waiting for. so he can go in a court room that dont run out of time or money.

  15. Audioflint…….I liked liked your comment and the only thing I would add to the,pure heart is that GOD and the holy spirit needs to be in the heart….

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