Lions sign Chaz Schilens

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Detroit has picked up some veteran depth at wide receiver.

Chaz Schilens, a five-year veteran who has previously played for the Raiders and Jets, signed a one-year contract with the Lions today.

A seventh-round pick of the Raiders in 2008, Schilens showed some promise early in his career, becoming a starter as a rookie and bouncing back from a training-camp injury in his second season to start the final eight games of the year. But injuries plagued him, he was less involved in the Raiders’ offense in 2010, and after 2011 he left for the Jets.

In New York last season, Schilens played 15 games, starting six and catching 28 passes for 289 yards and two touchdowns. Schilens also played a lot of special teams with the Jets, and the Lions have been looking to improve their special teams, so that may have contributed to Detroit’s interest in him.

The Lions have the NFL’s top receiver, Calvin Johnson, but they have been seeking to add depth at the position beyond Megatron. The incumbent No. 2 and No. 3 receivers, Nate Burleson and Ryan Broyles, are both coming off season-ending injuries.

15 responses to “Lions sign Chaz Schilens

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if he hurt himself signing the contract. Guys got talent, but he’s made of glass.

  2. He wasnt brought to Detroit to catch 15 td’s this season. Hes a 5 year guy who most likely knows how to run routes and block on a professional level. The key here is “veteran depth.” Hes definitely not a homerun hitter and in this case it’s what he ISNT that makes him most valuable to Detroit… and thats an injury liability.

  3. He has talent, but he’s known as “Glass” Schilens for a reason! Hope the wind doesn’t blow too hard, it might snap his leg…

    Seriously, good luck “Glass”

  4. I was going to say… Glassman gets another job…. good luck.. tons of potential.. but those feet and legs just can’t stay healthy… getting a little long in the tooth now too….

  5. The deal will have no guarantees and he will compete for a spot. Probably won’t even make it. Patrick Edwards, Corey Fuller, etc. Non-story. Lions WRs for 2013 will be: Megatron, Burleson, Broyles, Fuller, Edwards

  6. Its a shame he never reached his potential with the Raiders. But hey, i’m rooting for the guy. Could be a big benefit playing opposite Calvin Johnson.

  7. I’ll never forget beat writers raving about his chemistry with Jamarcus, as he blew everyone away in training camp before his second year. ESPN the Magazine literally showed up to camp to profile him with a big piece. He was the real deal.

    Then he got hurt and missed most of the season.

    He’s never been the same since.

    Good luck, Glass.

  8. Chaz Schilens is obviously injury prone but who knows maybe Calvin Johnson will show him how to finally take care of his body this year and how a true pro approaches the game. If he can stay healthy, with his size and speed things could get interesting. The guy could have single coverage every play!!!Last pick in my fantasy draft. Write it down.

  9. Just brought on to increase competition in camp… If he impresses he may possibly earn a roster spot, but unlikely.

  10. He may have been cut by two crappy teams, but he also played with two crappy QBs. Now he has a good QB throwing him the ball AND a much more WR-friendly offense to play in.

  11. If he’s given a shot, he will make an impact. What most people don’t know is yes, he got injured, but the Raiders ortho staff jacked up the first surgery and he had to have another to fix the botched job they did. He has really only had one serious injury and it got prolonged by mistakes by the Raiders. He is healthy now and came into camp in great shape. You watch, he will either have a break out year or help Megatron destroy all who dare to single cover him.

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