McNabb “truly wouldn’t care” if fans boo him at retirement ceremony

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When Donovan McNabb made his first appearance at Lincoln Financial Field as a member of an opposing team, Eagles fans didn’t boo him.  When he makes his first appearance there as a member of no team, Eagles fans may boo him.

Especially since McNabb has essentially invited them to boo when he officially retires as a member of the Eagles at halftme of the same September 19 Thursday night game that will welcome former Philly coach Andy Reid back to town, as head coach of the Chiefs.

I truly wouldn’t care [if they boo],” McNabb tells Paul Domowitch of the Philadelphia Daily News.  “To me, it’s an appreciation for the people who truly respected what I did.  I’ve always lived by the motto that you can’t please everyone.  So, for me, if I get booed, it wouldn’t be anything new.  If they cheer, that would be great.  Obviously I’ll be out there with my family and the teammates I played with.  If there are any boos, I will smile.”

McNabb said that, throughout his career in Philly, he tried to ignore the criticism.

“Flying out here, I stopped in Chicago to visit my family,” McNabb said.  “I ran into [former Phillie] Jim Thome in the airport.  We were talking about playing in Philly.  He asked me how I dealt with it because he said it was really hard for him.  I said I just let it run right down my back.  I never let it bother me.  I told him I loved the game too much to let it affect what I was doing.  All the time I put in preparing, I didn’t let it bother me.”

McNabb thinks some fans feel he failed because he wasn’t able to deliver a championship.

“I thought they were true fans who loved the Eagles and loved the game of football,” McNabb said of the folks in Philly.  “Opinionated, for sure.  But they loved their teams.  They just want to see winners.  And over the years, we gave them that.  But after a while, the wins didn’t become enough.  It became all about winning the Super Bowl, which was understandable. That was the same attitude we went in with as players after we won the NFC Championship [in ’04]. We felt we needed to win a Super Bowl.  And that didn’t happen.’’

Reuben Frank of had a strong reaction to McNabb’s comments, pointing out that Donovan “has a persecution complex and it’s gotten worse and worse the longer he’s been away from here.”

Frank thinks that McNabb would have been cheered if he’d waited five years to return, and if he had avoided saying things to rile up the fan base.

“He just needs to shut up,” Frank said.  “I’m sick of this. . . .  Donovan needs to just stop talking.”

It’s unknown whether Donovan will be booed on September 19.  But it’s highly unlikely that he’ll heed Frank’s advice.

97 responses to “McNabb “truly wouldn’t care” if fans boo him at retirement ceremony

  1. McNabb needs to step back for a moment and realize people used to like him because he was quiet. No one wants his advice or guidance and no one cares about his opinion.

  2. If this is his attitude, I will definitely boo him. I agree with Frank. He needs to shut up. He’s ruining his profile.

  3. As an Eagles fan, I would never boo Donovan McNabb. Best QB in Eagles history.

  4. Get ready for it cause its gonna happen…oh by the way, you are NO hall of famer

  5. I’m not a fan who “hates” players — there are players I like and players I don’t really care much about or follow much. But, I felt insulted as a fan at his perceived low level of effort and interest while he was a member of the Vikings, so I’d believe him when he says he “wouldn’t care”.

  6. Donovan always says things dont bother him and then hes moping around like a pansy. People around the country have no idea what a soft shell he is. Nice guy, good family man but a soft shell.

  7. Every time I wonder why McNabb has such a maligned reputation despite being a pretty good player, he goes ahead and opens his mouth and complains/cries about something in a passive-aggressive way, just like this.

    As a Seahawks fan, I compare McNabb to Hasselbeck a lot. Fairly comparable stats and ages and franchise significance.

    The difference is that Hasselbeck always had a good attitude, and put being a teammate and leader above anything else. McNabb not so much so he’s out of the league, unwilling to accept that his best days are behind him. Rather than being a mentor or veteran backup, he makes random appearances on TV to say something annoying or stupid and then goes back to feeling sorry for himself.

  8. I backed McNabb until near the end if his time… I got into arguments with family members backing him…
    Turns out I was wrong… That guy is a major league jerk.. It’s only a matter if he is a world league jerk

  9. It’s a moot point. The fact is that the network will pipe in booing like they always do. They did it with the Jeff Garcia/Aj Feeley moment insisting the stadium was booing Garcia not getting hurt enough to leave the game, and they did it with the draft day thing with zooming in on like 5 people to make it look massive.

  10. That’s his biggest problem he never shuts up..He was a good player ..but it was always about being a black qb… He didn’t want to be a running qb because he would be stereotyped… But that was an asset he had…. He was tough… Brought us a lot of great years…. My god he is the best quarterback in Eagles history….He just always whines and feels persecuted…..

  11. Philly fans don’t need to be encouraged by McNabb to boo. They are going to boo McNabb and his entire family anyway. It wouldn’t be right if they didn’t.

  12. Mcnabb is the best quarterback the eagles have ever had. even on his last year he was still amazing …they just hard to blame someone for things going should’ve been ried not mcnabb.

  13. There is no way Thome said it was hard for him to play in Philadelphia. He was loved during his two stints with the team. Some fans were/are ridiculous with their hatred for McNabb, however he doesn’t make it easy to support him when he runs his mouth.

  14. His comments are an absolute disgrace. He flat out lied about Jim Thome. Any Phillies fan knows that Jim Thome was treated like a God the 1st time he was here, and still loved him when they came back. He should be called on the carpet for that lie.

  15. D-Mac needs to chill and enjoy retirement. But all his feelings are justified the 610 wip crowd to the national media Rush limbol types have used him as a whipping boy unfaily. And he stayed quite and took it with class. Now that he is talking everyone wants to complain.

  16. two things are certain:

    mcnabb will indeed be booed by a large number of those who used to cheer for him. but don’s play ebbed while his ego and passive agressive blame everyone me attitude increased….therefore more boos than cheers.

    mcnabb will continue to talk as long as anyone with a mic or pencil will take note. just like tiki, however, eventually everyone will eventually tire of his lame act, and ignore him. and that’s what he dreads most of all.

    and if jim thome said what don says he did, he should be ashamed of himself. but i would have to hear that from thome himself; as don is a very unreliable reporter, who only equates his play with hall of famers, whatever the sport.

  17. He gets boo’ed every time he appears on NFL network, hence the prep statement. You suck McNabb and you are almost, not quite, but almost as bad as Warren Sapp!

  18. McNabb didn’t just outlast Terrell Owens, he became him. Donovan, just stop talking for five minutes and your popularity numbers will rise dramatically.

  19. McNabb always got a lot of heat for not showing up in big games and I always defended the guy because of how he conducted himself on and off the field in the face of such adversity. I felt he deserved better. Now, the more he talks, the more I think his critics were right all along.

  20. I have been an Eagles fan since 1990, when I was 10 years old. I am now 33 years old.

    I watched Randall Cunningham play, I have watched Rodney Pete play, I watched Ty Detmer play, I watched Bobby Hoying play, I have watched Doug Pederson play, and I have watched every other Quarterback since Donovan McNabb played.

    I watched, live, when the Eagles drafted Donovan McNabb, and everyone booed him. I watched every single snap, of every single play, that this man played for the Eagles.

    His is the best Quarterback to put on an Eagles uniform, to date, in the 23 years I have been watching the Eagles play football. He enabled me to see my team compete in four NFC Championships and one Super Bowl. He took what Randall Cunningham started, refined it, and redefined it, and made spectacular plays on the field for all of us to enjoy. He always kept his opinion to himself, carried himself well, and shouldered the incredible burden of being “THE” guy in a very tough town.

    Donovan McNabb may have never won the “Big One” for the Eagles and their fans, but he did sure give us a lot to be hopeful and cheer about.

    He accomplished plenty in his career. More than enough to warrant the respect of the people of Philadelphia and Eagles fans everywhere. He deserves his moment. He deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

  21. I truly loved McNabb as a Redskins fan watching him shred my team. My thought was always that he had a great line but no weapons. when the Eagles drafted weapons, things still broke down. Ultimately, it comes to McNabb’s inability to make those around him better. Montana, Bradshaw, Staubach … all had the ability to elevate not only their game, but the play of others. I’ll even take theismann over McNabb here because he got to two Super Bowls and he won one.

  22. Eagles Fans are by far the most disrespectful , fans in the game they don’t deserve a winner on any level if McNabb played in any other city he would be a remembered as one of the great o and by the way his is the best Quarterback in the history of their franchise but that’s not enough , I’m not a fan of any team in the NFC so I’m not bias and I’ve been to many eagles games and it I’m sorry to say it because I don’t think any player or coach deserves what those idiot fans put them through but it’s almost pleasing watching the eagles fall to the bottom of the NFC because that’s exactly what their Fans deserve , anyway WAKE UP you ungrateful fans and analysts wish I could be their that game Cruz I would definitely be cheering him on and watching the Chiefs destroy them at home.

    PS I know their are some good philly fans out their I know some myself but unfortunately their not all like you good ones

  23. As an Eagles fan, I appreciate the fact that Donovan was the best Eagles QB we had during the SB era. During his prime years, he was a major reason why they made it to the NFC Championship game so many times, and to the Superbowl – and every single time with sub-par receivers (TO was injured during the run to the SB, so he did it with Freddie Mitchell and Todd Pinkston). I would never boo the guy, and never did while he played for the Birds either.

    Having said all that, what bothered Eagles fans was his stubborn refusal to grow beyond his short-comings – throwing balls to the turf, drilling guys five yards out, terrible clock management and two-min drills…not to mention the passive aggressive attitude he had about absolutely everything. He became more and more thin skinned as time went on, and both he and Reid never gave the fans or media in Philly anything more than lip service. It became grating seeing the same issues and same inconsistencies year after year.

    I’ll cheer him when he returns….I just wish he would look in the mirror for once rather than shrug it all off as everyone else with an issue other than him.

  24. I also thought it was pretty low rent calling out a private conversation he and Jim Thome had. IF Thome had actually said something like that to him, I’m pretty sure he didn’t want the world to hear all about it the next time Donovan was in front of a microphone. A fairly classless move on D’s part.

  25. I find it rather odd that he says Jim Thome “said it was tough on him” I’ve been a huge Philly sports fan all my life and while yeah I’m sure big Jim was booed here and there maybe during slumps but never ever have I ever witnessed him be booed mercilessly like McNabb but McNabb is McNabb the mouth and most of the time he brings it on himself.. Thome on the other hand was beloved very much among the Phillies fans the guy exemplified what it meant to be as a blue collar guy in the city.. so unless Jim is super sensitive I doubt he ever really had it bad in this city he has always made himself widely available to fans I even got a picture wit him.. if you want to win Philly fans over all you gotta do is A. give it all you got on the field, ice, or diamond game in and game out, bust your freaking rear end. B. show that you care about winning and just as much when you lose and C. acknowledge the fans, make yourself available to them sign autographs pose for pictures and last but not exactly least.. DON’T BITCH TO THE MEDIA.. we don’t take kindly to whiners and crybabies doesn’t matter if your right or wrong just be a professional.. Thome was a true class act and I guarantee most fans would look back on his time here wit nothing but positive thoughts and experiences, Donny mac could’ve learned a thing Or two from him.. I’ll always be a Thome homie for life!

  26. The sad part is he is the best QB that team has had. Dallas has five Lombardis, by the way. With no asterisks. Thought I’d throw that in.

  27. I think he wants to be boo’d so he has something to complain about. So I say cheer him, even if its half hearted. He did do alot of gd things for the eagles, also I understand the fans disappointment! It’s all up to the individual tho, this is just IMO. If you really wanna piss him off just be silent like he’s not even being honered.

  28. Wait. Did McNabb just say he taught Jim Thome how to handle adversity with class?! Thome is the epitome of class. He was loved in Chicago, Cleveland, Philly, and Minnesota. And he still is! Donovan McNabb. You’re no Jim Thome!

  29. Donovan is the most interesting player of any sport in Philly history. He wins that Super Bowl and is a legitimate HOF contender. Based on the process, still will get a mention but not going anywhere.

    Unfairly treated poorly, and wrongly at the draft. Best QB of the modern era for the team but not revered.

    So insecure that he feels the need to bring Thome into the conversation. A guy who is revered. And makes it sound like they are in the same boat.

    The more he talks… the more I just can’t figure him out.

  30. I find it fascinating the disdain for McNabb by football fans. But it will be the same football fans that worship players like Roethlisberger & Favre, guys that are actually associated with vile acts. The hate this guy gets because he is opinionated. Really? Or hated on for not winning a Superbowl. Most of the fans should be hating their favorite QB right about now then.

  31. The Eagles should have won the super bowl with #5 – he was that talented. I blame Andy Reid.

  32. McPuke would have been out of the league in five years if not for Reid’s solid offensive system. Think how many Titles you would have had if if you a QB like Kurt Warner in that timeframe.

  33. Reuben Frank is correct.

    McNabb’s persecution complex has only worsened because when as an unjustifiably coddled guy for too long when others went through worse and the fact that he can’t get that treatment as a player anymore he will play the phony victim, which is what he always was.

  34. Donovan always acted like he got booed more than everyone else, partially due to race. I guess he forgets when Jaworksi got booed here and the fans clamored for Randall Cunningham. The whole Mcnabb passive aggressive thing is so tiring…Mcnabb definitely has a persecution complex, but all quarterbacks are criticized.

  35. Oh yeah, I’ll be a booing. And as far as your one and only fan left (your mother) she’ll probably be booing too.

  36. Philly fans are such ungrateful lowlifes. They’ll boo their own grandmother. The guy took your miserable team to a Superbowl. Shut up and say thanks.

  37. Eagles fans can’t even kiss their mothers without booing about something, they’re obnoxious

  38. I’m an Eagles fan and I couldn’t agree more with Don. He was booed when he was drafted and it’d be fitting that Philly fans would boo him as he left. You don’t realize you had a good thing until its gone and apparently Eagles fans can’t realize that since McNabb left our quarterback situation has not given us anything to cheer about. But yeah go ahead and boo the guy who helped make this franchise somewhat relevant again because you can’t expect anything less from a “true” Eagles fan

  39. Wilbon coddled him too much. Now he seeks sympathy excessively and doesn’t deserve it while kids go through worse from actual bullies.

  40. The slightest expenditure of energy and exhaling of wind to boo him, still isn’t worth it….

  41. Couple of things here:

    -Donny 5 was the beat QB in Eagles History
    -He is also a bit of a sensitive dude
    /If any body who doesn’t know the Philly fans and market and wants to be a massive douche and say “stay classy” Philly then you’re a moron and have no clue about some if Don’s sensitive antics while he was here
    -That being said, I think he at least deserves consideration for the HOF, especially considering his numbers, the fact he helped carry this team back to relevance, and the amount of games he win
    -Lastly, I guarantee we will almost overwhelmingly not boo him. Clowns like Cataldi and Horse face Hughes can make their little sad comments on the P all the want, but the Philly fans will never forget just how many games D5 won for us and how special those years were. We OWNED the NFC EAST and the NFC as a whole for half a decade, you can’t beat that stretch in Birds football even if we didn’t win an SB
    -And yea, we dis rob the Skins when we traded him, he was super sensitive, and he sucks in the Network now, I agree with all of that. However, to say we are going to Boo him only shows lack of intelligence. However, I sure Fox will do all it can to make it sound like we did.

    Either way, thanks for the great years Donny Mac, you were great to watch and those Birds teams were amazing.

  42. Good to see another real fan, rehmer. Unlike the idiots who just follow the 610 hosts who know nothing about sports.

  43. iggles07 says:
    Jul 24, 2013 9:36 PM
    As an Eagles fan, I appreciate the fact that Donovan was the best Eagles QB we had during the SB era.

    SB era doesn’t exist, you’re an Eagles fan wake up goof ball!

  44. McNabb was a decent though not great quarterback during his tenure in Philadelphia. However, he has been a disgrace in the past few years, beginning with his tenure at Washington. He should be booed because he has been such a disappointment to his fans.

  45. floratiotime, thanks for keeping the Dream Team monicker alive.

    Do you realize that the original Dream Team in the NBA has won the championship the last 2 years in a row?

    So by you keep referring to the Eagles as the Dream Team, you’re telling the world and showing your support for the Eagles to be Champions.

    And here I thought you were a rotten person, when all along you are a supporter. Good to see you’re hitching your wagon to the next up & coming team and continual Super Bowl contender.

  46. If you saw his return to Philly the said the would boo him then when he steps on the field he gets a warm welcome home mcnabb is a Philly legend coming from a cowboys fan

  47. He’s not inviting them he said he doesn’t care thats a big difference he’s not saying boo me he’s saying BOO ME

  48. Dear Donovan,

    I appreciate all that you brought to this city and to the Eagles organization. However, to not “boo” you would be a disservice to the Eagle community. And after you speech, I will toss a battery in your direction so you never forget where you came from.


    Donovan McNabb will always be better than Mike Vick.

  49. McNabb has a right to his opinion, but dragging a class like Jim Thome into his argument is inexcusable.

    Even if Thome said those thing–which I doubt–he said them in confidence. Having his alleged opinion tossed out just to justify McNabb’s own is beyond rude.

    I neither an Eagles fan not hater, so I’ve always had an open mind about Donovan, and again, it’s his right to speak about the fan vitriol in Philly. But he has no right to speak for OTHER ex-Philly athletes. That’s a cheap way to support your argument: claiming someone else who has never spoken about the matter agrees with you.

    Especially a person as nice as Jim Thome.


  51. McNabb was booed the day the Eagles drafted him. McNabb will get booed when he’s retired. There were times in his career that he was amazing.. When he had Owens, it had to be one of the best QB-WR threats ever.. But McNabb had ghost from his passed that he just could never shake.. Losing NFC Championships games.. In big game situations he would always fold. T.O. tried to get him over that, the spygate Pats were too much.. They couldn’t beat the Pats, spies and cameras.. That took it’s finale toll on McNabb.. It’s too bad that Eagles team couldn’t stay together.. They probably would have beaten that Pats and those pesky Cameras if they had another shot.. Especially after the Pats were caught..

  52. “When Donovan McNabb made his first appearance at Lincoln Financial Field as a member of an opposing team, Eagles fans didn’t boo him.”
    As a redskin!! WTF, that was left out.
    So why would they boo him now, Im so tired of the “worldwide leader” talking about boo’s when in actuality the linc was 80% full of number 5’s jerseys on a sunday when he was here.
    #36 was about 18% and surprisingly Akers was 1.5% and “other” was .5%.
    *Educated guesses of only active players during the time….

  53. few points

    1) theres not a single person who should boo McNabb if your an iggle supporter

    2) why would mcnabb say almost guarntees him a few boos

    and 3) i wouldnt be surprised eagles fans are dogs

  54. @rehmer2389
    Wow, you are an idiot, you say your a fan than refer to “eagles fans” instead of saying “us” but most of all is the fact you have no idea what an eagles fan is and only know what you have seen on tv like the fat slobs in NY for the draft who wanted ricky williams instead of a francise qb from syracuse like most of Philly wanted.
    No one ever brings up the fact that the Jets boo every year. Have you ever heard D’Brickashaw Ferguson or Nick Mangold complain about being boo’d?
    Almost as stupid as the “philly is racist” thing, when we have had Randall, Rodney, Donovan, and Vick play the qb posiiion here. Donovan tries to act like he was/is Jackie Robinson.

  55. Classy as always Philly. Best player in team history might get booed (Not saying he’s any good, just that he’s the best player from a team that’s never ever won a super bowl and has a prison under the stadium). Classy!

  56. adam710 says: Jul 24, 2013 7:57 PM

    If this is his attitude, I will definitely boo him. I agree with Frank. He needs to shut up. He’s ruining his profile.


    He ruined his profile a long time ago. Specifically, when he whined and pouted like a little girl who had her dolly taken from her, after getting yanked from a Ravens game after stinking it up the entire game.

  57. @rabel1014
    I’m an idiot? First of all you wanted to use the word then, not than. Secondly, I’m not going to say us because I won’t associate myself with fans who have never won anything but boo the players and athletes that have gotten us the closest to winning. I cheer for the Eagles every Sunday, however I don’t associate myself with the moronic fans that McNabb is talking about.

  58. @rehmer2389
    Yuck! your one of those guys, you correct spelling in threads. haha.
    But besides Howard Eskin, I do not know anyone like that thats a real fan. They are drunks in bars you can find in any city not just philly that complain about their team.

  59. A lot of y’all don’t get it. He isn’t being booed so much for his play, but his mouth post career. He sounds pathetic & jealous.

    For those that say if he won a super bowl he would have been guaranteed a hall of famer, remember this……Trent Dilfer won a super bowl. He just isn’t a whiney b*tch after his career & does a good job as an analyst, something Don sucked at.

  60. As an Eagle fan. everyone abusing McNabb is full of sh*t. Everyone treats Reid the same way & he’s not “bitter & jealous”.

    Sorry fellow fans. Andy & Donovan deserve better. It’s sad & petty the amount of HATE you all post on every McNabb & Reid thread.

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