NFLPA files grievance, wants Patriots doctor out


Former Chargers team doctor David Chao stepped down this summer, after the NFLPA expressed concerns about the care he was providing players.

And now, it appears the union has targeted another physician.

According to Mike Reiss of, the NFLPA has filed a grievance against the Patriots, asking team doctor Thomas Gill to step down.

The grievance emerged during the union’s representation of defensive lineman Jonathan Fanene, after the Patriots tried to recoup part or all of Fanene’s $3.85 million signing bonus, after they released him last August with a “failure to disclose physical condition” designation.

While preparing for the hearing that concluded today (which is awaiting an arbitrator’s ruling), the union found an email correspondence between Gill and Patriots executives.

The union did not comment on the report, citing the confidentiality of the grievance process.

19 responses to “NFLPA files grievance, wants Patriots doctor out

  1. Oh, you’d like a 2nd opinion, would you? Absolutely. Please see Dr. Belichick in room B.

  2. Actually, it might be a reach but for a number of years now I’ve felt like something was going on with the Patriots medical staff that wasn’t entirely up to snuff.

    The Fanene “undisclosed injury” was really strange.

    The whole Kyle Love situation was just bizarre.

    The handful of younger players that seemed to have longterm or constant injuries from seemingly not actually doing anything (Shawn Crable, Ron Brace, Ras-I Dowling, to name a few).

    Again its maybe a reach but I’m actually very interested to see where this goes.

  3. Dear Coach Belichick:

    I am having some reservations about the surgery we just finished with Mr. Fanene. Per your instructions we embedded the organic camera lenses into his eyes. As I mentioned, the power requirements for the lenses mandated an embedded power supply, which we installed in his left knee. The recorder is in his right knee.

    He appears to be recovering well, and the system is functioning fine. However, I fear that the power supply and/or recorder may cause irritation and joint damage, which should cause symptoms similar to arthritis.

  4. Maybe they should let the team players vote on the credibility of the teams doctor, as they witness his interaction first hand. Then ,if they send him packing so be it…

  5. essentialsausage says: Jul 24, 2013 3:30 PM

    The Patriots have to be the slimiest organization in the NFL.


    I have a sneaking suspicion that if I understand you (and your reading comprehension level) correctly, this could have been a story about Belichick saving a girl from a burning building and you’d comment that he put her in there and lit the match first.

  6. What part of “team ” doctor don’t you bozo’s understand

    So the team doctor who gets paid for by the team sends an email to the team

    On top of that none of us has even read it yet but you have the balls to come out here and slink the mud. You guys are a bunch of hacks. If you ever got face to face with BB you would probably ask for his autograph you two faced nitwits

  7. How about taking the man (Belicheat) responsible for the entire cheating culture there “out”, the doctor is simply a pawn in the operation there.

  8. Sounds to me like Fanene really had an undisclosed injury and the NFLPA wants to lash out against the doctor that found it and reported it to the Pats.
    Maybe the NFLPA can get Gill fired and get Sgt. Schultz hired. He’ll see nothing, say nothing, and all the players can keep their bonuses.

  9. Sounds like sour grapes. If you don’t like the diagnosis just attack the doctor, cause its clearly his fault you didn’t tell the team about an injury.

  10. I recall he was let go before he even got started. He received a 3 yr 12 million dollar contract with a 3.85mil bonus and was released August 21st for failure to disclose. I assume they discovered some information during training camp that he did not give them when he took the $2.5mil up front (1.35mil was to be paid in 2013). He only made 5 practices and did not play in a game. He made $100k in off season workouts but he apparently had an arthritic left knee. He kept practicing on it and the added stress on the right knee caused it to also become arthritic. It settled down between OTA’s and Camp, but flared back up quickly, and he was gone. He had Arthroscopic surgery on his left knee after that. I’m not sure if he has had additional surgeries since then. While he showed a lot of promise, no other team saw fit to pick him up, so i assume they all feel the injury is legit. The issue to prove is whether it was something he did not disclose, or something that developed in his very short stint in New England. I don’t think arthritis is something that shows up over night, which is probably why they feel he knew about the issue and failed to disclose it.

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