PFT Live: In defense of ‘Fins fans

Armando Salguero, of the Miami Herald, joins Mike Florio to chat about Miami’s upcoming season. With so many new faces, the Dolphins need to use training camp to get everyone on the same page. Plus, do Miami fans deserve their bad rap?

7 responses to “PFT Live: In defense of ‘Fins fans

  1. Miami’s fan are generally smart and know football. Any franchise with Miami’s recent history would not have great attendance. Why sit in that stadium and cook on a Sunday afternoon when they aren’t putting a good product on the field. Loyalty has it’s limits.

  2. “……a basis for some plausible optimism….” Seriously? Addition of Wallace, Grimes, Keller, Gibson and Tanehill with a year under his belt and by ALL accounts vastly improved over the off season and you say “Plausible Optimism”? Why not just come out of the closet as a Dolphin Hater.. “..2700 people more than some of their recent home games” Really.??. we see you for what you really are Mike…we see you! Get back to picking on the Jets.. Everyones got time for that!

  3. There are blindly loyal fans paying for and attending all 10 home games year after year. I know because I set there with them year after year. There are front runner fans who buy seats for the big games or leave their seats empty when the team looses. There are occasional fans who populate the upper deck and bring ghe kids shen they can afford it. Last year the total fan base averaged about 35,000 per game. That’s not bad for a perennial looser owned by a phoney billionaire with the PR skills of Sadam Hussein. I apologize to the dead dictator! There are lots of chikdren who have never seen a winning profootball season in Miami. They all love LeBron and the big three!

    Everyone in tge media needs to grow up and admit that winning is the only cure for an empty stadium.

  4. Not to worry…..the Dolphins will not only win their first playoff game since 2000, but they’ll win the Super Bowl.

    Ask any who post on the Jets blogs.

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