Phil Emery: No contract extensions anticipated this season


The Bears have several players heading into the final year of their contracts and it doesn’t look like any of them will be securing their futures in Chicago or elsewhere until after the 2013 season comes to an end.

Jeff Dickerson of reports that General Manager Phil Emery said at a Wednesday press conference that the team does not anticipate extending any contracts during the season. Emery also said that he has not picked up on any bad vibes from veterans with expiring deals about that stance, which allows everyone to focus on the task at hand rather than dividing attention between the field and negotiations.

Defensive tackle Henry Melton can’t get a new deal during the season by virtue of the rules for franchise-tagged players while quarterback Jay Cutler, cornerback Charles Tillman, cornerback Tim Jennings, center Roberto Garza and safety Major Wright are five starters who won’t need to think about contract talks during the season. With a new coach in Marc Trestman and Emery in his second year running the personnel shop, it seems the Bears want to see their veterans prove their worth during the year before deciding who will be sticking around.

Tillman said earlier this offseason that the Bears are in the “winning now business.” If business isn’t good, the team could wind up looking a lot different when next season rolls around.

15 responses to “Phil Emery: No contract extensions anticipated this season

  1. hard not to be thrilled and terrified as a bears fan this season. Bears are either going to the Super Bowl or their going to burn up from the inside out. It won’t be boring in any event.

  2. Yeah, that many players in their last year wont hve any negative vibes in the locker room.

  3. I think no matter how good the Bears do this year, there will be incredible turnover the next offseason.

  4. All this tells me is that Emery truly does have a #1 goal of making this team the very best it can be.

    It’s a little hard to swallow the fact that if Tillman or Cutler or anyone else don’t play well, they might not be here after next year. But ultimately, if we want the Bears to win the super bowl, we need to always be improving the team in every single area to the best players available.

    So the part of me who loves the individual players would be sad, but the Bears fan in me knows and applauds the fact that Emery has no favorites and has the team’s highest goal in mind, and that’s putting together a Superbowl-winning Bears team.

    Here’s hoping that the players realize that, take full responsibility, appreciate the honesty and clarity of the situation, and play really well.

  5. My big fear is that Cutler has a good year, and other teams come after him with money that the Bears won’t match.

  6. What did Denver know about Cutler and when did they know it? He’s not a leader and never has been. Just a pouting crybaby. Dump ’em and rebuild. The man’s a liability.

  7. @filthymcidiot

    Stay out of the Bears pages and stick with your sausage fingers, non tan, cow loving, pork bay team. Tell your QB to pay his bets off.

  8. Emery has done a great job in Chicago. when he fired Lovie that was a brave move and when he let
    Urlacher hang him self that took balls. Now its time to show some good since. Sign Cutler to a contract as fast as you can

  9. It would seem that the players would want to play well to finish out their contract, regardless if they play for the Bears next year or not. I’m not a big Emery fan (he’s definitely an upgrade from Angelo), but I applaud him for removing this as a point of discussion and speculation for the remainder of the season. Go Bears!

  10. Looks like Phil is playing Moneyball in the NFL. He must have noted the Hawks success and watching Theo rebuild the Cubs. Competition never hurt. Players don’t like it. They want job security.Can’t blame them. They are 1 injury away from ending their career. Go Bears!!!

  11. Emery needs to sign Cutler now.
    what if Trestman is as good as advertised with QB’s Cutler just won 10 games with NO O-line. now he has a real Coach with a proven system and a O-line. If Trestman can just make Cutler 2 games better the Bears are a 12-4 NFC north champ and more than likely has a 1st round bye.

  12. @chi01town
    I love the Bears but, we really can’t just take 10 wins from last year with us and then win 2 more. The Bears could play just as well and win 8. The defense is at least less likely to score so many times. Yeah I think they will be better but its not exactly a given.

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