ProFootballTalk: Wilson to Harvin a dangerous combo

The Seahawks had a very impressive offseason, which included the addition of WR Percy Harvin. Mike Florio thinks Russell Wilson will be as good, if not better than he was during his rookie season.

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  1. Seattle will be a good team, but not as great as people on their bandwagon think, and Wilson will prove himself to be human after all in his second season.

  2. @larryboody… That’s how I feel about SF and Kapernut. I got my tickets to the Seahawks vs. SF game in Candlestick Park and I’m driving down there from Seattle to tell them so December 8th baby!!!!

  3. I don’t care about people on the bandwagon, larryboodry. But people that have been fans of this team for decades see how special this group is. More important, the analysts see how much talent they have.

    What you may be missing is they didn’t lose any key starters and have added big-time playmakers on both sides of the ball. The top scoring defense of ’12 has shored up the one deficiency with two great pass-rushers and a Pro Bowl CB that will be the nickelback. Look out!

  4. this team is talented no doubt, but what sets them apart is the mental toughness, discipline and confidence. if they avoid major injuries to key players, it’s a one way ticket to title town

  5. Wilson had a really good last 11 games, I don’t think that anyone can deny that. I don’t think that we can reasonably expect him to pick up on the level that he ended on, but teams aren’t going to figure him out either. He’ll be closer to that last 11 games than the first 7, and the Seahawks’ offense continues to be one of the most efficient in the league.

    I also don’t think that Harvin will have a huge season in terms of receiving yards, but he will make an enormous impact at all times on offense and on Special Teams.

  6. If you don’t like Russell Wilson you don’t like football. The displays such a passion for the game and works his tail off and carries himself like a true professional. He split 1/3 of the reps up until the last game of pre-season but this year he has full reins and a year with the playbook. Not saying this is a fail proof but I wouldn’t bet against him. I remember when the Seahawks played Harvin he was having an MVP season and I was nervous every-time he touched the ball because he could take it the house. Can’t believe that weapon is on our team. Go Hawks!

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