Trent Baalke: “Always a possibility” Eric Wright joins 49ers


The 49ers failed cornerback Eric Wright on his physical Sunday, which rescinded the trade with the Buccaneers that brought Wright to San Francisco and led to Wright’s release by the Buccaneers.

Some speculated that the 49ers failed Wright on the physical because they changed their mind on the trade after Wright’s July 12 DUI arrest came to light, a charge General Manager Trent Baalke seemed to reject on Tuesday. The 49ers knew about the arrest before making the trade and Baalke said he doesn’t “think what’s being reported is really the facts around” what happened in Wright’s case. Baalke was adamant that Wright was failed for medical reasons and that the team would welcome Wright at a later date if those reasons cease to exist.

“The door is never closed on players,” Baalke said, via Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle. “With respect to Eric, there’s always a possibility that he becomes a Niner at some point. Just not now. … All the work we did and the discussion that we had with Eric when he came in here was very positive. There were some concerns. We addressed the concerns, but once again he’s not with us. We’d rather talk about the guys that are here.”

Baalke didn’t offer any specifics beyond saying that the team’s doctors didn’t think Wright was ready to get on the field, but we’re guessing this wasn’t all jumping through hoops to wind up with Wright while avoiding spending a conditional draft pick. Players with medical concerns often pass physicals, so the issue with Wright had to worry the Niners quite a bit if they were otherwise totally convinced that Wright was going to be a positive addition to the team.

Now that Wright’s a free agent, other teams have a chance to make their own determination as to whether his medical and/or legal issues are too imposing to support bringing him onto their team.

8 responses to “Trent Baalke: “Always a possibility” Eric Wright joins 49ers

  1. the defensive backfield, our achilles heel, worried about our front four and our back four this year, the LB’s are dominant and make up for alot of weaknesses in the middle of the zone

  2. The Niners probably realized they could sign Wright for less without trading for him. So, now that he is an FA, they could sign him without trading any picks. Makes sense.

  3. And if he does the Bucs will promptly file a grievance, as they should. What a shady division that is with the 49ers, Seahawks and Rams, all coached by lowlifes.

  4. Its also always a possibility that Balky would sign Aaton Hernandez if he thought he could help the WHiners keep up with Seattle.
    What u see here folks is a team that knows it is inferior to its rival in Seattle and is desperatly trying ANYTHING to try and keep pace, no matter how low they lower their ethical bar.
    Stay classy WHiners, but the division is owned by the Hawks and Russell Wilson.

  5. Iknownothing – Weird, Seattle Seahawks Bucket list of class: 1 player arrested and charged with Third Degree Assault and Imprisonment charges, 2 players with pending DUI cases, 6 positive test for performance enhancing drugs in the past 3 years, a player with a pending charge for misdemeanor trespassing and obstruction, Dumb Ass breaks into donut shop for a Donut, and win a game on a horrendous last second call. Seahawks Class! Congratulations on your over-rated team finishing 3rd in the division this year!

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