Vick says he loves having to compete for job


The easy thing for Michael Vick to do would be to pout.

The 33-year-old quarterback’s now fighting for a job with a second-year player, who hasn’t accomplished nearly what he has in the league.

But Vick said he’s not angry about having to compete for his job, he said he relishes it.

I love the competition,” Vick said, via Reuben Frank of “I embrace the competition. I really do. It makes all of us better quarterbacks. It makes all of us better football players. It definitely pushes me.”

A little push might not hurt, as there’s no evidence he’s clearly ahead of Nick Foles at this point. So Vick’s taking the competition as a challenge.

“If you get something handed to you, you could get lax in your approach,” he said. “If you have it handed to you, you could take things for granted and not put in the work that you need to.

“I enjoy it, and I think all the quarterbacks feel like it’s going to make us better quarterbacks, because we’re out there every day pushing each other.

“I’ve always had good quarterbacks behind me, pushing me. I had [Matt] Schaub and even Doug Johnson in Atlanta, I had Kevin [Kolb] when I got here and Vince Young, he was a really good quarterback, too.

“It’s definitely good for me. It keeps you on your toes. You can’t let up, because if you do somebody is going to pass you by.”

That might be Foles in the short term, or Matt Barkley eventually. Chip Kelly’s not saying yet, and having a new coach does nothing to enhance to chances of incumbents.

But Vick’s approach is the right one, making the best of a situation he’d obviously not prefer.

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  1. He also said he wasn’t running a dog fighting ring several years ago. He’s not exactly the poster child for honesty or credibility.

  2. Maybe I’m clueless, but I would assume that every player who’s made it to the NFL relishes competition. Hell, it’s literally how they earn a living. I really don’t see the big deal with this statement.

  3. Omg he said the right thing gor a change yet u guys are still all over him. Get a grip people

  4. Matt Barkley, whether it be this year or next, will eventually become the next franchise QB for the Philadelphia Eagles. I say this even though I strongly believe that Nick Foles has the capabilities to be a very serviceable quarterback in this league. Vick’s time is over. As much as I enjoyed watching him, especially in 2010, the quick-decision, intelligent, and accurate QB that Kelly wants to fit his system, is NOT Vick. Sorry brother, but Barkley will eventually be the one to lead the Birds to the promised land! And that’ll happen LIGHT YEARS before RGIII ever does anything noteworthy for that lame team that resides in our nations capital.

  5. who cares who care who cares who cares

    I know it’s a slow time of the year, but please give this thing a rest. Even as an Eagles fan I’m getting extremely sick of seeing articles on this non-story.

  6. The Preseason will determine the Eagles QB and Vick is not worried. Mainly because unless there is some unusal moves by management, the two QBs Barkley ad Foles are not NFL ready QBs. Foles is immobile and inaccurate and Blarkley is another USC hyped up QB. The hungry Vick of 2010 with a solid OL is heads over heels better than both of them and playing in games will show this not practices without pads and contact!

  7. I actually love how Chip Kelly is making everyone wait…. because it is the right thing to do. Let the QBs compete, and when the team (not just coaches) see who is best.. the players will rally behind.
    Why just choose one of the QBs especially when neither is a slam dunk top 10 QB?
    Isnt this what Seattle did last year? Media was in an uproar at not knowing who the QB was… well, in December everyone knew who the QB was… Thats all that matters.. Not July.

  8. If Vick loses the competition, will he be electrocuted with a car battery and buried in a shallow grave out back? That’s what he did if a dog lost a fight.

  9. How is Foles not NFL ready? Please explain? His intellect alone puts him above everybody else. Remember that come from behind win for the eagles? Yeah the winning TD drive play was audibled by Foles. Not just that but the guy is tall and can actually see over the guards. His accuracy is excellent he just needs to work on arm strength. All indications conclude he did indeed work on his arm strength during the off season. Foles is a winning QB and anybody that thinks otherwise are delusional.

  10. Vick hasn’t accomplished much in the league. He’s been more hype than production. One 1000yard rushing season, one season of 100 QB rating and two 3000 yard passing seasons. No superbowls, no league MVP, etc etc. I bet some running backs in the league could be groomed to be just as productive at the QB position

  11. His agent told him to stop moping around the locker room and complaining about a starter not being named yet, because no other team will want a miserable baby as a back up on their team, and that is what he will be looking at when the Eagles cut him to save the 3.5 million dollar roster bonus.

  12. Vince Young, he was a really good quarterback, too. – Proof Vick hasn’t recovered from last season’s concussions.

  13. This QB battle is being blown out of proportion. Vick WILL be the starter on week 1. Chip Kelly is only doing the right thing keeping his players motivated to work harder.

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