Witten, Gonzalez speak out in favor of HGH testing

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Two of the NFL’s top tight ends are lending their voices to support testing players for human growth hormone.

With the NFL and NFLPA meeting today to work on an HGH testing plan, Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez and Cowboys tight end Jason Witten have both spoken up to say that testing should happen.

“I know I wouldn’t have a problem with it because it levels the playing field,” Gonzalez said on CNBC, in comments distributed to the media by the NFL. “Why wouldn’t you want something like that? We have to give blood anyway so might as well test it for HGH.”

Witten said he believe the league and the union will come up with a testing policy that makes sense for everyone.

“Doing it the proper way is what it’s all about,” Witten said, via the Dallas Morning News. “You want as level of a playing field as you can get. I think the union and the league have done a good job. It’s probably taken a little bit longer than both sides wanted, but it’ll be good to get that together and finalized for us.”

The agreement between the league and the union hasn’t been finalized yet, but comments like these indicate that HGH testing is coming soon, and many players are on board.

13 responses to “Witten, Gonzalez speak out in favor of HGH testing

  1. Exactly. There’s no rational excuse for not testing for HGH. It’s done for Olympic athletes, cycling, and for other sports. The NFLPA is being quite irrational. They’re even worse than the baseball players.

  2. If you’re in the NFL and against testing for it, then you’re likely using it. Quit hiding cheaters NFL and NFLPA. You’re league is as dirty as 90’s baseball or Lance Armstrong and you know it.

  3. I love it that those who do things the right way are so outspoken on the issue.

    cheaters are cheaters don’t matter how you slice it.

    any using HGH or Anabolic Steroids should have a higher consequence from the league.

    1st offense; 1 year ban, salaries withheld.
    2nd offense; life time banishment.

  4. Yeah except the NFL would rather change the rules of football and make the game less enjoyable for fans instead of taking away a little bit of the excessive speed and size (F=M x A) from pumping themselves full of PEDs.

  5. That’s rich. I watched Gonzalez on CNBC yesterday and all I could think of was…this guy is the poster boy for HGH. An aging player who miraculously looks like he is 10 years younger and playing, still, at a very high level. He, along with Tony Mandarich who was also on, talked about how the steroid testing has almost eliminated steroid abuse. Funny how there still is no HGH testing. Also funny, how Gonzales is calling for it, knowing it won’t be implemented before he retires after this season. They are ALL on HGH. Who cares. It makes the games more fun to watch. This isn’t baseball which puts its numbers/stats on a pedestal.

  6. There is no way that the NFL is even 25% clean of PED’s.

    Even punters have been busted taking PED’s……PUNTERS!

  7. its just like people opposed to drug testing for welfare…if you’re against someone making sure everyone is doing things the right way then you’re probably one of the people worried about getting caught…

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