Arthur Blank: Winning rings is what signing Matt Ryan is about


Shortly after Falcons owner Arthur Blank agreed to pay quarterback Matt Ryan $20.75 million a year, Blank said it’s all about winning a Super Bowl.

Blank praised Ryan, General Manager Thomas Dimitroff and coach Mike Smith for getting the deal done and positioning them to be a team that can win a championship.

“Matt is a franchise quarterback,” Blank said. “We’re not going to rest really well until we have rings. That’s what this is about.”

Ryan made clear that he’s very glad to be playing for a team owned by Blank.

“I have to begin by thanking Mr. Blank,” Ryan said. “Mr. Blank, I can’t thank you enough. It’s awesome, and I’m happy to be here.”

Now Ryan needs to get to work on showing that he deserves that $20.75 million a year, and doing everything he can to lead the Falcons to the first championship in franchise history.

65 responses to “Arthur Blank: Winning rings is what signing Matt Ryan is about

  1. I hope Matt is entering a sweeptstakes this year because that is the only way he’ll win a ring.

    The Falcons will not even win the division this year.

  2. I believe in Matty Ice to get to the Superbowl this year and take on Joe Flacco for the 2008 QB of the draft title. I expect the Ravens D to open a can of whoopee on Mr. Ryan and solidify the repeat.

    Go Ravens!

  3. If Atlanta does not win the division, they have no shot at even winning a playoff game.

    Also Rodgers andBrees aren’t retiring anytime soon. They can win with average defenses.

    Plus there are those two young guys in the NFC West.

    So….good luck with that.

  4. Disappointed in playoff wins but Ryan has deserved this based on the entirety of stats. Put him with Ravens D and he might have won back to back titles already.

  5. Gotta love these fans knocking Matt’s contract. These same fans that would be lobbying their respective GMs to pay him even more money if he hadn’t been resigned and went to free-agency next season.

  6. Well, let’s see, Flacco has been to the Playoffs 5 years in a row, and is a SB MVP!! Ryan has won just ONE playoff game during that span….geez, it seems like Blank has wasted a lot of money! In fact, even Big Ben does not even have the playoff pedigree as does Joe ‘Cool’. The city of Bmore is a city steeped in NFL history!

  7. Somewhere, Jay Cutler is patiently salivating

    He already has his one playoff win, same as Romo and Ryan. Just imagine if he entered his extension talks next offseason with TWO playoff wins..

  8. If Matty Ice keeps losing playoff games like he has in the past, he will surpass Fran Tarkenton as the biggest choke QB in the history of the NFL. If he were really worth the money, he would have scored inside the 10 year line to send the Falcons to the Superbowl. That represents the best chance he will ever have.

  9. ATL isn’t winning the Super Bowl, isn’t winning the NFC, isn’t even winning the South, maybe a Wild-Card. Sean Payton is back and has unfinished business to attend to. Saints pretty much own the Falcons since SP has been there. He’s 10-2 against them C’mon now we got your number Dirty Birds. Every year is different. The 13-3 record last season means absolutely zilch. And everyone talks about how bad the Saints “D” is, (and it is bad), but Falcons “D” is gonna be horrible this year too. No Abraham, Grimes, or Robinson. Oh ya Osi is a situational guy so don’t get your hopes too high.

  10. Ryan is like tony romo….great regular season stats,,,looks great playing against sad or mediocre teams,,,cracks under pressure and in big games. If they had wilson or rodgers,,,they would have a ring by now

  11. You shouldn’t qualify for a nickname like Matty Ice until you win your first championship. Kind of corny.

  12. If Arthur is pinning his hopes on 1-4 Matty Melt, he is wasting his money. Ryan doesn’t have “it”. Good luck ATL.

  13. Dammit Arthur!
    If its all about the rings, then you should have drafted Russell “real deal” Wilson

  14. The hate for Matt Ryan makes no sense. Going in to last year he was dogged for not winning a playoff game so he wins one and nearly another. In the win his clutch throws in the last 30 seconds (against a blitz) saved the day.

    Yes, Brees, Rodgers, Brady, Big Ben and the Mannings deserve respect. As unlucky as Atlanta was in failing to score late against SF, Flacco lucked out against Denver. It’s a game of inches and only the good ones win consistently. Those named along with Ryan are the class of the league.

    Yes, there are some young guys who could join them in Kaepernick, Wilson, RG3, Luck & Newton to an extent but ill wait to see if they can do it again this year. There is now a lot of film on these guys and defensive staffs spent a lot of time working to shut down the read option which many of the young guns used to win. Fads come and go in the NFL and if this is one of them, a prototypical QB like Ryan is worth every penny.

    With all that being said, thank God football season is here.

  15. The only way he’s getting a ring is if he’s purchasing one of the ones the Ohio St. Buckeyes players are selling. Good luck with your eBay bidding Matt, at least you have the money to get it now.

  16. I saw that playoff game and I have nothing against Matty Ice or crying men but when in the last few minutes after the Falcons second to last drive Matt turned on the water works and I was just thinking to myself why are you tearing up you still have a chance if your D stops them (which they did). Anyways after that I’ve lost all confidence in Matt’s clutchness.

  17. They can’t even sweep the Saints. No rings in their near future. Matt Ryan has only beaten the Saints 3 times in 10 tries.

  18. If he doesn’t at least get to the Superbowl this year with those weapons on offense then this will have been a mistake.

    Put Brees on a team with Julio Jones, Roddy White, Gonzalez and Steven Jackson and see what happens.

  19. i would rate matty around 7th behind rodgers, brady, P.Manning, brees ,E.Manning and Flacco but hes getting top 3 money (so is romo but everyone knows JJ is clinically insane) i still think matty took to much money for someone who already had a pretty big rookie contract.

  20. Re-signing MR is fine, but your problem isn’t in your offense…Also Ryan is going to hit 30 while RW, CK, and RG3 begin to hit their prime…

  21. Overpaid.

    Ryan is blessed to have the best WR duo in the NFL and still can’t win the Big Game.

    I’ll go as far as saying the Falcons won’t win the division this year. They lost Abraham/Grimes and haven’t made any BIG offseason moves. The Saints have Sean Payton back and the Bucs secondary have turned into the “No Fly Zone.”

  22. Mr. Blank,don’t worry. Jerry Jones, said “he feels like you,when he payed Romero , the same kind of money,,,

    What you really needed was Geno Smith…lol

  23. with those receivers and tight ends, an average QB could have success. Does that make Matt Ryan an average QB? Hard to tell. Until he wins a big game, he’ll never be elite.

  24. Do they even put rings in cereal boxes or candy anymore? Not that I’ve seen, but regardless, that’s too much money. Granted, every box won’t get you that ring, but you won’t have to buy millions of them to get a few rings.

  25. If not for Matt Bryant, Ryan still would not have a playoff win! His 4th quarter fumble helped them lose their chance at a Lombardi last season. I imagine he’ll find another way to choke again this season.
    Yeah…he’s really worth $20.75mil per season!
    Artie would’ve been better served to spend $6million on Cracker Jacks if he wanted a ring so bad.

  26. Matt Ryan has a higher winning percentage than either Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees and at no point has Atlanta’s defense been anything above average.

    That’s a fact.

  27. atlfan31833 says:Jul 25, 2013 9:10 PM

    Disappointed in playoff wins but Ryan has deserved this based on the entirety of stats. Put him with Ravens D and he might have won back to back titles already.

    I assume you don’t pay much attention to football, the Ravens defense was horrendous last year.

    ATL – gave up 299 points

    BAL – gave up 344 points

    Or I could go on about if you gave Flacco, Ryan’s Offense of Roddy White, Julio Jones, and Tony Gonzalez he would have won more titles already. Face it Matt Ryan is a choker

  28. Not the biggest Matt Ryan fan. My name is a play on his silly nickname and I did it to poke some fun.

    That being said, you had to pay him that kind of money. And here’s why: I remember last season they had him Mic’ed up and I heard something that I really liked. I believe that the defense made a really bad play and they came off the field. Matt Ryan was around the O-linemen and while they came off the field, Matt told them that they were going to get the touchdown back.

    But that’s not the entire story. Every QB says that when the defense comes off the field conceding a touchdown. But he way he said it was as if it was a guarantee. It was with certainty.

    Then at the same game, he went into the huddle and before he gave the play, he told them that “this wasn’t anything and that this is how we’re going to get the lead back again.’ Again, not with a whole lot of bravado or hype. He had a very calming effect of the team.

    In short, Matt Ryan is like insurance. He’s not sexy. He doesn’t have the best arm. He’s not going to run you off the field. He’s not even going to be that field general where you wonder if he needs an offensive coordinator. But when he’s back there, you just feel safe.

    Now I don’t like safety. I like danger. If you take Matt Ryan and place him next to Mike Vick, I may still take Vick- because I like the dangerous nature of his game. And I think you can win rings with danger.

    But if you want some certainty. If you see insurance as a necessity and look for danger in other positions and not your quarterback, then you gotta love Matt Ryan. And as a Falcons fan, I feel safe with him behind center.

  29. Oh Crud, jests fans will spend an hour trying to figure out that last comment.

  30. Good for him. He doesn’t deserve to be making more than flacco, but this is how contracts work. He has slightly better regular season stats, but plays against some of the worst defenses in the league in the NFC South, plays in a dome, and has probably the best wr/te core in the NFL.

  31. Glad Matt got his contract…good for him. Let’s make one thing clear though, Matt is not better than Flacco. I’m tired of Falcons fans saying “well if Ryan had the Ravens defense..he would have won 5 rings by now”. First of all, that’s a losers excuse and mentality. I could say “well if Flacco had Roddy White, Julio Jones, and the greatest TE to ever play the game, he’d have 5 rings too”. Also, the Ravens defense ranked in the bottom half of the league last season. Suggs played on one achilles and one bicep. Ray Lewis missed most of the season. Ngata was banged up etc…but Flacco still managed to throw 11 TD 0 INT’s when it mattered most. Bottom line…Ryan has to step his game up and prove himself worth of that contract.

  32. is that saints 12013 guy back trolling the Falcons board again? Geez, what they do, throw you off your own board?

    “Saints have the Falcons number”? you mean like five picks then being sent home to spend the playoffs watching everyone else? Yahhhh, everyone is shaking in their boots about the “sit-at-home” Saints. How can a great quarterback like Brees, “a ball throwing legend”, manage to sit his team at home for the playoffs? especially with wild card births available?

    Yep, Matty and the rest of the birds (13-3), and the rest of football probably thought about the Saints all of ZERO seconds over the off season…what’s to think about? We’re all sure you Saints fans are looking forward to your “rebuilding” year in 2014…we’re looking forward to the comic relief. All of football can’t wait for your usual excuses: The dog ate our playbook, Goodell was unfair, we had a flat tire on the way to the stadium, we forgot there was a game this week and didn’t study, our cleaning service threw our playbooks out, we have a “solar powered team” but have to play in a dome, we had radon poisoning, the ref blew every call, the lights were in our eyes, we didn’t set our clocks for daylight savings time, we just got haircuts and it makes us feel slow, our shoulder pads were recalled and we were waiting for the new ones, there was a serious bottleneck at the Gatorade cooler, we couldn’t decide “football or bowling”, we were still in the john when the starting whistle blew, we dropped our water bottle, our shoe laces were untied, we got lost and didn’t ask for directions, we forgot to shave our legs, we didn’t eat our Wheaties, we stayed up all night playing xBox, AND OF COURSE – we’re just all kinds of stupid!

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