Banner: Gordon’s “rope that’s left isn’t long”


It’s one thing for Josh Gordon’s teammates to remind him he doesn’t have many chances.

When the boss says it, he better be paying attention.

Browns CEO Joe Banner spelled it out for the talented second-year receiver, saying that Gordon is aware he’s running out of chances after he was suspended two games for a positive test for codeine, after coming into the league on the heels of failed marijuana tests in college.

“He spent a fair amount of time talking to (head coach Rob Chudzinski) and he’s got to do some work and he understands he’s going to be held accountable and he gets (that) the rope that’s left isn’t long,” Banner said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “In working with the coaches, they need to see that commitment, that work ethic. Obviously, off the field he needs to make good choices.”

Gordon’s able to participate in training camp and the preseason, but will be away the first two weeks of the regular season.

When he comes back, he’s going to have a chance to prove himself, because he has the kind of stretch-the-field talent the Browns lack. But they’re also lacking patience with him, and he needs to understand that.

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  1. Sip Sip Sippin on Sizzyurp…. Get with it or get lost…. Plenty of time to lean and grow herbs in your thirties bro… Right now its time to make plays.

  2. Codeine??? He needs to have a chat with Johnny Jolly up in Green Bay. I don’t think that is a road he want to go down, as Jolly is now trying to make a comeback after nearly destroying a promising career.

  3. It’s true. I hope he wises up because he is truly a talented cat. He nearly missed two years of school and he was able to come into the NFL and do what he did? Wow. It isn’t hard to stay away from drugs, though. Especially the non-addictive ones.

  4. “Another” Tom Heckert gamble where the jury is still out. And, another reason that the new Browns regime did not retain Heckert.
    Heckert and Holmgren over reached for Brandon Weeden (QB) in taking him in round one. They went against the grain in trading up to take the injury prone Trent Richardson in round #1 at #3. Again, the jury is still deliberating on many of Heckert’s picks.
    Seems like “jury talk” is front and center with regards to the Browns in various aspects these days. I sure hope the verdicts come back favorable.

  5. First of all, if he was truly suppin’ on some sizzzurp then his suspension would not have been reduced. He had a valid excuse. My question is why suspend him at all in that case. A valid excuse should excuse you from punishment. If a cop catches me speeding and pulls me over only to see my pregnant wife in the passenger seat about to give birth he shouldn’t write me a ticket anyway, but reduce it from $100 from $200. If the doctor’s excuse fits he shouldn’t sit.

  6. Players can drown themselves in alchohol, but smoking a little marijuana is wrong? Law makers need to get their heads out of their rears, and legalize it already. It’s FAR safer than any other recreational substance.

  7. Rope…?

    Very bad choice of words, IMO.

    …”the rope that’s left isn’t long”

    Can’t believe Banner would talk about “rope” when referring to the football player in this situation.

    If he wanted to say Gordon is on a short leash…fine…but when Banner starts talking about “rope”, he needs to understand the possible racial under tone that some might associate with his comment.

    I doubt that Banner meant anything by the comment, but he needs to understand how some might view his comment.

    Honestly, I don’t know why Banner even felt the need to say anything about Gordon’s situation…coaches have talked to Gordon and commented about it in the press and so have the team captains and that was pointed out in the press.

    Banner use of the press to pile on Gordon was not needed nor necessary. Gordon knows he messed up and is down to last straw with the Browns.

    Banner’s poor use of words only proves some need to understand when they have talked enough.

  8. Gordon is very fluid and natural running routes with great speed and superior agility. He catches with his hands and has awesome open field vision.

    He needs to obviously improve route running. But this kid has mad skills. Hope he grows up fast.

  9. It kills me how arrogant and ignorant these athletes today are, they have been given an opportunity that so many of us others would kill for the chance to have and they do stupid stuff to jeopardize it, i don’t feel any sympathy for players like him.

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