Cases against Pilot Flying J could be consolidated


As Browns owner Jimmy Haslam heads to Berea, Ohio for the launch of the team’s training camp, his mind may instead be on Maine.

That’s where a judicial panel will consider on Thursday whether to consolidate the various civil suits filed against the truck-stop behemoth Haslam runs and transfer the cases to a single court.

According to the Tennessean, Pilot Flying J supports consolidation, given that the allegations in all suits are eye-dentical.

The consolidated lawsuit apparently would consist of the Pilot Flying J customers who opt out of the nationwide settlement, which would pay customers any money wrongfully withheld from them plus six percent interest.

Lawyers opposing the nationwide settlement contend that the deal omits the potential recovery of treble damages (certain types of violations permit a tripling of the amount due) and/or punitive damages.  Pilot Flying J attorney Aubrey Harwell predictably disagrees.

“We are giving people their money back.  We are paying people an extremely high rate of interest . . . and paying all legal fees,” Harwell said, via the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  “Anyone who doesn’t like the settlement can opt out and make any decision they want.”

Harwell is right, but Harwell also knows that some customers will simply stick with the class action, not realizing that they may be owed more than what the company has offered to pay.  In other words, the same lack of sophistication that allegedly prompted Pilot Flying J to short their rebate payments could prompt the customers to just shrug their shoulders and collect far less than they possibly deserve.

8 responses to “Cases against Pilot Flying J could be consolidated

  1. Can you explain why they would ‘deserve’ three times the money owed? I’m guessing there’s a reason behind treble damages, but I can’t see how somebody stiffing you equates to having to pony up three times the amount originally due.

  2. Simply paying back the money owed plus a little bit of interest is not enough punishment for stealing. If I went to a store and shoplifted something I would get arrested. Some crooks at Pilot Flying J need to be arrested.

  3. That same lack of sophistication is how every Brownsbowner is able to fleece the fans out of their money for tickets, parking, food, and memoribilia every year while never ever producing a competitive team.

    Fleecing simpletons is simple

  4. The move of Pilot to start paying some money to a very few trucking Co is a clear attempt to confuse the Court .. Of course they be paying the large trucking Co but neglecting the small to medium trucking Co Pilot know that a very few trucking Co have the funds to engage in these class actions and can t audit the records ..Pilot expect them to rely on honesty of the audit from Pilot .. If you look at OPIS index you be figuring that Pilot has “jacked ” up their price so Paul will pay Bill We can help with Free Audit
    pilot flying j class action c o m

  5. Congrats you gave them back the money you stole. Tell that to your cellmate. You still participated in a grand theft scheme. Spend some time in solitary to think about what you did!

  6. Seems to me some kind of cover up is going on, I mean instead of an indictment we get quick settlement and the settlement is what Haslam people say is owed and these kinds of suits almost never get bought out before the answer of indictments, So someone of some group is trying to help cover up the truth maybe because the Governor of tenn might be indited to, so A Republican cover up is going on, Jail this Pig And take our Team not his away from him for buying it with stolen money!!!

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