Cowboys finally plaster corporate name on their stadium

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Nearly four years after it opened, Cowboys Stadium will be known as something other than Cowboys Stadium.  It will instead be AT&T Stadium.

Where the motto may or may not be, “Can you seat me now?”

“AT&T is an iconic American leader that has guided the path of communication in the world for more than 100 years,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said in a release issued by the team.  “Our stadium has always been about providing fans with an unsurpassed experience in the area of technology.  With AT&T, we are growing our relationship with one of the world’s strongest and most innovative companies to ultimately provide fans with the latest cutting-edge technology for many years to come.”

It’s more than a standard naming-rights deal.  The team and the company “will work together to deliver an interactive gameday experience for fans like no other,” according to the release.

The enhancements include doubling the capacity of the 4G LTE network in and around the venue, nearly doubling the capacity of the Wi-Fi network, and enhancing the team’s mobile app for in-stadium use.

The specifics of the deal aren’t known, but it’s expected to entail payment of $20 million or more per year.  For doing nothing other than calling a building something else than what it already was called.

52 responses to “Cowboys finally plaster corporate name on their stadium

  1. I guess increased internet access will give the fans something else to focus on besides a mediocre team…

  2. With the money they have made from the IPhones over the years $20m/yr is a drop in the corporate bucket for them.

  3. With all those strong micro waves floating through the stadium I wonder how many fans will sue the Cowboys in about ten years from now??

  4. The “can you hear me now” thing is Verizon. The motto should be “I wish I had a change-o machine. Then I would change the Dallas Cowboys into ANYTHING else.”

  5. Gotta hand it to the Jerry Jones! He may have no clue on assembling an Elite football squad, (look @ their 2013 draft selection for an immediate example).
    However, he is a businessman like no other! The man is a mad scientist when it comes to business & innovation! Dallas fans are lucky to have such a passionate owner! He does well for the league & city of Dallss

  6. Until JJ relinquishes his role as GM, a more fitting sponsor name would be (the former corporation) Enron!

  7. “Can you hear me now” is Verizon. Sweet article Florio. Welp…at least they’ll be providing blazing 4G internet so I can watch other games when whoever their running back is gets injured and Romo throws a 4th quarter pick to seal the loss.

  8. Jerry could have got wayyy more $ from General Motors but he’s the only GM in that building baby!!!

  9. I wish all these companies dumping millions into putting their name on to the side of a building (when were already WELL AWARE of the company beforehand) would put those millions back in their customers pockets or at least put it into product development.

    Who’s going to go to a game there, or see the staidum on TV and go “oh snap! Let me switch my cell provider to AT&T!!”???

  10. I hear the experience at the new Dallas stadium is amazing because it’s built like the 7th wonder of the world, but supposedly the actual football experience (being able to enjoy the football played on the field), is below average and that the field is more isolated than at any other stadium. That said, I want to go there some day to see it.

  11. Surely they could have left the name “Cowboy” in there.

    The NFL is all about greed and gimmicks at this point. Instead of listening to the customers who have stated over and over that they want lower ticket prices, the NFL gives gimmicks like wifi and voyeuristic cameras in locker rooms. When not enough fans buy tickets to the taxpayer-funded stadiums, the NFL throws a tantrum and actively prevents networks (who paid billions) from showing the game. The NFL is extremely wealthy and arrogant yet pays NO taxes.

  12. The jokes are unlimited in supply…

    I guess the fans will be able to use the powerful network to get online and watch old videos of good Cowboys teams while the one in front of them steamrolls to an 8-8 record again.

  13. awesome deal and makes this team a much more valuable franchise. I predict at least 3 SB’s by 2020 with the studs on this team and SB coaches leading them to victory.


  14. It’s fitting that AT&T and Jerry Jones have partnered up on this venture……both waste hundreds of millions producing crap.

  15. So you’re telling me my phone will be fast at the stadium?!?! I was on the fence before, but that just pushed me over the edge!

    Here’s the deal: nobody cares. Want to make people happy? Lower parking/ticket/concessions prices. THE END.

  16. Yeah, it would be nice to return some money to the fans. THAT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN. The only way to get lower ticket prices is to NOT buy those tickets. Simple supply and demand.

  17. davekezer says:
    Jul 25, 2013 2:23 PM
    So you’re telling me my phone will be fast at the stadium?!?! I was on the fence before, but that just pushed me over the edge!

    Here’s the deal: nobody cares. Want to make people happy? Lower parking/ticket/concessions prices. THE END.
    You are a complete moron. Any idea how much money is made thru fantasy football today? You think people don’t want players news, injury updates, fantasy updates etc. during a football game? Updated state and customizable info you can do thru your phone?

    Not to mention that you can order food/drinks to be delivered to your seats using the mobile apps that are possible? I just did it last week at a Washington Nationals game and it worked really well. Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to do the same at FEDEX Field because Dan Snyder is too cheap to fork over the money for a better in stadium experience.

    While the NFL is struggling to fill seats, enhance game day experience, this is a terrific move in the right direction by one of the owners that is HIGHLY respected among owners not only around the NFL, but professional sports franchises around the WORLD, which is why Forbes ranked the Cowboys as the 2nd most valuable franchise in the world, second only to Manchester United.

    I would call you haters but I’m not a juvenile redtails fan.

    Educate yourselves

  18. AT&T originally stood for American Telephone and Telegraph. The telegraph is now officially obsolete. Which may be one reason why they have crappy service.

  19. Y’all are so mad hahaha

    Better to have a stadium named after an insurance company, I guess.

  20. @provguard

    I thought AT&T Park was in San Francisco…

    Not to mention the AT&T Center in San Antonio.

  21. Jerry sold the naming rights because he was tired of hearing “Eli Manning is undefeated in Cowboys Stadium

  22. No. Call it Cowboys Stadium. ATT could sponsor the home games at Cowboys Stadium, working to make the games fun for the fans. It would cost less than paying for naming rights, and fans would leave with a good impression of ATT. Now, everyone resents ATT for ruining the name of the stadium.

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