Darrelle Revis: Bucs are more of a family


Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano has an acronym built around the word family to describe the way he wants his team to interact with one another.

“Forget about me, I love you” is the acronym and the highest-profile new member of the Bucs thinks that the more traditional use of family is a good descriptor of life in Tampa as well. During an interview with Warren Sapp on the NFL Network, cornerback Darrelle Revis was asked about the biggest difference between playing in Tampa and playing for the Jets. He tried to answer by saying Tampa was a smaller city, but Sapp pushed for more and got it.

“It’s more of a family here. It’s more of a family here,” Revis said. “Everybody is real tight here. We all get along, everybody is fine. There’s no nitpicking. No small stories leaking out to be bigger stories. Everybody is on the same page here and we want to win.”

An advanced degree in reading between the lines isn’t needed to pick up on the dig about life with the Jets, which ended for Revis after months of stories fueled by team sources about trading him because owner Woody Johnson wasn’t going to give him a big, new contract. There are no shortage of other stories that leaked out from behind closed doors during Revis’ tenure with the team before that either, so it’s clear that Revis won’t be missing that part of playing near the Big Apple.

If the team decides to hold him out for the preseason, Revis’ first game action with his new team will come against his old team in Week One of the regular season. Should the Bucs lose that one, there may be some nitpicking in the ensuing week.

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  1. I didn’t realize family members treat others like they are new toys and throw them out when they get a new one every few months. They have more turnover then any team!

  2. Since Schiano has gotten here it’s true. It was true when Dungy was here too. Not so much during the Gruden-Raheem eras. One thing Schiano does not do is throw players under the bus to the media, which is what Gruden would do every time he was asked a hard question.

  3. Maybe. The Glazers treat their fans as money trees for their billions.
    They can go to HEL& for all I care

  4. You’ve spent one offseason with a team, please tell us how perfect it is in Tampa Bay. Lets see how much of a family it is when they don’t make the playoffs again.

  5. Biggest difference between playing in Tampa and playing for the Jets? 16 million big ones!!!

    I wish these players would stop trying to pretend it’s not about the money. It’s always about the money. MEvi$

  6. Wow these Bucs threads are getting rife with sniveling from threatened fans of rival nfcs teams or bitter jets fans. Can’t wait for the season to begin and the haters to be silenced. Maybe the Bucs will punk the jets so bad week 1 that they fire Rex immediately. That would be the greatest gift to that struggling franchise.

  7. Mevis will always remind Tampa that there is an “I” in the word ‘family’…

  8. “It’s more of a family here. It’s more of a family here,” Revis said. ”Everybody is real tight here. We all get along, everybody is fine as long as I’m getting 16 million dollars a year. But the second I don’t, this family is gonna go through a divorce.”

  9. Yea Tampa, as many have already said…let’s see how big and happy that family is when they decide they don’t want to give him more money every year. buh-bye

  10. Unfortunately for heisthejuan, he’s never had “a hot ex-girlfriend” to tell him how poorly his performance compared to the new boyfriend. Too easy. Poor little guy must be some kind of expert at pissing them off though, I prefer pissing off the new boyfriend.

  11. I simply cannot comprehend the Jets fans that think Revis will hold out for more than 16 million per year. It’s a comment I’ve read maybe a hundred or more times since the trade. If anyone is getting less money it’s Revis if he gets hurt again or plays average, guaranteed.

  12. Says the guy who embraced his own Island. Good luck with that Bucs! Can you smell that upcoming holdout yet?

  13. bucrightoff says:Jul 25, 2013 2:44 PM

    The Jets are a dysfunctional circus. The Bucs are low key and almost preferred to be ignored. Pretty much sums it up

    Hahahah,,,,,forget the season has not begun, the first snap of camp hasn’t begun.
    Darelle, before the leaves fall will go back to his old family, dead presidents!

  14. Revis may be dressed in Tampa pewter, but he is ALWAYS all about the Green…

    I’m so happy he isn’t holding my team hostage for $16 mil a year with that balky knee…

    thanks for the draft pick, Bucs!

  15. You Jets fans can talk all you want. See, that’s what people with no hope do. They whine and avoid reality as they watch their own team fail year after year.

    Revis is getting more money than a CB has ever, or will ever get. It’s unrealistic to think he will hold out now…he has all he ever wanted.

    What you Jet’s fans don’t get is Revis is the best. Tampa dealt with Warren Sapp’s personality fine. The Jets could still have Revis. They just refused to pay him what be was worth. And then they traded him away. And used the pick they got for him on a bust.

    Revis will see the playoffs long before you twits will. And a Superbowl.

  16. The Glazers wouldn’t give a nickle to a starving veteran on a street corner, but they sure are excited to use all the money abstracted through the city of Tampa on Revis.

  17. Lately the Glazers have been spending $$ so you guys sound like a bunch of goobers. Get off your duffs and go to some games cuz there are no excuses now, the Bucs are fielding a competitive team. No one was worse to the team than the culverhouse family but you bandwagon fans wouldn’t know that.

  18. Yeah they have money now because of the Man U IPO. They promised investors that the IPO money would help Man U get out of dept, but they pocketed it instead. They are just careless with it. 100 million dollar contract for a player coming off an ACL injury? They offered that Lions CB guy like 40 million then cut him a couple times and traded him and then cut him again. Cheap and Careless? They may just be in over their heads.

  19. Everyone seems to forget that if Revis doesn’t perform to expectations or if the Bucs don’t want to pay him, he’s cut. No guaranteed money. If he does whats expected than he’s worth every $$.

    I also think that this sets the bar for players to actually start performing for all that $$, instead of giving away all this guaranteed $$ for no guaranteed performance.

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