Eric Winston will sign one-year deal with Cardinals today

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After being surprisingly cut after the 2011 season by the Texans and then after the 2012 season by the Chiefs, Eric Winston won’t be cut after the 2013 season by the Cardinals.  That’s because Winston will sign only a one-year deal with the Cardinals.

PFT has confirmed that Winston will travel to Arizona today, sign the deal, and join the team.

Winston instantly improves an offensive line that is not good.  He’ll help block for veteran newcomers Rashard Mendenhall and Carson Palmer as a team that went to the Super Bowl only five years ago tries desperately to remain within shouting distance of the 49ers, Seahawks, and Rams in the NFC West.

First-round pick Jonathan Cooper also will improve the offensive line, if/when he signs his rookie deal.

Winston made several visits after being cut earlier in the offseason, and the Cardinals were a late arrival on the scene.

13 responses to “Eric Winston will sign one-year deal with Cardinals today

  1. Nice… Things are starting to look up in the desert. Still have to play in the toughest division in football but things are looking up…

  2. It’s really disgusting how long it took a team to sign Winston. He’ll have plenty of opportunities to correct the fans on when to cheer and not cheer in Arizona. Carson Palmer will be living in fear of Winston’s pass blocking skills.

  3. I know Eric Winston is a fellow Miami Hurricane, but after 2 years of getting cut and 2 years of failed negotiations with the Dolphins, citing “time” and “numbers” as factors, its become clear to me that all Eric Winston cares about is money.

    I can’t stress that enough about a guy whose chosen to play with the absolute worst teams in the AFC and NFC West in consecutive years at his price.

    Can’t knock ’em though. I don’t live his life and I don’t pay his bills. He’s a solid, starting-calibre player, and one way or another I’m just happy he’s got a job.

  4. And let the Oprah Winston show begin in the desert.

    It will be his missed block that gets Palmer hurt.

  5. With the Texans issues at RT this year I had hoped they’d bring him back. Oh well, their loss is the Cardinal’s gain.

  6. Cards fans better hope he plays at a high level because I guarantee he has not played in a division like this with so many great pass rushers.

  7. @cardsfan1 Unlike the patriots who get to slide into the playoffs after playing the dolphins, jets, and bills, Twice!….

  8. prospero63 says:
    Jul 25, 2013 9:38 AM
    With the Texans issues at RT this year I had hoped they’d bring him back. Oh well, their loss is the Cardinal’s gain.

    Either his asking price was way too high, or he pissed someone off in the Texans front office.

    Because as soon as we lost him and Brisiel, the OLine went to shyt and the running game suffered dramatically. I hoped to death they would bring him back, but not even a sniff. He’s had his issues but if the ProBowl seperated out RTs and LTs instead of just having an LT play RT then he would have been a multiple probowler.

  9. I don’t think EW’s play had anything to do with why the Chiefs cut him, it was the fact he talked crap on our entire fanbase. Hopefully he learned his lesson and tries to be nice to the people who are ultimately funding his salary. Decent Olineman just needs to understand where the money is all coming from.

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