Falcons, Matt Ryan work out five-year extension

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The next domino has fallen in the ongoing game of quarterback jackpot.

Per a league source with knowledge of the situation, the Falcons and quarterback Matt Ryan have completed a long-term deal that puts Ryan under contract for six years.

The five-year extension pays $20.75 million per year, giving Ryan the second highest annual new-money average, ahead of Joe Flacco’s $20.1 million and behind Aaron Rodgers’ $22 million.

Also, Ryan gets $59 million guaranteed, and $63 million over the first three years.  (Flacco, whose contract likely was the benchmark for Ryan, got $52 million guaranteed and $62 million over the first three years.)

Factoring in Ryan’s 2013 base salary of $10 million, it’s a six-year, $113.75 million package.

That’s a lot of money, but if could have been even more if Ryan had made it through the 2013 season unscathed, forcing the Falcons to resolve at that point the Flacco trilemma of:  (1) paying market value; (2) using the non-exclusive franchise tag and risk another team making an offer the Falcons can’t match; or (3) using the exclusive tag and embarking on a path of potentially paying Ryan nearly $80 million over three one-year franchise tenders.

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  1. Wow, imagine how much he would have earned had he won more than 1 playoff game in his career!

  2. Better win this year! 59 mill in guaranteed money = a cap killer for years to come…
    Can’t wait to see him choke this year

  3. Too much money…at least Flacco won a SB. Say what you will about Flacco but the Ravens have been winning playoff games since he got there.

  4. $59 Mil. signing bonus over 5 years? so in 5 years when he signs another 5 year contract with lets just say the same signing bonus ( will be more) he’s essentially getting a 10 year contract with $100+ Mil. Signing bonus.

  5. thewarrenmoon says:
    Jul 25, 2013 3:34 PM
    Fourth best QB in conference behind Rogers Brees and Eli. He deserves a big payda

    Major thumbs down for not mentioning Peyton in that list!

  6. And the world was shocked that Joe Flacco got all that money. This guy has won what, one post season game? He has the best receivers in the league and has had an excellent running game as well. Their defense isn’t bad and last season had J.J. Watt, everybody’s defensive player of the year. And yet, one post season victory.In that game, he threw 2 picks and almost gave it away.
    They called Reggie Jackson “Mr. October”. They should call Matt Ryan “Mr. September”. The second highest paid player in the league? What a joke.

  7. Say what you will about Matt Ryan choking, but the Falcons have not had a losing season with him as their starting QB, something that can not be said for their previous 41 seasons.

  8. A good QB but not a great QB. Half of the games they won last year they easily could have lost. Other then the Brent Grimes injury in preseason last year the Falcons have basically had a 3 year injury free run. Falcons are due a big injury loss this year and all the good luck and fortune they have endured over the last 2 years is bound to change a bit and benefit the other team more. The guy cannot play under pressure. When he feels it he does not know what to do. Don’t tell me when your playing the Carolina Panthers in the dome mid season that is pressure. Lets see him this year with all that pressure on. I got a feeling Tony G is already looking beyond football and S Jackson is on his way down. We will see I guess…not worth 20 mill a year!

  9. Eventually people will stop supporting this kind of madness. It is straight up insane.

    I’m all for people making boatloads of cash, but the amount of wealth being transferred from the middle class to NFL (both owners and players) is interesting.

    I really think at some point there’s some backlash from this… maybe a bit like we’re seeing with all of the summer “block busters” loosing their rear ends at the box office?

  10. acebuccs08 says:
    Jul 25, 2013 3:43 PM
    thewarrenmoon says:
    Jul 25, 2013 3:34 PM
    Fourth best QB in conference behind Rogers Brees and Eli. He deserves a big payda

    Major thumbs down for not mentioning Peyton in that list!

    Peyton’s not in that conference…. :/

  11. So know Ryan, Romo and Rodgers make more than Flacco (with more to come), and all those people who whined about Flacco have egg on their face. Only Rodgers is better than Flacco. I don’t get why people credit guys who have impressive regular season stats (Manning & Ryan and Romo when he’s not throwing his game ending picks..) At least Flacco has a consistant winning playoff record.

    More power to Ryan though. He’s still young and will have more chances to prove he’s elite like Flacco and Rodgers. Romo? NEVER!

  12. With the new CBA the only guys who are getting big money are the the top tier QBs. I would bet more than half the league right now is playing for the minimum.

    I know it’s a massively QB driven league right now, but sooner or later this will catch up with teams as the further they get into these deals the larger percentage of the cap they will take up and tough choices have to be made.

  13. I can’t wait to see if the pretty boy accountant can bring a superbowl to Atlanta.. I seriously have my doubts that he will. He will put up great stats due to the luxury of having one of ,if not the best cast around him offensively. You give Flacco roddy white n Julio n he would be even better than Ryan stat wise, plus the hardware to boot. He just doesn’t seem to have that “it” factor in my eyes. He may have 1 uped Flacco far as a couple dollars, but when it comes to the most important stat of all, so far he can’t measure up . I feel sorry for Tony Gonzalez because he wants to go out on top like Ray, but we all know that Atlanta will go to the playoffs and lose again like they always do.

  14. Not bad for someone with half as many playoff wins as Colin Kaepernick! Just kidding, Matt has been more than good through out his years with the Falcons, and in todays NFL market you do what you need to do to keep a good young QB in place. Congrats Atlanta.

  15. dcapettini says: Jul 25, 2013 3:44 PM

    And the world was shocked that Joe Flacco got all that money. This guy has won what, one post season game? He has the best receivers in the league and has had an excellent running game as well. Their defense isn’t bad and last season had J.J. Watt, everybody’s defensive player of the year.

    Huh? Since when did JJ Watt get traded to Atlanta? Lmao

  16. So will idiots like Stephen A Smith and his puppet partner Skippy Bayless give Matt Ryan a hard time like the give Tony Romo…..I believe Ryan is 1-4 in the playoffs too! Hypocrites!!

  17. Why does he get as much as perennial mvp candidates who have won in the playoffs? I know he’s good but there should be some give and take. The Falcons didn’t have to give him that much.

  18. what are you going to do,without a qb your not winning in this league..he’s sure not shown to be championship material.he’ll get you to the playoffs but thats it..if they did not pay him someone would have.

  19. Yeah ctiggs that was totally luck when you get the ball with 30 seconds left and have to make two clutch throws with the Seahawks bringing a 5 man pressure and a 6 man on the next play. Lol some people are clueless

  20. Bunch of bitches on this sight. It’s not coming out of your pocket and if it is you are probably okay with it. Don’t get why Ryan gets all this hate. What’s Payton’s playoff record? Similar to Matt’s in his first 5 years in the league. He is a good dude so why hate that he got his. Falcons will win with him under center and the Falcons have had 5 winning seasons ins row. That speaks for itself. You have to get to the playoffs to win in the playoffs. Well deserved and now it’s time to go to work.

  21. Wow, this just makes all the Flacco contract haters look dumb as ever. He’s paid relatively the same as Flacco and my guess is the Ravens FO did a better job of structuring the contract to minimize long-term risk.

    He’s a solid QB but he’s nothing special and doesn’t have success in the playoffs. Then again he’s perfect for Atlanta fans who really don’t care about their football team anyway.

  22. Everyone is saying it’s not worth it. I disagree. So what he hasn’t won more than one playoff game. You have to look at what you would do without him since someone else would likely pay him enough to get him away from you.

    Without him, the Falcons are toast. It’s a QB driven league and you have to have a top signal caller to compete. Once you find a good one, you need to keep him around.

    Worth every penny IMO… or you could always save money on a super awesome “affordable” QB and be in the same boat as those teams that are still looking for their guy. Those teams don’t do so well in today’s NFL.

  23. Fact: Matt Ryan’s 56 wins in his first five years are the most of any QB…ever. This is despite the fact that the Falcons have had a sub-par defense throughout his career.
    Fact: He has more 4th Quarter comebacks than any other QB in the NFL during his career…mostly due to making up for the aforementioned sub-par D.
    Fact: He threw for 4,700 yards last year and had a better than 2 – 1 TD to INT ratio and had a 99.1 QB rating.
    Fact: He is 27 years old and is entering what most people would consider to be the prime of his career after steadily improving each year he has been in the league.
    Fact: JJ Watt is not nor has ever been on the Falcons so I don’t know what that dude is talking about.

    I get that people root for other teams and just want to p00p on other teams’ players but give the man his due…he’s one of the best QB’s in the league right now and getting better.

    I know that QB contracts are unreal these days, but if that is the market, he is getting paid what he deserves…look at the career stats between him and Flacco and Ryan blows him out of the water (I know, I know…postseason wins…whatever…Flacco has had a GREAT defense playing for him throughout his career). I think most people will realize that Flacco is getting WAY overpaid now because he put together a string of 4 good games at the right time after being totally mediocre for the entire season…don’t forget that the Ravens probably wouldn’t have even been in the playoffs if Ray Rice hadn’t broken a 4th and 29 play against the Chargers.

  24. Still think this guy is better than Flacco. His defense is no where near what the Ravens defense was.

    Wait till this year when Flacco will be home because he no longer has the defense he did.

  25. Ryan is overrated. They guy has been part of 1 playoff win, 1 and it was more of a brain f@rt with a prevent D by the Hawks that prevented them from winning.

    Ryan has all those toys and gets 1 W.

    He’s going to smash their cap which means little cash to re-sign current talent.

    Ryan is going to be throwing passes to himself or the D is going to be a sieve.

    Not a good deal but what was Atlanta to do? Not much they could do but ruin the next 5 years with a decent QB.

    Oh well, sorry Falcons.

  26. lol at the negative comments here. For starters, Ryan is def the best QB without a ring and compare his first 5 years with Peyton Manning or Drew Brees. The Falcons lock up their QB at a price that he would’ve commanded on the open market and from Ryan’s perspective, if he couldn’t get this kind of money then he should fire his agent.

  27. Cant wait to see what happens in a few years when RGIII, Wilson, Luck, And Kap sit at the negotiating table. Don’t know if these monopoly money contracts are good for the game but it certainly will change it and how teams are set up. Jay Cutler has to be feeling good right…he can’t be too far behind matt ryan contract numbers…cutler has had far less talent too.

    Imagine if Marino, Montana, Elway, and Young were still playing $$$$$$$$$$$

  28. Just like Romo, Ryan hasn’t had the support from a good defense. At least Ryan has had a good running game.
    People that think Flacco is better than these guys need to remember it is a team game. Romo and Ryan can’t afford to have a bad game because they don’t get bailed out by their defense like Flacco has. Oh, did I mention that he also has Ray Rice? Kinda helps when you have a running game.

  29. themage78 says:
    Jul 25, 2013 4:45 PM
    Still think this guy is better than Flacco. His defense is no where near what the Ravens defense was.

    Wait till this year when Flacco will be home because he no longer has the defense he did.

    Sorry to disappoint you but the Ravens had the 17th ranked D last season and should be much better this season. No need to keep making excuses for Ryan or Romo because an ‘average’ Flacco led his team to a SB win with a old, injured & bad defense.

  30. Suddenly, that Brady contract is starting to look downright cheap compared to mega deals by QBs that still have question marks attached to their “eliteness”.

    Not that I expect MF to in any way mention it, heh.

  31. Lotta bitter mooks hating on Matt while waiting for their welfare checks in grandmomma’s basement…..especially like the experts who talk about the great supporting cast Ryan has on offense; yes he has good receivers, but the running game was amongst the worst in football last year and the OL is average at best….couple that with a below-average defense (Ryan didn’t blow 17 & 20 point leads in the playoffs all by himself), and anyone with a working brain begins to realize that Matt has done a pretty good job winning 55 games in 5 seasons and getting to the playoffs 4 times with this bunch…..

  32. Who really cares for real…..if someone wanted to pay me that much. I wouldn’t say oh no, i don’t deserve that much. Please! Take that money and run overrated Ryan!

  33. Why does Ryan and the Falcons get so much hate? 31 teams fear them. Only 2 ahve the right to say anything. Credit to SF and Balt as they proved themselves on the field. The rest of you talking smack…this is all the same junk we heard all the way to the NFCC game. Get your excuses ready…it’s going to be a loooong year.

  34. I love all the Ryan fans who say Flacco only won so much because of great defense. Ravens defense has been in decline last couple years, last season they were ranked like 17th. All the pundits kept talking about how the ravens were in trouble because the defense wasn’t good anymore due to them being old….does everyone remember that , because I remember it vividly. Again, give Flacco that Ferrari offense and he would have at least 2 rings by now. Falcons had a HOME playoff game and still LOST!!! That is absolutely ridiculous given how he is being compensated. Flacco was ON THE ROAD and went into lions den two years straight. Would have two superbowl rings if it wasn’t for Mr Evans dropping the ball, so all you Ryan supporters give me a break. Your qb can barely win a playoff game but he is money in the regular season , but ill take championships over regular season stats anyday and most players , if not all , would agree as well .

  35. Not trying to dump on the falcons, but flacco plays on a better team, with better management, and better coaching.

    We really have to get past the idea of QBs being solely responsible for wins and losses.

    Though, falcons fans, when the bounces go yr way one year ad it all comes together and Ryan is a SB champ…everyone who said he was ne’er clutch will just act like he’s lucky and didn’t deserve it.

    That’s the problem when people put their desires in front of rational thinking: delusion.

  36. Ravens had a #17th defense…Dallas hasn’t had a defense ranked below 25 in 3 seasons. The last time they had a 15th ranked defense was in 09, the last playoff win. Flacco wouldn’t make it out alive out of Dallas.

  37. Compare Ryan to Romo all you want…just remember…one is a number 3 overall pick and the other is an undrafted free agent who only attended the scouting combine as an “arm” to throw to receivers. Hate on him all you want, Romo’s living the American Dream and if didn’t have that star on his helmet, most of you guys would root for him, too.

  38. @nolimitnoe- Just one correction to your comment. Ryan does NOT have more wins in his 1st 5 years than any QB in history. THAT record belongs to Joe Flacco.

  39. I am sorry, but there is not a team in the NFC that wouldn’t take RG3 or Wilson before Eli Manning. I am not sure I would even place Eli in the top 8, let alone no. 3 Mr. W.Moon.

    My rank:
    1. Rodgers
    2. Brees
    3. RG3 (healthy)
    4. Wilson
    5. Ryan
    6. C.Kap
    7. C.Newton
    8. Romo

  40. All the einsteins out there talk about our “great” defense. It has been mentioned that last year we were #17. The years of the great d were before joe and. 5 straight playoff games. Flacco and Ryan’s stats are. Very similar xcpt Flacco excels in the playoffs and Ryan so far has choked. And don’t even compare their toys. Ryan has roddy white, Julio jones , and tony g. Flacco would have 5000yd seasons with those guys

  41. Matt Ryan is the best thing to happen to this franchise since its inception. They are knocking on the door. They had no choice but to sign Ryan for what ever he wanted. He may not be the best, but he’s the best they have ever had!

  42. I don’t know why everyone automatically assumes that Ryan’s deal will smash the Falcons’ cap. They spread out his signing bonus over the life of the contract so it would be cap friendly. They didn’t make the same stupid mistakes that the Saints did with Brees’ deal and now their cap is screwed up for the next several years.

    The Falcons will be big spenders next offseason to resign guys and go after FAs and they will have plenty of cap room to do so.

  43. At the end of the day – Ryan, Flacco, Brees and Rodgers are all making $20 mil + a year.

    Factor in past winners (in no particular order) Brady, E. Manning, P. Manning, Roethlisberger.

    Then add up and coming young guns: Luck, Capernick, RG3 and Wilson who can jump to the next level and win a SB, it seems.

    Then there are the wildcards who might be able to put it all together for a season and surprise the establishment: Romo, Rivers, Shaub, Cutler & Stafford.


    Anyway you cut it, there are not enough Lombardi trophies to go round. SOMEONE is gonna be left standing when the music stops. Someone who paid big bucks for a QB. Probably more than one team…

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