Fisher says Rams may not have a bell cow back


Yes, Daryl Richardson is projected to be the Rams’ starting running back.  But, no, that doesn’t mean it’s time to make Richardson a first-round fantasy draft pick.

Rams coach Jeff Fisher said Thursday that, with Steven Jackson gone, the team may simply use a revolving door at running back.

“I’ve usually had a guy, but that’s what the competition is about, and that’s what camp’s for and preseason games are for,” Fisher said.  “It’s not going to be out of the question that we don’t play two or three of them quite a bit.  We may not end up with a ‘bell cow’ like we’ve had last year in [Jackson] and previous years, and just let them all play.”

It means that Richardson, Isaiah Pead (who will be suspended for the first game of the regular season), and rookie Zac Stacy could be squaring off for reps and touches.  Or maybe one of the other four running backs currently on the roster will emerge.

For now, keep an eye on training camp and the preseason.  Though Fisher may end up using multiple tailbacks, if one guy emerges he may end up being the guy.

“I’m not saying that we don’t have one that can. We just haven’t seen him do it yet,” Fisher said.  “One of them may emerge and carry it 350 times this year, we don’t know.  But offensively, it’s nice to have two or three guys in a rotation just because there’s different ability levels at the position.”

Of any of them, Richardson would seem to be the most likely, given his performance as a seventh-round rookie in 2012.

21 responses to “Fisher says Rams may not have a bell cow back

  1. I like all 3 of their backs and I think it really will end in a split for reps all season long. If I had to take someone I take Richardson but he isn’t going to be able to put up any more than 250 carries on the year.

  2. C’mon Jeff.

    You need a stud RB to give those 17 St. Louis Rams fans a reason to come to the game for three quarters!

  3. If they dont, they r doomed. Fisher has 1 style and is dam good at it. 4-12.

  4. Funny fisher…why’d you offer up SJAX to Green Bay for a 7th rounder last year? You like what you saw in Pead or knew that some Vandy RB would be your bread n’ butter? #Drichmaddencover

  5. Which means fantasy wise look out for what goes on in STL. could they have the next Arian Foster or Alfred Morris? Two guys who when I drafted high, brought laughs from my league mates.

  6. Any changes made for the rams are great! They had Jackson and it didn’t help. Maybe blending some different players with different talents together will create an illusion of one solid back that does everything.

  7. I tell you, this is a new Rams team. Since Kroenke took full ownership and finally hired the first real HC since D.V. the change is so palpable it knocks you down. I realize when you aren’t close to the situation you really don’t see it but the rest of NFL is going to have its hands more than full when they take on the Rams. Look out, here they come, ready or not!

  8. The Rams’ roster has improved tremendously under the Snead/Fisher regime, but two positions that are still very shaky are safety and RB (in that order). The good news about RB is that we have several talented players; the bad news is that we have no bell cow, and “RB by committee” is rarely effective.

  9. Note to Rams fans:

    Zac Stacy has all the makings of a Jeff Fisher dream back.

    Jeff Fisher fan since 1997
    SEC Football Fan since 1980

  10. He’s actually talking about Pead. Pead is the only one who’s been heralded this off season as an every down back. And he actually has the best combo of all them – size, speed, lateral agility… Richardson is the change of pace with great burst/straight line speed but he won’t juke you out of your shoes.

  11. What a bunch of Pead haters.
    Richardson will end up being a bust. No inside running ability. Won’t even be a Ram next year

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