Goodell’s deposition in Super Bowl seating case will happen next Friday


The NFL’s lawyers have tried and tried and tried again to shield Commissioner Roger Goodell from having to give sworn testimony in the lawsuits filed after fans showed up to Super Bowl XLV with tickets but learned they actually wouldn’t have access to the corresponding seats.

In an order entered Wednesday, Judge Barbara G. Lynn of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas ruled that Goodell’s deposition will proceed.

According to the office of attorney Michael Avenatti, the deposition will occur on Friday, August 2 in New York City.

That could hinder Goodell’s involvement in the activities that typically surround the Hall of Fame game in Canton, Ohio, depending on when the deposition starts and how long it will last.

A prior court order dramatically narrowed the scope of the inquiry.  Still, folks in positions of power don’t like to ever submit to anyone else’s power, especially not to the power of a court.

The most recent order indicates that a federal magistrate judge will be available by phone to address any issues that arise during the deposition.  If that occurs, we advise Goodell not to ask the judge what the hell kind of unit he’s running.