Harbaugh: Still “not safe” to clear McClain

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Throughout the offseason, the Ravens were hopeful that linebacker Jameel McClain would be recovered in time for the start of training camp.

But he landed on the PUP list when they opened camp, and Ravens coach John Harbaugh said that McClain still hasn’t made enough progress after last year’s spinal cord contusion.

“With Jameel not able to be out there, which is extremely disappointing, we really thought he would be there,” Harbaugh said, via Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “When you look at the MRI and you see what’s on there, there’s no denying the fact that it’s not safe for him at this time. So, there’s no way we’re going to put him out there.”

The news was better for cornerback Lardarius Webb, coming off surgery last October to repair a torn ACL. They’re going to monitor his work in camp, but Harbaugh thinks Webb could be ready for the opener.

“It’s reasonable that he would be playing against Denver with the state of ACL and recovery,” Harbaugh said. “That’s definitely our target. I think he’s got a very good chance to come back and play during the preseason at some point in time, but that’s not the most important thing. We’re kind of easing him in. He could probably do more than we’re letting him do. We’re not going to push it.”

The same is true for McClain, who did individual work during OTAs and minicamp. If he can’t return, it makes the signing of long-time Jaguars linebacker Daryl Smith much more significant.

14 responses to “Harbaugh: Still “not safe” to clear McClain

  1. Head for the rails ratbirds! The ship is sinking fast!

    The “wizard of oz”



  2. It’s one thing to gloat when a player is out of shape, but cheering over a player with a serious injury?!?! That’s just sick.

  3. When asked to comment about his injured teammates Flacco responded, “It’s all good, did I tell you that I’m making a lot of money”

  4. “It’s reasonable that Webb would be playing against Denver. That’s definitely our target.”

    Something tells me Manning’s also thinking, “that’s definitely our target.”

  5. Something tells me Manning’s also thinking, “that’s definitely our target.”

    Something tells me Roethlisbooger’s thinking, “I should have retired after Holmes caught that lucky jumpball.”

  6. @st1llerz1 – way to represent Steeler Nation. Laughing about a spinal injury taking longer than expected to heal? Pure class, buddy.

    @scoobie05 – while I agree with the foundation of your statement, you’ve done enough of your own trolling to make the high horse stance hypocritical.

    @joemontantaflacco – I’d be careful about throwing around barbs about “lucky jump balls” now that Q isn’t around to keep Joey Eyebrow looking good. And Roethlisbooger? You can do better. Rapelesberger is my favorite.

    Webb coming back should be a major boost for the secondary, if for nothing but his leadership. Ed Reed might have been a losing a step or two, but he definitely provided direction and recognition to get the secondary into the right position.

    McClain’s bruised spine is concerning. Hopefully he’s able to properly heal and get back out on the field. The beefing up of the D-Line is going to be greatly needed because the line backing corp is looking a little thin at the moment.

  7. @steelerben

    Sorry, I should have said “desperation hail mary lucky jumpball thrown into trible coverage.”

    As for using “Rapelesberger.” Believe it or not, because he wasn’t convicted (or charged) I’d view that as being unfair. Like calling Ray Lewis a murderer.

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