Harvin launches Seahawks career on PUP list


Percy Harvin has become one of the most electrifying players in the NFL.  But he has had more than his share of injuries in four NFL seasons.  He starts his first campaign in Seattle with another one.

The Seahawks announced Thursday that they have placed Harvin on the physically unable to perform list, with a hip injury.

Harvin, who arrived via trade from the Vikings and signed a big-money contract, can slide over to the active roster at any time.

Also on the PUP list for the Seahawks are defensive end Chris Clemons (knee), tight end Zach Miller (foot), defensive end Greg Scruggs (knee), cornerback Tharold Simon (foot) and running back Robert Turbin (foot).  Linebacker Korey Toomer has been placed on the non-football injury list, with a knee injury.

All players count against the active roster.  Coming up later today, I’ll explain why teams use the designation, if it ultimately doesn’t provide them with an extra roster spot in the interim.

UPDATE 3:05 p.m. ET:  PFT has learned that Harvin could need surgery for the injury, which was detected Thursday in an MRI.  The team wants to treat the injury without surgery.  Harvin intends to exercise his right to a second opinion, which could result in a recommendation of surgical repair.

45 responses to “Harvin launches Seahawks career on PUP list

  1. People being doomsayers over this are probably the same ones who predicted disaster when Marshawn didn’t show up for the first couple OTA’s.


  2. And the seahawks gave how many draft pics for this dude that cant take a hit and has migrains!!!
    This is why the 49ers will win the division again ..
    49ers rule!!!!

  3. Vikes get Greg Jennings and draft Cordarrelle Patterson with the Harvin pick…..yep, I love what the Vikes did!!!!!

    Get use to it hawks fans!!!!!!

  4. Its preseason PUP list, probably just sore. Once a player practices at all they can no longer go on preseason PUP so sounds like he has a sore hip and won’t be full go at practice so no reason to run him out there and have him count against the roster spots.

  5. Ouch! There is NO denying his athletic ability! He is probably the 2nd best all around athlete in the league, as a WR, RB & return specialist! Yet, between his attitude & propensity for injury , Seattle can have him! I’ll settle for Patterson & the other draft picks! Good luck Seattle! He will win you some games, when he is not whining on the sideline in a cast!

  6. …But Rick Spielman and the Vikes were idiots for trading him!? That 1st, 3rd, and 7th look awfully good right now. Wonder how ‘Hawks fans feel about the return on their $13 million investment. Percy is as stable as it comes…

  7. As a Vikings fan I have to say I am shocked. I’m sure this will be one of those injuries that lingers right up until the day camp breaks. Then he will be ready to go 100%. Two days a week. He generally practices Thursday and Friday, nursing some sort of injury. But is always ready to go when the lights go up on Sunday. Enjoy the headache Seahawks. Pun intended.

  8. Get used to it, always on the injury report. Always questionable, good when he gets on the field, but he has his $$$ now he won’t play as hard, and certainly not hurt.

  9. Skinsfan calling him overrated?? Your a fool. If not for injuries, this kid is special! Roy, and MVP candidate last year prior to his injury, overrated he is NOT, good kick on your recovery bro!

  10. Hey Sea-Chickens!!!! Isn’t it annoying when other teams are talking crap in your teams posts/section??? Stay out of other teams posts/sections!!!! Oh!!! and stay classy Sea-Chickens!!!

  11. For all you geniuses saying seattle is in trouble now i would invite you to look back at last season..You know the season where he wasnt on the team..they seemed to have done just fine without him before. Giving up the draft picks was well worth it seeing as how theres not a position on this team that a late first rounder could have come in and competed for anyway

  12. You guys are ridiculous. Keep hating. With him and the Seahawks are top 3 contender. Without him they are still very strong contenders. It’s not like the offense was garbage prior to trading for Percy. Only one player on offense truly breaks the offense and his name is Russell Wilson. Others will hurt to varying degrees but they aren’t getting to playoffs with Jackson or Quinn behind center.

  13. I’m a Vikings fan. Has the season started with Percy injured? No. It’s late July, and I’m not going to gloat over an injury of another human being, I don’t care who he plays for. If Percy can play on opening day, he’ll be there. In the meantime, let’s everyone take a breath and enjoy August as it unfolds.

  14. I’m marking Nov. 17 on my calender. The Queefs go to Seattle for the afternoon game on Fox. Seattle with or without Harvin are gonna give the queens a thumping that will be sooo sweet to watch. To quote Bart Scott, “can’t wait!”

  15. Viking fans it will be awhile before you’ll sniff the SB, so better get your insecure laughs in now and by that time AP will have retired.

    As long as you have Ponder under center, you’ll always be a bridesmaid.

    Hawks will still trash that non-existant whiner secondary. There isn’t 1 cover guy in that group.

    Whitner = No. Reid = No Rodgers = No Culliver = No

    Not sure why whiners are so confident. They don’t have Crabs and Kam showed what the Hawks do to Davis.

    Hawks still dominate!

  16. If they cater enough to his needs, he may even play 8 whole games..! In one whole season, even! That is, if he gets all the touches he wants before he gets a “headache…”

  17. You’d think Seattle would have learned a lesson after way over-paying Sidney Rice to get him away from the Vikings…. but I guess not.

    Keep in mind Harvin never- I repeat NEVER- played more than 40% of the offensive snaps in any year as a Minnesota Viking. Sometimes because of injury, sometimes because his play was limited to prevent injury.

    BTW, thanks for the draft picks Seattle. They’ll come in pretty handy. And thanks for taking the cancer that is Percy Harvin off our hands. We’re a much better team with Greg Jennings and Cordarralle Patterson than being saddled with Percy Harvin, regardless of his talent.

  18. Niners fans. Percy Harvin wasn’t the only addition for the Seahawks this offseason. And they didn’t lose any players to get him….oh yeah, and the Seahawks whooped the @($&(@ out if the 49ers without Percy Harvin last year….so yeah there’s that.

  19. This dude is the most over-rated player in recent memory. He’s a complete headache, he’s injured more often than not, and he has never had a 1000 yd season or more than 8 touchdowns (and that was his rookie year with two of them coming on kick-offs).

  20. If they start like they finish last year, Harvin won’t matter. He is definitely an offensive weapon that I would like to have, but we did pretty good without him last year. And if he does come back at the end of the season or for playoffs, no teams will have any film on him with the Hawks offense which would be a huge advantage. No panic here

  21. Yes, because Patterson not playing 1 down of Pro football and he is already better than your former Pro-Bowl star. I truly understand how you guys feel Vikes fans, it hurts and yes, your time will eventually come, don’t hate because we took a chance on the guy you took a chance on when you drafted him. Enjoy the draft picks.

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