Josh Wilson will start camp on PUP list

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With Wednesday’s news that he requires a third surgery to deal with a torn quadriceps from last season, it was expected that defensive end Adam Carriker would be starting training camp on the Redskins’ physically unable to perform list.

Another player who plays a major role on the team’s defense when healthy will be joining him. The Redskins announced Thursday that cornerback Josh Wilson will also be held out of practices as camp gets underway. Wilson had surgery to repair a torn labrum in his shoulder and an injury to his pectoral muscle in May and hoped to be ready for the start of training camp, a goal that he obviously wasn’t able to meet. He’s expected to be a starter at corner for the Redskins again this year after restructuring his contract to stay on the team.

The Redskins also placed reserve guard Maurice Hurt on the PUP list, but the biggest news on the injury front in Washington remains quarterback Robert Griffin III’s clearance to take part in practice from the start of camp.

In addition to the PUP moves, the Redskins announced that they have released safeties Jordan Bernstine and Devin Holland.


14 responses to “Josh Wilson will start camp on PUP list

  1. more reps for amerson. lord knows he needs them.

    and thank god they feel comfortable enough with our rookie safeties to cut bernstein. dude was dead weight and our secondary was a joke last year.

  2. Yet another player that MD’s JV team has picked up from the Ravens. Redskins fans SHOULD worry because he’s he best corner on your roster. #DHallOverrated

  3. Wilson is a bit fragile, and hasn’t been fully healthy for a couple of seasons. Can be a slightly above average CB, but hasn’t shown it yet and probably won’t have another year to show it. This is it for him, unless he agrees to take a lower contract next year. Hopefully Crawford, and Biggers can come along during the preseason, and Amerson learns quickly in spots during the year. Still waiting to see what Minnifield can bring to the table. Could be a dark horse in camp this year. We’ll see……

  4. romosmicrodongs says: Jul 25, 2013 11:00 AM

    more reps for amerson. lord knows he needs them.

    and thank god they feel comfortable enough with our rookie safeties to cut bernstein. dude was dead weight and our secondary was a joke last year.
    Your secondary is a joke this year too. Hopefully Orakpo returns to form. Better rush helps the back end, but only so much.

  5. I guess you are too young to remember the three Super Bowl Champions and two NFL Championships.

  6. sonnyandsam says:
    Jul 25, 2013 12:04 PM
    “I guess you are too young to remember the three Super Bowl Champions and two NFL Championships”.

    Are they still playing?

  7. @cgravyboat:
    Redskins are Maryland’s JV you say? Let’s take a look:

    Redskins: 5 NFL Championships
    Ravens: 2 NFL Championships

    Redskins: 11 Championship Appearances
    Ravens: 2 Championship Appearances

    Redskins: 13 Division Championships
    Ravens: 4 Division Championships

    Redskins: 23 Playoff Appearances
    Ravens: 9 Playoff Appearances

    Redskins: 27 Hall of Famers
    Ravens: 4 Hall of Famers

    Only 4 teams in the NFL have won more championships than the Washington Redskins.
    Only 4 teams have more Hall of Famers than the Washington redskins.

    The Ravens are not one of those teams on either count.

    I think it quite clear who the JV team is in Maryland.

    The Redskins will win their next championship before the Ravens do.

  8. @dutchkindelsberger

    Bro, Ravens only been around since 1996. If you average the years in existence vs what they’ve done, Ravens outclass the Redskins in EVERY SINGLE category you just mentioned. And that’s not even including what the Colts did… Redskins can’t even decide on a name. Also, you guys seem to love picking up Ravens outcasts. See: Josh Wilson, Billy Cundiff, etc. What’s sad is that those players who couldn’t even make the Ravens’ roster are better than what you had on yours aka Grahm Gano. Finally, you guys needed OT to beat us when we had SEVEN backups playing on defense. LITERALLY a 2nd team defense on the field and you guys almost (and should have) lost. And you were at home. That’s really sad, and just shows how far away you are from the model franchise in Baltimore. We have a better Owner, better coach, better QB, and better team. Plus our fans are better (been to many games in both stadiums). Keep dreaming Redskins fans because there’s a new sheriff in town.

  9. Wow, sorry it took so long to respond; I had to stop laughing first.
    So the Ravens have only been around since ’96. So what? It’s not Washington’s fault Baltimore can’t keep a football team. You know the Ravens are your third NFL team, right?

    Ohh, the average game! Let’s play! If I average my net worth and Warren Buffet’s net worth, we’re both billionaires. Hot damn! I don’t have to go to work tomorrow!

    The Colts? The Baltimore Colts? They haven’t won a Super Bowl since 1970.
    Congratulations; the Ravens and the Colts combined have won as many championships as the Redskins. You must be very proud.

    The Redskins decided on a name decades ago: say it with me now: Washington Redskins. Easy.
    Been that way since 1937. It’s everyone else that has a problem with it.

    So the Redskins sign players from other teams?
    Rod Woodson, Deion Sanders, Sam Adams, Trent Dilfer, Tony Siragusa, Shannon Sharpe, Anquan Boldin. Ravens drafted all those guys, did they?

    So the Redskins needed Ot to beat the Ravens. And yet they did beat the Ravens, didn’t they? You make it sound like the Ravens were the only team with missing personnel. For that game the Redskins were missing both starting safeties, one starting outside linebacker, one starting defensive end, one starting offensive tackle, their starting tight end and for the last few minutes, their starting QB. Except for those plays he ran where he moved them down the field into scoring position on one leg. Then he turned the controls over to a rookie 4th round draft choice who threw the necessary TD pass, then scored the necessary 2 point conversion, then engineered the necessary drive for the win in OT. But hey, you guys were missing a few starters on defense. I guess that’s why you managed only 7 points in the entire second half against one of the NFL’s worst defenses and then fired your OC after the game.
    You second string defense lost to a rookie 4th round QB. Dwell upon that.

    Better owner? Yeah, you got me there. As Snyder is admittedly one of the least likeable people in the planet that’s damning with faint praise.

    Better coach? Really? Two Super Bowl Championships to one says otherwise.
    Oh, Shanahan also has a Super Bowl Championship as OC of the 49’ers. Make that three to one.

    Better team? 31-28 last fall says otherwise.

    Fans are better? Really? Why can’t you keep your football teams?

    New sheriff in town? Yep his name is Robert Griffin III.
    Better get used to it. You’re going to hear it a lot over the next 10-15 years.

    Redskins will win their next championship before the Ravens do.

    Wow, look at the time. I gotta get to bed. Gotta go to work in the morning. Turns out I’m not a billionaire after all.

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