Kirk Cousins handling his situation well


Even though all the tests have come back positive, and even though Robert Griffin III has been cleared to practice, the Redskins will still be in the hands of another quarterback for most of training camp and the preseason.

And even though that role will go away soon, Kirk Cousins is OK with that.

While RG3 will do some 7-on-7 drills, it’ll be Cousins out there with the starters during team drills, and probably the entire preseason.

“Everyone knows – including myself – that this is Robert’s team,” Cousins said, via Mike Jones of the Washington Post. “And it’s my job that any time Robert’s not able to play, that there’s not a drop off, offensively, from Robert to myself. That’s a lot to ask of myself, but that’s the expectation, and I need to make sure that happens.

“It’s my job to be a very good insurance policy.”

Cousins is handling this right, for many reasons.

One, self-awareness can be taken for granted when dealing with athletes, as it’s not as common as you’d think.

But he’s also helping himself for a future deal, with the Redskins or another, by not making waves, and making the most of the extensive work he’s getting with the starters. Most second-year backups aren’t getting the kind of practice repetitions Cousins is getting, and that extra work is going to have him sharper when he’s called on to play again.

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  1. no worries Kirk, you’ll make your millions elsewhere.
    At the very latest, you won’t be play for the redtails after this season .

  2. Last year in DC……Minn, Chicago, Arizona, Tampa, Philly, Oakland and San Diego could be potential landing spots in 2014…..Dude’s gone Skins fans don’t get your hopes up….Franchise QB in waiting….

  3. Wow its sad that the kid isn’t even trying to compete for the starting job. If the skins had a real qb and not a running back that throws occationally Im betting they wouldn’t have had to wait til the last game of the year to win the division. He will be starting though by week 5 or 6.

  4. This guy needs to look at Alex Smith as a role model on how to handle this situation. So far, I’m totally impressed with the guy. I wish he was in Jacksonville competing.

  5. I don’t think we have another Aaron Rodgers in the waiting, sitting behind Favre (RG3). But, after this season, if RG3 proves healthy, the Skins will get a nice return for him in a trade.

    Bruce Allen knows Cousins won’t return to the Redskins after 3 years, while other teams will be dying to sign him in free agency as a starter.

    Redskins will come out of this looking good. Which is a change for the franchise.

  6. True professional who is number two behind a true professional. Kirk will not see the field this season unless it’s mop up duty but he’s a great luxury to have.

  7. He is a class act, which reflects the entire DC Pro Football team. I like what Shanahan and Bruce Allen have done here, and listening to all of the players yesterday they are just as classy as Kurt. Good things here, and wish Kurt luck in his future with another team. The time in preseason will definitely benefit him and allow him to be ready in case RG3 isn’t ready to start the season. As long as he is not traded to the Giants, Eagles, or Cowboys I’m good with that.

  8. Cousins knows exactly what he is doing & will be ready when he is called on to play.

    He was not expected to win the starting QB job at MSU either, but he worked his tail off, waited for his opportunity, and beat out several other quality players including Nick Foles.

  9. Refreshing to hear humility from a professional athlete. Especially a backup QB.

    You’ll get your shot to start, Kirk. Maybe not this year or next, but you’ll get one.

  10. I would take Kirk Cousins over all the QB’s on these teams
    Tennessee Titans
    Philadelphia Eagles
    New York Jets
    Minnesota Vikings
    Buffalo Bills
    Jacksonville Jaguars
    Cleveland Browns

  11. You need a QB for a franchise to be viable these days and this kid is young, talented, and very bright. There are about 20 teams that would be foolish not to gladly hand over a 1st round pick for him.

  12. Wow lots of good stuff about Cousins. In the spirit of a true QB competition where draft status and cash is not considered, what’s your gut feeling as to who would be your long term franchise QB ?

    Thumbs up if you choose RG3 over Cousins.

    Thumbs down if you choose Cousins over RG3.

  13. Unless the Skins get offered at least a first rounder at the end of the season, Kirk will likely be with the team in 2014. But by then, lots of teams will give him an opportunity to be their starting QB. Kid has the poise, intelligence and talent to be a solid QB in this league. Shame he is stuck behind Robert, but Kirk will learn a lot and have all this pre-season to show his talent.

  14. Cousins is PURE CLASS, not a lot of that in the game today. Next yr. when we have cleared up the salary cap mess, I see Allen trading this boy for a 1st rd pick or an elite CB. Cousins wears the Burgandy & Gold with real honor.

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