Marvin Lewis indicates A.J. Green’s knee injury isn’t serious


Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis said Pro Bowl wide receiver A.J. Green’s left knee injury suffered during practice Thursday does not appear to be serious.

“I think he’s fine,” Lewis said, per Geoff Hobson of “They went inside just to take a look,  “but I think he’s fine.”

The Cincinnati Enquirer has a photo of Green’s left leg twisting on an incomplete pass during a drill.

On Twitter, former Bengals defensive back Artrell Hawkins, now a Fox radio host, said that Green told him that the injury reminded him of the knee injury he suffered in 2011 vs. Pittsburgh catching a TD pass. He would miss the following week’s game at Baltimore but return after missing just one game.

“Spoke w AJ says he believes he’ll be ok,” Hawkins tweeted. (A nod to the Enquirer for pointing this out.)

Green, 24, caught 97 passes for 1,350 yards and 11 TDs in 2012 for Cincinnati, earning Pro Bowl honors for the second in as many NFL seasons.

15 responses to “Marvin Lewis indicates A.J. Green’s knee injury isn’t serious

  1. “They went inside just to take a look…” Does that mean that he had exploratory surgery?

  2. unbiasfan says:
    Jul 25, 2013 7:08 PM
    Cordarelle Patterson > AJ Green + Julio Jones + Calvin Johnson


    Eddie Lacy> Adrian Petterson+Alfred Morris+Marshawn Lynch.

  3. But Percy who is running at full speed and had been for a while had an little discomfort and he’s (according to all other fans) is serious and means the seahawks will suck.

    Percy is fine, had a little discomfort and will play but won’t practice until he gets more rest, he’s been dealing with this for months just need a to relax.

    AJ green is going to be fine also. Hes a monster, pure breed wr. Hes randy moss 2.0 but with no character issues. Good healing AJ and good luck to those Bengals that’s your division to loose.

  4. Best young receiver in the game right now. For those wondering, not including the likes of Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson, etc. Just the guys who’ve come in the last couple of years.

    He’s, dare I say, Randy Mossesque with even more toughness. That same ability to make any QB he plays with look even better than he is. And goes without saying, way better attitude.

    I wonder where that anonymous scout is that ripped him leading up to the draft because his meaningless Wonderlic score was low.

  5. Judging by the photo, it seems the Bengals have lined the sidelines of their practice field with rocks.

    Seems like another intelligent decision by Mike Brown.

  6. I was only trying to be facetious. Bengal fans don’t have much a of a sense of humor do they?

  7. get better AJ – need you to win the afc north this year and go into AFC Championship game – and with a little luck not only make the super bowl but win

  8. per Geoff Hobson of “They went inside just to take a look, “but I think he’s fine.”

    If they have to go inside, everything is not fine. If the proctologist has to go inside, would you think everything is fine? To open the body up and enter it is not normal and it is not done for kicks.

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