Michael Irvin covets Dez Bryant’s talent


There was already a pretty high standard for receivers wearing the number 88 with the Cowboys.

But the guy who made it to the Hall of Fame wearing that number thinks the new version is even better.

Michael Irvin said he’s impressed by the job Dez Bryant has done so far, but sees only bigger things for the guy wearing his old number, and doesn’t know if he’s ever seen a better physical talent.

“Not many. Not many in my whole life, period,” Irvin said, via Tim McMahon of ESPNDallas.com. “I ain’t talking about now, I’m talking about in my whole life that had that physical gift, that ability that he has to go up and catch any pass. He can catch any pass. The ability to run by people, the ability to catch a short ball and run around you, through you, however he needs to get there – he has that ability.

“He has the ability that when you see him, you go back in your prayer closet and you go, ‘God, why didn’t you give me that?’ Because I’ve said that: ‘God, if only you’d have given me that. Are you serious?’”

The always humble Irvin was then asked if he thought Bryant was more talented than he was.

“What do you mean?” Irvin replied. “I look at him and say, that’s what I used to pray for. I used to pray for that! I used to pray, ‘Why didn’t you give me this?’ Absolutely!

“What I was great at we can teach. We can teach thinking through the game, consistent route running. We can teach [that]. What he has, you can only hope and pray that God has blessed you with it. That’s the difference.”

Of course, that’s only half the battle for Bryant, who has also had to get through a troubled off-field life. But Irvin said that made Bryant’s progress more impressive.

“I like to measure men in distance traveled,” Irvin said. “When you look at where Dez came from – I’m talking about his upbringing – the story becomes a good story, an inspirational story to tell other young kids that are starting in a tough place. Just because you start here doesn’t mean you have to end here.

“Then you point to some people who have had some struggles, like a Dez Bryant, but came through on the other end to give that kid hope. That’s why it’s important.”

All the returns on Bryant this camp have been good, and he gives the Cowboys offense a chance to be special (assuming the play-calling isn’t an issue).

And the fact Irvin is so impressed with Bryant speaks volumes about what could be ahead of him.

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  1. @ Michael Irvin “He has the ability that when you see him, you go back in your prayer closet and you go, ‘God, why didn’t you give me that?’ Because I’ve said that: ‘God, if only you’d have given me that. Are you serious?’”

    Gotta love Irvin. Hardly a more passionate guy I have seen. This statement is so true. I say the same thing when I see a huge talent waste it drinking or drugging, both or worse. Nothing worse than wasted talent. Hopefully Dez has wised up. He is running out of chances, not unlike Josh Gordon from Cleveland.

  2. bigks77 says:
    …The next Aaron Hernandez!

    Wow.. Your wishing a man trying to better himself to get arrested for a murder charge and being investigated in a double homicide from last year?
    I have no clue why anyone on earth would wish that on another human being, especially someone you don’t know and never met. I’d like to see you look at Dez in his eyes and say that to his face. I bet you wouldn’t dare. Grow up scum.

  3. So let me get this straight…..

    god blessed Irvin with elite ability
    god blessed Bryant with even more elite ability
    and god blessed the 16,000 children that will die today from hunger related causes with….death?

    Can someone explain why gods followers don’t fly into things like this denouncing what Irvin is saying? I would be so offended if the basis for all my morals and values was being talked about in this way. Very odd to me….but I’d bet the people who should be defending prayed for something like time to get coffee before work this morning.

    This is disgusting if you ask me.

  4. I hope Dez goes to bed every night praying to have the heart of a champion like Irvin. If he does, he’ll have a chance to be the greatest ever.

  5. Vikes fan here. I’ve told my buddies for the last few years that “Dez is Adrian Peterson playing wide receiver. Just wait till he gets his head on straight.” I think we started to see that last year and only he can limit to his potential. I love to watch this guy play football.

  6. All these people commenting about how Dez needs to wise up or is running out of chances or whatever, what are you talking about? He hasn’t had any problems going on two years now. He is a beast of a talent who is getting better and hasn’t even touched his prime yet. He will dominate the NFL for a long time barring injury. Stop hating people. And btw, Dez>Julio, Megatron, Roddy, Victor and so on and so forth.

  7. To anyone of the ignorant people hating on Dez Bryant on this post, please look at the last 8 games of the season in 2012 and the numbers he put up. Name any receiver that came close to his numbers. It’s impossible because Bryant took over the league. He has the physical ability to run through you or around you and that is special for a wide receiver. As far as off the field, every young kid in the NFL with his upbringing has trouble adjusting but he’s matured significantly since he entered the league and will end up being one of if not the best receiver in the league for the next several years. Quit hating and respect the talent!

  8. For all the talk about Dez’ off field issues there really hasn’t been anything that glaring as people would like to make it.

    I can see his owing money being important to the guy he owes it to, but why are football fans so up in it with internet anger? Seriously, the guy got in money trouble when he was 20 and you’re angry? Unless he owes you monet, its nunya.

    He wore baggy jeans in a mall and said mean things to a renta cop. OMG!!

    He got in an altercation with his mom and family. Happens thousands of times daily but he is in the news is the only difference.

    Dez is a great inspiration to rising above a terrible upbringing. Keep rising, Dez!

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