Pierre Garçon: Our offense can be the best ever


The conversation about the Redskins offense for most of the offseason centered on whether several key players would be healthy enough to play at a high level once the season got underway.

Quarterback Robert Griffin III, tight end Fred Davis and wide receiver Pierre Garçon are all healthy and practicing with camp underway, however, and that’s led to other thoughts about the offense. Namely, how good the offense can be this season and Garçon set the bar very high when he was asked that question.

“We have the potential to be the best offense ever, really,” Garçon said, via Jim Corbett of USA Today. “We can be the top offense in the league. We have a lot of great players at every position. We have a great offensive line, great tight ends, great receivers, running backs and quarterback.”

Corbett followed up to ask if Garçon meant the best offense in Redskins history, but the wideout repeated that he meant the best offense ever.

Training camp is a time to let unbridled enthusiasm run as wild as it does in a Billy Mumphrey story, but chances are pretty good that the Redskins won’t wind up as the best offense in the history of football. The good news is that they don’t need to be in order to return to the playoffs after winning the division last year. Having a healthy Davis and Garçon for an entire year would make the offense more effective and the defense can get a similar boost from the return of linebacker Brian Orakpo, leaving the Redskins in better shape even if they don’t make any history.

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  1. Before everyone blows a gasket over this, this is what every single offensive player in the league should be saying about their team.

    Just like the media has tried to blow Orakpo’s, “My goal is to be Defensive MVP,” out proportion. He didn’t say he would, he said it is a goal. All defensive players should be saying this.

  2. Why don’t we see how RG-Knee does in his sophmore year, see if Davis is healthy and stays off drugs and see if Garcone is healthy. Not to mention their lousy O-Line.

  3. The guy should try to stay on the field for an entire game before he makes any bold statements.


  4. The Redskins’ record with Garcon suited up: 9-1.

    He said that the offense that was #1 in rushing and #1 in yards per pass play (8.3) in 2013 has the “potential” to be the best ever. Given that this came from a player, I would consider the statement restrained lol.

    Yes, it’s unlikely that the 2013 Redskins will score more points than, say, the 1991 Redskins. But they could be really, really good. Maybe even great.

  5. This has all the potential in the world to turn into the 2013 version of the “Dream Team” comment.

  6. @mutohasaposse

    Disagree completely. Maybe all players should be THINKING that, but not saying it.

  7. I wonder if Garcon thinks RGIII can be better than Peyton Manning.

    I sure do.

    Disclaimer: I do not believe RGIII will put up better career ‘numbers’ than Peyt… but I don’t see him losing 11 career playoff games either 🙂

  8. Yea, I agree about the redskins fans. They all of a sudden face this smugness about them like where have u been the last 20 years….oh yea last place. I’d be nervous about RG knee bc he’s the team, if he gets hurt the team is done. Period.

  9. I could see them being the best if they had another decent receiver opposite of Garcon. Moss is on the decline, and the others haven’t really been consistent.

    I think the best (on paper) in the league right now are the Broncos and the Falcons.

  10. The best receiver in the NFL is way too modest and does not give himself or his team nearly enough credit. The Redskins are the most dominant franchise in NFL history, and their current edition has the best player ever at QB and the best RB in the league right now. No one can stop RG3, Alfred Morris, Fred Davis and Pierre Garcon. #Redskinsaredominanceinmotion

  11. All of you Skins fans should let your golden child prove he is even ready to play on his knee, before you annoit them the next champions. I’d be more worried that his knee is frail after two surgerys in his short life thus far. He is more likely to be a could have been, than a champion at this point.
    I know everyone loves the flash in the pan player over players proven over the long haul. so go ahead and hate my comment.

  12. The Skins don’t need the best offense ever to compete in what appears to be a weak NFC East this season.

  13. All the concerns over rg’s knee is pointless. Kirk has enough to get 9 wins with this offense and win the division. With shannys offensive planning maybe the conference. Haslett will have the defense dial it up when necessary and play loose. With RH it’s 11 wins minimum.

  14. Redskins “most dominant”???????

    Try middle of the freakin pack all time winning percentage:

    16. Washington Redskins: 550-523-27 (.513)

  15. Love the hypocrisy. .. When Rex says it he’s an idiot when someone else does its ok hmmm.
    They all say it and should , if you don’t believe it you’ll never achieve it, No one ever says ehh I’m thinking 6-10 maybe 7-9…

  16. I cannot wait to see this offense fail now that defenses have had an entire year to prepare for the read option with an accompanying receiver post route. Same play over and over and over last season.

    Once the league takes away that bread and butter… And it will… This team is done.

  17. If he thinks they could outproduce the 1989 49ers or 2007 Patriots, then he is absolutely out of his mind.

  18. Could be 4th best offense in NFC East this year. I’ll take Eli, Hakeem, Cruz, Randle, Myers, Wilson, Brown combo over Burgandyskins.

  19. LMAO@pierre gar-bage…..im glad my colts didnt overpay for this #2 WR that the skins are paying as a #1, skins enjoy our sloppy 2nds

  20. let me help him on corrections

    pretty good defense, decent oline, good runningbacks, average at best WRs, average at best TEs and a QB who just had his second major knee surgery

    this is why im happy im a giants fan.. all we do is keep quiet and win superbowls while the iggles, deadskins, and cowgirls just talk and talk and talk..and lose.

  21. Sounds like he thinks they are a Dream Team for sure. Except the captain on the original DT didn’t get placed on IR 5 games in.

  22. as a Packer fan, we had the no.2 highest scoring offense in league history…. we were blown out 37-20 at home in the playoffs.

    It’s awesome to have a great offense, but I’d rather have a good o and a great D.

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