Richardson signs with Jets, Milliner doesn’t yet


The player the Jets picked with the Darrelle Revis first-round compensation has officially signed his deal.  For far less than what the Buccaneers will pay Revis.

Per a league source with knowledge of the transaction, Richardson has applied his name to a four-year, $10.054 million contract Thursday morning.

That’s roughly $6 million less than Revis’ base salary for the coming season.

The Richardson contract is fully guaranteed, with offset language.  Despite speculation that Richardson was trying to get offset language removed, we’re told that the delay came from efforts to get more of the money paid out sooner.

As to cornerback Dee Milliner, picked at No. 9 with the selection the Jets “earned” last year, offsets are one of the issues.  And as of Friday, Milliner will be one of the first-round holdouts at a time when some in the media boldly (yet incorrectly) have declared that no one holds out anymore.

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  1. Richardson is going to be a beast. With Wilkerson, Coples, and Sheldon the Jets have one of the best young fronts in football.

  2. Players that hold out have a much harder time living up to their potential and having a good first year. They hurt themselves as well as the team by doing so.

  3. I happen to think JJ Watt is the best player in the entire league (ahead of the QB’s too). However, and this is a big however, if Revis comes back healthy and true to form he is in the top 5 (let’s please remember he was the best and key player on the team that went to the AFC Championship 2X with Mark Sanchez). The effects of the Bucs trade with the Jets are being minimized, for fair reasons, because of the injury, but if the guy comes back healthy you are looking at a scary defense in Tampa. #1 against the run last year and dead last against the pass (partially because teams just gave up entirely on the run), and our offense put up some big numbers so there were shootouts. So, in essence what I’m saying to the Jets fans is (PS no money is guaranteed if I’m wrong)

    REVIS >>>>>>>>>>Milliner

  4. glazerh8er says: Jul 25, 2013 10:45 AM

    (PS no money is guaranteed if I’m wrong)


    Technically $16M is guaranteed because he’s not being cut before Week 1.

    Barring a career-ending injury this year, he’s not being cut this year either, so really you’re guaranteeing $32M for at least two years of Revis, which is borderline insanity.

  5. Milliner is no dummy, hold out all year, and maybe you can play for a real team next year.

  6. revis might be better then milliner but we have 3 really good corners plus what we need is the beast him self in richardson, the front seven is going to make all the differance, just look at the giants when they won the super bowl against the patriots, how they beat them with the front seven not the secondary, thats whats rex is trying to do and people call him and idiot if you cant beat your division foes then how are you going to make it to the playoffs these last couple of years have been rebuilding years but we needed to get younger and faster on defense and then the offence will prolly get fixed next year i wouldnt be suprised if the jets suprised people this year.

  7. glazerh8er,

    Actually, you’re wrong in a couple of places. First, let’s just assume Revis won’t hold out at any point (which is a huge assumption). Second, actually there is money guaranteed. Even if Revis isn’t ‘back’ this year, they’d look like fools if they cut someone one year after trading a first round pick. So that’s 32 million dollars. Guaranteed. Third, there’s that #13 first round pick traded for an aging, hobbled diva — at a time when there were no other takers. Fourth, as a Jets fan, I never understood all the hype surrounding Revis. When healthy, does he statistically negate a #1 receiver? Yes. And that’s it. 2 interceptions last year, no forced fumbles, no returns for touchdowns.

    Better than Milliner? Perhaps.

    But the 4 year outlook with rookie Milliner on a rookie contract at maybe 16 million dollars total versus a proven me-first 29 year old coming off an ACL tear during a year when the league will begin HGH testing and will earn over 60 million dollars??


  8. Jets fans = eternal optimists.

    1. We paid Revis what we could afford to pay because we hoarded cash for 7 years (don’t get me started on that one). And if he gets injured year one, we stop paying him so it’s NOT 32 million. It’s only insurance against injury because he is a great player. PS, statistically negating a #1 receiver is maybe the most sought after skill on defense, other than putting pressure on the QB (and the two feed off each other)

    2. He’s not a diva, his teammates loved him, wanted him to say, the coach loved him, wanted him to say and called him “the best player in football” ON HIS WAY OUT THE DOOR. He’s a businessman like every other player in the league. The owners/GM’s may hate him, but he is loved in the locker room and makes his teammates better. When divas leave the team the players/coaches say “good riddance”.

  9. Coltswin- You have it all wrong…Milliner doesn’t want to play for the team that got their ass handed to them by the Jets last year. You have a short memory.

  10. Milliner is hoping this is a bad dream and when he wakes up he won’t really be a Jet! But all is not lost…Braylon Edwards is on his way back. The Jets are really having a hard time finding anyone who wants to even be associated with them…right, Fireman Ed!

  11. @itsunclepauley.

    Excellent post! Well thought out and accurate.

    The reason it got any “thumbs down” is due to hatred of the Jets and jealousy.
    Had nothing to do with football knowledge. Those who disagreed have none.

  12. @itsunclepauley

    Statistically shutting down a #1 receiver is perhaps the most sought after skill on defense. My definition of a Diva doesn’t involve the head coach saying “I still think he’s the best player in the league” on the way OUT THE DOOR. And if you think the Glazers are paying him 32 million if he gets hurt again early, you don’t know the Glazer’s very well.


    I don’t think there is any fan of any other franchise in football that is jealous of the jets right now, and that’s even if you exlude the QB situation.

  13. ColtsWinColtsWin!! says:
    Jul 25, 2013 11:16 AM
    Milliner is no dummy, hold out all year, and maybe you can play for a real team next year.

    But you certainly are…

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